Complaint Filed Against Oklahoma Abortionist — Again

Complaint Filed Against Oklahoma Abortionist — Again March 7, 2014


Pro life Okies are well acquainted with Dr Nareshkuma Gandalal Patel.

He runs an abortion clinic in an office complex on the north side of Oklahoma City.

Operation Rescue has recently filed complaints against Dr Patel with the Oklahoma Attorney General’s office. The complaints concern violations of clinic regulations. One of the allegations — “Improper disposal of medical waste” — resurrects memories of previous problems the doctor has had.

In 1993, Dr Patel was in the news for dumping the bodies of babies he had aborted in the countryside. He admitted that he had disposed of nearly 60 infant corpses by putting them in plastic bags and dumping the bags in a field near Shawnee, Oklahoma.

He has been disciplined twice by the Oklahoma Medical Board for Unprofessional Conduct relating to his abortion business. He has also been charged with forcible oral sodomy and sexual battery of his patients. An employee of his has sought and received a protective order against Dr Patel.

Needless to say, it wasn’t a surprise when I read that Dr Patel is in trouble again. What did surprise me is the wealth he has accrued from his abortion business. According to Operation Rescue, Patel owns $39.4 million in real estate and has a net worth of $28 million. His personal income exceeds $1.4 million.

From Operation Rescue:

Oklahoma City, OK – Millionaire Oklahoma abortionist Nareshkumar Gandalal “Naresh” Patel, who once faced charges of raping and sodomizing his abortion patients, is once again under investigation after Operation Rescue filed a five-count complaint against him with the State Attorney General’s office, the Oklahoma Health Department, and the Oklahoma Medical Board.

The complaints were based on documents and medical waste that had been discarded in a publicly-accessible trash receptacle near Patel’s Outpatient Services for Women abortion clinic in Oklahoma City. The material was received by Operation Rescue from an anonymous source on March 18, 2013.

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14 responses to “Complaint Filed Against Oklahoma Abortionist — Again”

  1. The complaints were based on documents and medical waste that had been discarded in a publicly-accessible trash receptacle.

    That is partially concern for public health and partially harassment. I’ll let you decide which it is more of and which it is less of. Concerned citizens used to do this to me when I was responsible for regulatory compliance at a hazardous waste facility that they didn’t want in their town. Real “concerned” citizens.

  2. Is it only my impression, or are there a considerable amount of Indian (from India) doctors running abortion clinics in the USA? This is not a racially charged question (I hope), rather it arises from curiosity in view of the recent history of India – which has a naisty streak of eugenistic practices including abortion – and how on Earth it can fit with the universal Hindu belief in reincarnation, which involves prohibitions on garbhahatya – “embryo-killing”, abortion – so ferocious as to make the most extreme Western rhetoric sound restrained and sympathetic. Shiva himself – the third aspect or person of God – cannot abort five embryones in their mother’s womb without being utterly ruined, turned from omnipotent to powerless, and delivered into the hands of his enemies for judgment; that is, in fact, the climax of the Mahabharata. So I wonder how all these Indian doctors, in India, America, Britain, or elsewhere, justify their abortions. Are they all atheists? Or is there another teaching that I don’t know about?

  3. It seems a peculiar kind of arrogance to declare that those who accept abortion cannot be the same religion as you.

    There have been Christian murderers, Christian dictators, Christians who believe that they have the right to physically assault their children however they please.

    Getting into more mundane disagreement, they are plenty of Christians on both sides of marriage equality, the death penalty, the proper means of distributing healthcare, and many other issues besides. Abortion is no different.

  4. What in the name of sanity does this silly screed have to do with the question I asked? You are not even on the same continent.

  5. Both of you are right, I misunderstood the original comment.

    But the thrust of my argument still stands. Just as Christians can occupy all parts of the political spectrum, so can Hindi people. To wonder if someone is an atheist just because they don’t object to abortion is absurd.

  6. Hindu teaching (not Hindi) is even clearer than Christian. Read the Sauptika Parvan of the Mahabharata, and remember that it is supposed not only to tell of the life and death of God incarnate (Krishna) but to be written by another incarnation of God – Vyasa.

  7. Yes, Fabio, in certain parts of the US there are a lot of Indian doctors. MD’s have a fast track for immigration status. I don’t know what the Hindu teaching is or how they justify it.

  8. Bill S, 60 fetuses, is not insignificant. That is a lot of dead babies. Probably about 300 lbs if the fluids weren’t drained into the sewer first, which is another violation.

  9. Britain is also full of them (I’ve just come from the studio of one).. I suspect that the abortionist/eugenic mentality has something to do with the British Imperial influence. The first generations of western-style doctors in India will have been trained by British doctors at a time when eugenics absolutely dominated the British medical profession. (It still does, but they don’t speak of it in public.) I suspect that some sort of caste arrogance may also be involved – the lives of lower castes are not as valuable as those of the upper castes most doctors would belong to.

  10. I’m not defending him for violating regulations on proper disposal of medical waste. I, myself, was responsible for my company improperly storing medical waste by exceeding the holding time. It was a logistical miscue. I am commenting on people who are just out to harass an abortion clinic or a hazardous waste management facility (in my case) any way they can. They need to get a life.