7 Quick Takes: Pregnancy Edition

7 Quick Takes: Pregnancy Edition October 29, 2010
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Yes, this is a pregnancy announcement! We are officially 12 weeks and heard a heartbeat this week. (I cannot explain the overwhelming feeling of God’s love when I heard that little heart thumping) We are due in May, and are looking forward to welcoming another special little life into the world.
I also wanted to include here that my blog will not be exclusively pregnancy related after this, and that I will try to give away the content in the title of whatever pregnancy posts I write, so that people who are grieving or unable to read about that right now can easily avoid those posts.
And now without further ado, I bring you 6 ways you know you are pregnant:
Your 2 year old announces that she is going to “pretend to be a Mama”. Then she carefully drags a pillow over to the couch and lays down on it and pretends to snore.
You suddenly have an incredible ability to smell dumpsters a block away, dog poop 3 doors down, and skunks that are apparently imaginary, since you never see them.
You husband rents a movie and when one of the previews is for a horror film, you throw the remote at him shrieking ” Turn it off! Turn it off!”. And then you refuse to watch that movie because if they would advertise something that creepy, it could indicate that the movie itself has something creepy in it.
You are always starving (starving!!). But the thought, sight or smell of food is completely disgusting.
You worry about strange stuff. Usually when you are trying to fall asleep at night. Like whether or not you turned off that light in the back of the basement 2 days ago. Or if the kids eating that snack in their bedroom was a good idea. Or where on earth you put that last book of stamps. Or how on earth you are going to manage to clean, vacuum and wipe down every single room in the house the next day (because it just has to be done!).
You cry. For reasons that seem devastating at the time, but sound kind of silly later on. Like your 3 year old tripping over your foot, or the fact that you can’t eat your bowl of coco pops without a toddler begging you to share, or your husband is 20 minutes late arriving home one night (he could have been dead!!)

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