Mary and Following Jesus: There are No Limits

Mary and Following Jesus: There are No Limits August 15, 2013


I have been progressing through the 33 day preparation for Total Consecration to Jesus Through Mary.

I am well over half way through it, and it has tested my faith every step of the way. I do not mean that it has made me question my belief in God. It has not put my belief in Jesus or the teachings of the Church to the test. Far from it.

What it has tested is the limits of my willingness to live my life based on that belief. Just how far will I go in following Jesus? A book I reviewed today, Fight, also tested those limits.

That seems to be the season I am in. On the one hand, the prayers and meditations of Total Consecration have pushed me to consider just what I will yield to another person, even the person of the Mother of God. How much can I trust anyone, even her? Specifically, how much of my relationship to God, to Jesus, will I yield to her rather than doing it all myself?

Fight challenged me with the question of how far I would follow Him, how completely would I do what He asks, even when I really don’t want to.

It’s really all one question and Jesus asked it best: Do you love me more than these?

His mother answered that question in the affirmative every time in every way. When the Archangel Gabriel asked her to assent to what was death-dealing anathema for girls of that era — unwed pregnancy — she said yes. When Simeon told her how it would end, she said yes. At the wedding at Cana, when she sent her child forward into His ministry which they both knew would culminate at Calvary, she said yes. When she prayed with the Apostles for the birth of the Church before Pentecost, she said yes.

Mary, like Jesus, had to be resurrected and taken into heaven as part of the divine plan. He gave her to us from the cross, and once again, she said yes.

She had to be lifted up because we need her there. The Immaculate Conception of Mary was the door opening on our salvation. She was then and she is now an outstretched arm, pointing to Him.

“Do whatever He tells you,” she instructed the wine stewards.

She says the same thing to us.

Because, as I am discovering and wrestling with, when she is your guide, there are no limits to following Him.

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7 responses to “Mary and Following Jesus: There are No Limits”

  1. Just a note on how bad catechisis was for my generation: I never noticed the prophecy of Simeon in the Gospel until I was teaching my son the Joyful Mysteries with EWTN’s wonderful Children’s Rosary DVDs (the ones with the cartoon angel).

  2. I hear that Mary is appearing to Muslims as well as Christians in the Middle East. God has his plans even if we mess things up. The one factor that JPII considered was that the Christians in Egypt, Iraq, other muslim countries, were not being persecuted until we went to war with all of them or facilitated the wars. Now it is a mess for them.

  3. Ms. Hamilton, your self-disclosure always humbles me. Do you know, I’ve made and renewed my consecration to the Virgin a number of times, and it’s only this last go around that I think I am kinda starting to really get it? After years of being trained and training myself to offering things up for various intentions, I am having to retrain myself to simply offer them to her, and remind her of my intentions, and leave the rest to her discretion and good counsel. And more! I am having to give up *retraining myself* and start asking her to retrain me, instead. But it’s such a sweet and gentle path, isn’t it?

  4. I’m at the beginning of the journey Ryan. But I can already see that it is changing me. We are such stiff-necked people, aren’t we? Simply yielding is the first great challenge. Thank you for sharing these profound thoughts.