What if God?

What if God? September 30, 2010

What if God loves everyone?

What if God doesn’t care so much about performance levels?

What if God doesn’t detest us because of our sin? What if his reaction is more like someone getting frustrated when a loved one goes back to an old addiction over and over.

What if God doesn’t send us terrible events in our lives to “break our spirits” and “test our faith”.

What if God’s love isn’t contingent on how well we follow his guidelines?

What if God accepts us even when we are flawed and imperfect, struggling with the same tendencies over and over. What if he doesn’t say “come back when you want to be a “real” Christian”.

What if God doesn’t judge us by how “on fire for God” we are?

What if God is bigger than all the various interpretations of him? Even if one religion hits closest to the mark, what if all religions are flawed in some way, but each is leading us closer to the real deal?

What if Jesus death isn’t about God displacing his rage over our sin onto his only son. What if it is about Jesus voluntarily taking our place to save us from death?

What if God doesn’t call us to deny everything that we are in the name of sacrificing ourselves to serve others?

What if God’s “justice” looks different than we ever thought?

What if God…..

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