Daily Fragments: MacBeth, Muffin-Eating Mooses, and Dracula Dinosaurs

Daily Fragments: MacBeth, Muffin-Eating Mooses, and Dracula Dinosaurs October 5, 2012



THE INVISIBLE HORDE: “Peaceful, loving Christians are the rule in both their frequency and lack of newsworthiness, and as a result – due to the availability heuristic – we underestimate their prevalence.”

DON’T BE LIKE LADY MacBETH: “I am proud to be a follower of Jesus Christ, and if that puts me at odds with my country’s official policies about abortion, capital punishment, or war, well then — so be it. I want to be totally pro life until the day I die. I don’t want to be like Lady MacBeth with blood on her hands which she curses again and again saying ‘out out, damned spot’ but she never can wash herself clean.”

HE CHOSE WISELY: “Francis did not choose a simple way of life for its own sake. Rather he did so to enable him to be possessed by God completely, without distraction; to choose every action in a way that would bring him closer to the Lord.”

THE WORST STATE IN WHICH TO LIVE: “…there is no more terrible state to live in than the state of frustrated desire. Having such indiscriminate wants can only leave the soul feeling empty and unsatisfied.

“…freedom is being able to discipline my desires so that I am free to do the one thing that is God’s will for my life in the present moment, even if that one thing and the present moment are both terribly unglamorous, or even painful.”

WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?: “If we’re willing to engage in critical self-reflection, evangelicals will acknowledge that in the years since 9/11 few of us have done much to improve interreligious understanding. … “Evangelicals should consider whether the actions of some of their coreligionists, as well as the inaction of the majority of us, have contributed to a state of international affairs that is in many ways little better than it was on the day the towers fell.”

FAITH MUST HAVE EYES: “I still believe knowing is possible, even if it is always a knowing that thrives somehow, paradoxically, in the midst of doubt, hunger, longing.”

THINGS HAPPEN WHEN YOU FEED YOUR MOOSE: “Who knew that giving a moose a muffin, or giving a mouse a cookie, or giving a pig a pancake, could lead to such a flurry of activity?”

DANGERS OF HISTORICAL ILLITERACY: “The doom of a culture of transgression is historical illiteracy, since all that old stuff is stupid crap we’re making fun of, not trying to learn from.”

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