Quick Takes #29:Crazy kid stuff

Quick Takes #29:Crazy kid stuff November 5, 2010
Recently, I made a blanket fort for the girls by throwing a heavy blanket over two folding tables. I even added a string of Christmas lights inside, it was awesome! Then while I was busy making lunch, they pulled each light bulb out of the strand of lights and brought all of them to me in  a little bowl. I’m still not sure how they managed to do it, since it takes a pair of needle nosed pliers for me to pull out those tiny little bulbs.
While driving along in the car, Ms Drama pointed excitedly out of the window and yelled “Look mom! It’s a dinosaur! Ms Action sighed and piped up from the back seat “Mom, actually it’s a horse.” I guess 3 really is soooooo much older than 2.
Now that Ms Drama is on the verge of being completely potty trained, both of the older girls get to wear underpants. They find this very exciting and spend ridiculous amounts of time trying to match their underwear to each other. So both of them must wear pink underwear on the same day, or the underwear with butterflies on the same day. I’m not sure how long this new obsession will last.
While I was on skype with my Mom, the 3 girls somehow manage to stuff an entire sundress of mine into a jar of peanut butter (I can’t make this stuff up!) I wondered why they were so quiet. I figured out what was happening when Ms Pooky brought me the lid to the jar, her arms completely covered in peanut butter.
I’ve been reading child sexual abuse prevention books with Ms Action. (I’m planning a post on this topic soon.) The title “It’s my body” seemed to make perfect sense, but after we read it she took it over to show  her baby sister and “read” off of each page “I love to share my body”. Guess we are going to have to keep working on this concept.
Ms Pooky ADORES talking on the phone, and will follow me around screaming until I let her say “Hi” to whoever I am talking to. If she finds the phone somehow, she will push buttons and then hold it to her head and smile and “talk”. It is the cutest thing in the world!
The other night we were playing what I call the “lazy version” of hide and seek. The kids go and count in the bedroom while I hide a doll somewhere in the living room and then they come and find it. Ms Drama (despite looking straight at the doll half the time!) can never seem to find it before Ms Action does. One time on her way out of the room to count again (Ms Action had already run to the bedroom and was waiting) Ms Drama grabbed the doll and told me with a big smile that she was going to hide the dolly under some coats in the corner. After hiding the doll herself, she ran to join her sister counting in the bedroom. I decided to leave the doll under the coats to see what she would do.
They came barreling into the living room as usual and Ms Action began searching in all her usual places. Ms Drama looked around bewildered for a moment and then got a HUGE smile on her face and ran to where she had hidden the doll just moments before. She pulled it out of it’s hiding spot triumphantly and I laughed so hard I cried.

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