Christian Persecution: What Can We Do?

Christian Persecution: What Can We Do? September 27, 2013

Elizabeth Scalia has heard the call.

Have you?

I’m talking about the call to prayer for persecuted Christians around the globe.

Pope Francis issued a call to prayerfor the persecuted church earlier this week.

“So many Christians in the world are suffering,” the pope said during his general audience Wednesday morning in St. Peter’s Square. “Am I indifferent to that, or does it affect me like it’s a member of the family?

“Does it touch my heart, or doesn’t it really affect me, [to know that] so many brothers and sisters in the family are giving their lives for Jesus Christ?

Speaking directly to the crowd in the square, Francis said he wanted to ask a question, and he didn’t want people to shout out an answer but rather to ponder it in their hearts.

“How many of you pray for Christians who are persecuted?” the pope asked. “Ask yourselves, do I pray for that brother or sister who’s in difficulty for confessing their faith?” (Read more here.)

According to the Center for the Study of Global Christianity, one hundred thousand Christians have died for their faith each year in the last decade. That works out to 11 Christians martyred for their faith every hour for the past ten years.

Can you imagine the outcry if this was one the groups that fashion says we should care about? Just consider the sentence 100,000 _______ were murdered because of they were ______ each year for the past ten years. Supply the name of any group whose rights we hear daily that we are supposed to care about.

Now, go back and substitute the word Christians, as in:

100,000 Christians  were murdered because they were Christians  each year for the past ten years.

See what I mean?

Christian bashing is far more popular in today’s world than defending the human rights of Christians. Every time I post on the issue, I get a spate of comments telling me that no such problem exists. There are usually a few profane and truly ugly comments mixed in with them. I delete these things the same way I would swat a fly; the same way I delete Holocaust deniers and gay bashers and woman haters; with speed and quickness.

Pope Francis is right. We need to pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ. If you’re one of those people who has been observing this carnage and wondering What can I do? here’s you answer. Get on your knees and start praying.

I wrote a Novena for the Persecuted Church a few weeks ago. You can find it here:

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20 responses to “Christian Persecution: What Can We Do?”

  1. Prayer is good, but prayer ain’t doing it. We need more than that. Why aren’t we holding our elected officials accountable here. I don’t care which party it is, but Christians need to raise their voice here. Even the Papacy hasn’t been vocal enough. Now being vocal might be counter productive in our leader’s views. I don’t know, but if that is the case they should at least explain that to us. Darn it, all we see is week after week more Christians being persecuted and killed. I’m SICK of it. And frankly it’s affecting my whole outlook on Islam. Religion of peace my a**.

  2. Manny I agree. But this call to prayer is not a time-waster. It is the beginning of what you are talking about. If God’s people will begin to really pray, God will raise up what the change we want to be. Pray. Pray every single day. I suggest the Rosary. God will direct you. I am speaking from experience.

    Also, these people are God’s martyrs. We need to raise THEM up in honor now.

  3. Yes, agreed. Raise them to the honor they deserve, and I do pray. But I think it’s time to take our next step, though I don’t know what that step might be. Perhaps I should send Cardinal Dolan, who happens to be my bishop, a letter.

  4. I’m with you; not sure where we should go next. I think sending the Cardinal a letter is a good idea. I know — know — that if we all begin to pray, things will happen.

  5. Is there a certain threshold in the volume of prayer that’s required before god responds and stops all of the persecution? Or perhaps god prorates his response in proportion to the prayers received? How exactly does this work?

  6. We’re going to be under siege from the atheist trolls for a while. I’m not going to let many of these through, as I think the murder of tens of thousands of innocent people should not be discussed in this uncaring, hectoring manner. However, I’m letting this one through as a sort of exhibit of the thinking that comes over from the atheist blogs.

  7. May I ask that the prayers also include those that may not be Christians but are suffering also, as a result of the violence constantly around them, especially the babies, children, and the women who are also being persecuted for religious reasons. For what it is worth, I also hope and in my own way, pray for the violence to stop towards not only Christians but the ones I mentioned above. No child anywhere of any faith should have to grow up in fear and terror, as so many on this planet do daily.

  8. Are questions about the efficacy of prayer never discussed by those of faith? Are these questions off limits such that If a faithful person presents a question regarding the efficacy of prayer are they automatically a troll?

  9. Why aren’t we holding our elected officials accountable here.

    They’re too busy doing their own brand of persecution.

  10. Instigating travel bans, concocting discriminatory legislature at a state level, the list goes on.

  11. Joe, you are conflating all Christians with President Trump, who, so far as I can tell, didn’t have a single Christian thought in his little head until he decided he needed them for political reasons about a year 8 months, a nut jobs in state legislatures who pass racist laws. We had a bunch of Jim Crow laws here in Oklahoma, all authored by Republicans and passed by Republican leadership. There were some of us, me, as a for instance, who fought back as hard as we could, based on the fact that all human beings are made in the Image and Likeness of God and that racism is a sin. It didn’t work, but don’t paint all Christians with your broad brush. If someone honestly tries to follow Jesus Christ, they’re going to be an outlier from both political parties. Party hacks are following other gods, not Christ.

  12. I need to add that Democrats do their share of evil. Abortion, euthanasia and such come to mind. As I said, party hacks are not following Christ. I know that someone outside Christianity — and even a few Christians — find this confusing. But it’s just the plain truth. Jesus Himself said that “many are called but few will be chosen.” His parable of the sower seems to say that about 1 in six will actually hear the Gospel and follow it. He also said “narrow is the Way that leads to eternal life.” When His disciples asked them where they could find this Way, He answered “I am the Way.” That’s the rub for a lot of people, including Christians who go off following the world. Having said all this, I want to remind you that pointing out the failings of a group of people — and all groups of people, as well as all individuals — have them, in no one … NO WAY … justified unjust discrimination against them or persecution. It certainly does not justify genocide. That’s an old chestnut that has been used to justify killing people for as long as people have existed.

  13. Now, I’ll got away. I shouldn’t have butted in at all. Apologies for getting into your discussion with Manny who is very capable of answering for himself.

  14. No, I’m conflating the majority of elected officials who tend to support Trumps policies, being from the same party and all. I never once mentioned religion.

    Inadvertently, I’m making the point that there are multiple types of persecution and many groups being persecuted.