Quick Takes #35: Websites I waste time on

Quick Takes #35: Websites I waste time on June 17, 2011
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If you are like me, you sometimes waste time on the Internet. Sometimes it’s when I’m up in the middle of the night with a wide awake baby and I need something mindless and funny to keep myself from ripping my hair out. Sometimes it’s when I am down, and need a reminder that I am not alone, my story is not the only one. Sometimes I just have a moment while waiting for something to upload. Whatever the reason is, I have moments where I like to waste time on the Internet.
Of course their are the old stand-by’s like Facebook or Twitter. But sometime I am too tired or emotionally depleted for human interaction (even electronic interaction! proving I am a incurable introvert). So that is how I ended up with a favorites folder with mindless websites.
This is a website where people submit strange family photos along with funny captions or explanations. It’s fun to see just how wrong photography can go, and that other people struggle to get that perfect family picture as well. Plus some of the stories are just weird.
This website is a collection of cakes gone wrong, along with snarky commentary. Some of these cakes are weird, some unrecognizable, and some are just downright wrong. It’s fun to check out around each holiday when they publish a selection related to that particular day, but it’s entertaining anytime.
This site has sometimes hysterical sometimes disturbing notes submitted by readers, who in turn received them from family members, roommates or neighbors, or simply saw them around and thought to snap a picture. (Some of these notes contain language.)
I do not own a Cellphone, which may be why I find this website incredibly funny. Some of the words that the phones have auto corrected, fit into the context perfectly (even though incorrectly) which is hysterical to me.
(This website also includes language)
Random Websites
These aren’t always designed to be funny, but they are still interesting. Stuff No One Told Me (but I learned anyway) is a collection of cartoon drawings (some include language) about life. Dear Young Me is a website where people submit their one sentence of advice they would give to themselves in a previous time. Post Secret is a project where people send in their anonymous secret on a decorated Post Card, and the website selects some to publish every Sunday. (Some of the Post Cards contain language or nudity)
On a more serious note
Here are a few blogs that I go to when I need to remember that I am not alone, and that it could have been worse. Violence Unsilenced is a website of stories submitted about abusive relationships. (Caution, some of these stories can be quite graphic)  My Family Secrets is a place where stories about family secrets are published anonymously.
And because baking is like free therapy for me, I am always interested in new recipes to try and change. One of my favorites is All Recipes.com I can find tons of recipes, along with reviews of each one. I can look up any ingredient or category and find dozens of ideas to work with (yes, I hardly ever make a recipe exactly as written.)
Have fun checking them out! And leave me the link for any websites you waste time on in the comments. 🙂

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