Witchcraft Persecution, 21st Century Style

Witchcraft Persecution, 21st Century Style February 18, 2016

imagehttp://www.nytimes.com/2014/07/05/opinion/the- persecution-of-witches-21st-century-style.html?_r=0

This article sheds light on the growing issue of brutality against those who practice witchcraft or are innocently accused of it. It many countries around the world in South America, Africa, and modern communities in America; we have seen violence against magical practitioners in the form of brutal murders carried out in sinister ways. These people did nothing to harm their accusers, and we either outcasts or practiced some type of healing magic and ancestor reverence. It is generally young men who take on the role of witch hunter to gain prestige by beating a young girl to death because she is a sorceress. This article could be used to show how brutality against practitioners of witchcraft occurs in modern times all over the world and often still leads to the death of the accused and the accusers justify their actions. One could demonstrate the connection between increased brutality of the hate crimes against these individuals with the geological areas the occurred in and maybe there is some sort of a connection.

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