Is Abortion Ever Right?

Is Abortion Ever Right? September 4, 2012

Frank Weathers, over at Why I Am Catholic, has been swinging away at the partial pro-life arguments of political convenience that we hear from our politicos.

Partial pro-life is one of my beefs. Sadly, it doesn’t apply just to abortion, or even just to the unborn. I will wade into those waters one day, but for now, I have my hands full just telling people that political parties are not moral arbiters.

Thank goodness for Frank Weathers and his great post, The Friendly Atheist On Muddled Pro-Life Arguments by Conservatives UPDATE. He says it better than I ever could. For instance:

Politicians should stop muddying the waters when it comes to abortion.  If the dignity of the human being is something that we honor, then we can’t only honor it in the breach, but it must be honored in total. Truth demands it. Exceptions, and the goofy non-scientific, sentimental,  wishful thinking scenarios they are built around,  are not worth the candle.

It’s like I said a little while ago. You can’t be for percentages of  pro-life, as the only tenable position is that you are either 100% for life or 100% against it.

Read more here.

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