ESPN Reporter Laughs at Kevin Durant’s Testimony for Jesus Christ

ESPN Reporter Laughs at Kevin Durant’s Testimony for Jesus Christ February 5, 2014

Kevin Durant answered a simple question with his direct testimony to the power of Christ in his life. The reporter’s response?

Watch, and get a look at what Christians face more and more, even when they are famous athletes being interviewed by “professional” reporters of major cable networks.

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12 responses to “ESPN Reporter Laughs at Kevin Durant’s Testimony for Jesus Christ”

  1. You know, I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt and say she was just laughing from the surprise she received as an answer rather than laughing at Christianity. It didn’t strike me she was laughing at the notion that Christ could change someone.

  2. I had another person say that too, (behind the scenes.) It’s worth thinking about. Thanks Manny.

  3. I would tend to agree, Manny. She also said “so you had nothing to do with it?” Seemed to me she was expecting a stock answer about training and focus and whatnot and all he said was “God, Jesus Christ.” So, surprise, yeah.

  4. The reporter’s name is Doris Burke. She evidently has a sports background of her own, as well as quite a bit of experience doing side-line commentary. I found a news article in which said that she laughed because Kevin Durant “took me by surprise” with his humility. If that is true, then I’m the one who is surprised. I’m not much of a sports fan, but I’ve still heard many athletes make similar comments. Maybe it’s just that athletes do that more here in Oklahoma. But being surprised by such a comment around here would mean you hadn’t been talking to many athletes.

  5. To paraphrase your title about that sweet video of twins, this woman is dead, she just hasn’r realized it yet.

  6. Thanks. Her Wilkipedia entry says she was born in Long Island, raised in New Jersey, and went to school in Rhode Island. Yeah, there’s a different expectation around here than your neck of the woods. But still should not have been that much of a surprise if she’s been around sports that long. I just think her mind was expecting a different answer and she gave a surprised response when it didn’t follow suit. It’s almost as if you expect a particular card in a card game and when the opposite is turned over you giggle.

  7. She’s laughing because the notion that a fictional character could have anything to do with Durant’s incredible success is both ridiculous and embarrassing.

  8. Lets imagine he said something different, something in support of another religion:

    a) Jupiter. That’s all I can say. Mercury.
    b) Dianetics. That’s all I can say. OT III.
    c) Zeus. That’s all I can say. Tyche.

    If he said that, and she giggled, would this still be newsworthy? Of course not, because unless you are emotionally invested in protecting those beliefs you’d recognize that when someone takes an accomplishment which is the direct result of human endeavors to some supernatural explanation you cheapen your efforts.

    Oh, and by the way, his statement would also be an interpretation that Jesus likes his team better than his opponents.

  9. Very good interview, that was. And the reporters response was classic. As this specific religious belief continues its slide into dustbin of history, we will surely see more of this.

  10. It can’t just be that she was not expecting such a simple answer?

    She’s dead because she laughed? Really?