Today’s Christian News

Today’s Christian News February 28, 2014


I’m too tired to write, but here are a few quick links to think about until Monday.

Brewer’s Foolish Veto The news reports about the Arizona bill were dead flat lies from a dishonest press.

No Same-Sex Marriages in Loyola Chapel, Campus Open to Receptions Jesuit-run Loyola of Chicago will not allow gay weddings on campus, but the university will not fight a local law requiring them to host gay wedding receptions. Every venue on campus will be open for wedding receptions “regardless of religious or gender identification.”

Cardinals Say Synod on Family will Balance Truth, God’s Mercy Synod desires to balance Christ’s teaching about the permanence of marriage and the call for the Church to show God’s mercy to those who have divorced and remarried.

African Bishops Warn: If You Try Something with Divorce and Remarriage, It’s Going to Hurt Us on Polygamy

Abortions Outnumber Births for NYC African Americans

Christian Singer Natalie Grant Walks Out of Grammy Awards See also Mass Wedding at Awards Show a Stunt to Push Gay Marriage Agenda Natalie Grant and Kirk Cameron criticized this year’s Grammy Awards for “an all out assault on the traditional family.” Grant walked out. They will undoubtedly pay a price for this in their careers. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the Jesuits at Loyola Chicago had this kind of courageous faith?

To see a video of the “wedding,” which, in my opinion, was an attack on Christianity as well as marriage, go here. Queen Latifah, who officiated at the “ceremony” was deputized by the City of Los Angeles for the day, so these marriages were legal. At the same show, Katy Perry, a former Christian recording artist who has said that she no longer believes in Christ or is a Christian, performed this number. 

Three-Parent IVF Babies Gets Green Light

Religious Freedom is a Constitutional Right Not a “Tax-Exempt Status” CatholicVote blogger discusses the coming fight to force churches to perform gay marriage ceremonies.

Boko Haram Murders Between 40 and 60 Boys at Nigerian Christian School

Man Wakes up in Body Bag at Funeral Home 

And finally, a video by Natalie Grant, called, fittingly, I will Not Be Moved.

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6 responses to “Today’s Christian News”

  1. Wow, there is a lot in this article to discuss!

    Loyola University of Chicago’s decision to restrict its facilities to only Catholic weddings seems sensible .I am not sure why they didn’t do so before this.

    As for the Illinois law requiring all facilities open to the public be allowed be available for same-sex weddings, if there is no exemption for religious organizations, then the law needs to be changed.

    The news from New York City is startling. I felt heartsick reading it, although I wonder if the ration of abortions/births has true in years as well. The number of abortions among African-Americans in New York City was far higher in 2oo7.

    The UK’s decision to allow three parent IVF is alarming. The long-term effects not known. Moreover, the genetic modifications (for good or for bad) will be inherited by the children of those who live long enough to have children. Unfortunately, the US FDA recently held a hearing on whether to approve the same technique.

  2. I liked how Lowery laid out the truth of the bill and the media lies surrounding it. Gov Brewer may have vetoed the bill for the wrong reasons but I still think the bill needed to be vetoed and I mentioned why in your earlier post on the night of the veto. I’m hoping someone will write a defense of the veto that shows why this particular bill was flawed and deserved defeat, not the underlying intentions, and why AZ should fix the flaws and try again. I’m afraid if that doesn’t happen it will allow this to go down as a defeat of religious freedom instead of the defeat of a badly written bill. It’s too bad you are going to be so busy because I think as an articulate lawmaker you’d be the ideal person to do that.

  3. “People
    hate the truth for the sake of whatever it is that they love more than
    the truth. They love truth when it shines warmly on them, and hate it
    when it rebukes them.” St. Augustine

  4. The first link about Natalie Grant leads to the same abortion article as the link immediately above it.

  5. Yeah, I’m confused. No one’s saying that religious institutions have to use their houses of worship for anything but what they consider to be within the bounds of their faith. But if a public accommodation is available to all comers, it must be available to all. (This is the difference between forcing the Catholic church to marry two non-Catholics—which no one is advocating—and requiring that a parish hall that non-parishioners can use be open to use for any legal purpose. They can change their policies and only allow parishioners to use it.)

  6. I’m having a lot of trouble with photos changing, links changing, etc. All after I publish a post. I re-did this one. Hopefully, it will last. Thanks for telling me.