The God of Intelligent Design is a terrible pool player, and other insights by Denis Lamoureux

The God of Intelligent Design is a terrible pool player, and other insights by Denis Lamoureux July 11, 2013

Today, after a brief hiatus, we conclude Denis Lamoureux’s series of brief slideshows on his popular book I Love Jesus & I Accept Evolution. The previous slidshow is here, and all slideshows previous to that can be found here. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this series, as I know many of you have too, and I’m sorry to see it end.

Today’s post covers chapter 7 of his book and is entitled “Putting Origins in Perspective.”  That chapter comprises 7 wrap up points, and Lamoureux focuses here on 5 of them:

  • How Can Evolution Reflect Intelligent Design? (answer: the God of ID is a terrible pool player);
  • Why Did God Create through Evolution? (answer: Young Earth Creationists actually lack faith in God);
  • Why Did God Use Ancient Science in the Bible? (answer: God likes being understood when he talks);
  • What about Original Sin? (answer: O.K., what about Adam?);
  • What Do We Teach in our Churches and Schools? (answer: evolutionary creation–duh).

Lamoureux is associate professor of science and religion at St. Joseph’s College in the University of Alberta. He holds three earned doctoral degrees—dentistry, theology, and biology–which uniquely qualifies him to speak to the issue of human origins and Christian faith. He gets the science, he gets the hermeneutics, and he articulates both clearly for non-specialists (full bio here).

I Love Jesus & I Accept Evolution is a great introduction to his view of origins called “evolutionary creation.” For those of you who are beyond the beginner’s stage, you can read his much thicker book Evolutionary Creation: A Christian Approach to Evolution.

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  • Peter, I’ve really appreciated you posting these slideshows. Denis, I have enjoyed your teaching presentation of the material and non-dogmatic teaching style of a controversial topic in conservative Christianity. Thank you both.

    • Denis O. Lamoureux

      Thanks Chuck. I appreciate your comment.

  • DonaldByronJohnson

    Excellent series.

    • Denis O. Lamoureux

      Thanks. It was a pleasure doing it.


  • Nancy R.

    Pete, your title is a bit deceptive. The God of the intelligent deign theorists isn’t a terrible pool player at all. He makes every shot. He’s just not as good a pool player as the God of evolutionary creation. And if we accept Aquinas’s definition of God: “For by this word is signified that thing than which nothing greater can be conceived,” from Article 1 of Summa Theologica, then we have to admit that the better pool player must indeed be God.

  • James

    I think Dennis oversimplifies the Big Bang. It is a theory, after all, the best shot of scientists so far. But to some it sounds suspiciously like a ‘creation’ of sorts. What happened before? So there are alternate theories–universes popping out of nothing, etc. As for using language we understand, probably the ancients would have understood the Big Bang as well as we. Just say it all started with a burst of lightning with clap of thunder, and voila! Okay, we may be better equipped to study modern scientific theories but don’t place the biblical accounts of origins among them. Better to study them on their own merits in canonical context. Dennis is right–the sin of Adam is the sin of us all.

  • rvs

    Chesterton described original sin as ” the only part of Christian theology which can really be proved.” That’s funny.

    • Aceofspades25

      Perhaps what he meant is that it’s obvious that this world is messed up. The idea that we all act selfishly at times doesn’t need to be proved.

  • carrdexter3

    I’ve seen this series too and excellent!

  • Great set of slides. I’m interested in learning more and reading his book. I also find it intriguing that he has a doctorate in dentistry among his other doctorate degrees.

  • Realist1234

    As someone who accepts evolution, I wonder if you have read John Lennox’s book ‘ God’s Undertaker’ and if so, what you made of his objections to evolution? Personally I found his book very informative and compelling.