Thursday’s Prayer for Priests

Thursday’s Prayer for Priests October 10, 2013


Look kindly Lord, on your priests, religious and laymen who left all to  witness to your word and your love. Be to each one of them a “powerful  protector and their strong support, their shade from the midday sun,  their shelter from the desert wind, a guard against stumbling, an  assurance against a fall…” (Ecc 34:19). Sustain  them in difficult moments, direct their strength, console their hearts  and crown their works with spiritual victories. Let them not seek for  earthly success or the goods of this world, but only your triumph and  the good of souls. Your Cross, which accompanies them through  their lives, speaks to them of heroism, renunciation and of peace. Be  their comfort, their guide, their light and their strength, so that your name may be announced everywhere and that, surrounded by a larger and larger number of your children, they may sing a hymn of thanksgiving, of glory and redemption. Amen.

-Pope John XXIII

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