Breakfast Links for 11/09/12 – God and Women; Christ and Assault Rifles; Politicians Killed Jesus

Breakfast Links for 11/09/12 – God and Women; Christ and Assault Rifles; Politicians Killed Jesus November 9, 2012


Frank Viola, Patheos/Frank Viola: “But beyond all these wonderful things that the Lord did in showing us how beautiful women are in His eyes, He did something else. He chose you—a woman to depict that which He came to earth to die for—His very Bride.

Bill Blankschaen, Patheos:Bill in the Blank: “President Obama was given much. The American electorate, however, didn’t require much of him. All in the name of Fairness.

Carol Glatz, Catholic News Service: Pope to Obama – Remember Religious Freedom

Joel J. Miller, Patheos/Joel J. Miller: “Isaac the Syrian said that when we ask for frivolous and base things, it’s like a subject standing before his king and imploring him for a measure of manure. The request insults both the king and the subject.”

Ostrachan, Patheos/Thoughtlife: “ It is going to grow increasingly more difficult for Christians to be pristinely disentangled from politics in coming days.  The very foundations of western civilization are under serious assault.”

Eleanor Clift, Republicans Learn the Cost of Alienating Women

David French, Patheos/The French Revolution: “When Mitt Romney selected Paul Ryan as Vice President and then Barack Obama ran a campaign that focused on abortion, contraception, and economic redistribution, the election moved from “referendum” to “choice” — a choice between opposing political and cultural world views. Our world view lost.”

Mark Levin, Real Clear Politics: Levin’s Unvarnished Truth on Romney’s Loss

Richard Dahlstron, Patheos/Fibonacci Faith: “We hold our political beliefs because of conviction yes, but can we surely realize that no single party represents the heart of Christ perfectly?  I don’t remember the Prince of Peace advocating for unrestricted access to assault rifles.”

Ed Stetzer, Baptist Press: Maybe We’re Losing the Culture War

Rebecca Hamilton, Patheos/Public Catholic: “Never forget: Our Lord was crucified at the hands of a cowardly politician, a group of corrupt religious leaders out to protect their own power and the crowd that followed them.”

Paul Raushenbush, Huffington Post: Election 2012 – A New Day for Religion in America


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