Quick Takes #17

Quick Takes #17 May 21, 2010
Here are my Quick Takes for the week! I apologize in advance for the poop stories.
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Baby Girl has a hard time going to sleep with anyone else in the room, so I often turn on cartoons for the girls while I nurse her and put her down for her nap. One day this happened later than usual and Ms. Drama was NOT happy to be left in the living room, so she threw herself in the hallway outside my bedroom door and screamed. I just crossed my fingers that everything would be OK for a second while I put the baby in bed. After a moment though, I heard Ms. Action’s voice saying cheerfully “You need to skeam right now? OK, then you need to go in you room” and she escorted her down the hall to the bedroom and said “When you done skeaming come on out.” and closed the door. Ms. Drama seemed rather shocked by the whole thing, since she quieted down right away. I stifled my giggles as I heard Ms. Action open the bedroom door and ask “You are done? OK come out and watch Elmo!” And away they thundered down the hall together.
Ms. Action seems to be preoccupied with Jesus lately, she is always bringing me cookbooks and hairstyling books and telling me they are about Jesus. She is also convinced that the lawn mower is a vacuum. So I often hear her call from the window “Mom, that guy (our obsessive compulsive neighbor) is gackuuming the grass again”.
I am trying to put off potty training Ms Drama until after the summer when we are spending most of our time at home and it won’t be so messy to deal with accidents. However, she seems to have different plans, since she comes to tell me when her diaper is wet, and often takes them off and leaves them places. She is also quite enamoured with the toilet and has even used it on occasion all on her own.
The above seems to have contributed to a major interest in all things bathroom related. Including but not limited to- stripping off poopy diapers at nap-time (which I caught very quickly thank goodness!), insisting on flushing the toilet for everyone (“You done now? I flush it!! Yay!), and pooping in the bathtub (Which entailed Ms. Action calling from the bathroom “Mom we have a ploblem here!” and proudly handing me the poop that she had fished out of the tub for me.)
We found a small plastic swimming pool on our way into our local grocery store for only $10! So despite facing the prospect of carrying it through the entire grocery store, we decided to get it. Hubby and I took turns lugging it awkwardly through the aisles and the produce department. After one last stop in the bakery to grab a few loaves of bread and get free cookies for the girls, we paid for everything and left the store, quite pleased with ourselves. It wasn’t until later, when we were all sweltering that hot afternoon that we wondered where we had put it. And then Ms. Action asked when we were going back to the cookie place to pick up the pool.
Ms Drama was holding my hand while walking through a parking and kept saying the same thing over and over, it sounded something like “jhlnff oooo!” I finally decided that she must be talking about something blue? So I crouched down to her level to see what she was pointing at. That was when I noticed one foot was bare, and then it all came together. She had actually been saying “off shoe” the whole way through the parking lot, and her sandal was lying all by itself in the street!
We are going to be gone on vacation, so the blog will be pretty quiet for a bit. Hopefully I will finish my series on sexuality when I get back! (Sorry this is taking awhile to write!)

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