Forty Days of Funny with James Martin, SJ

Forty Days of Funny with James Martin, SJ March 8, 2014


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2 responses to “Forty Days of Funny with James Martin, SJ”

  1. “What’s a rosary?”

    Is he kidding me? I know he is supposed to be funny but it was not funny to me since it struck me as true. Now granted, I know a few very holy priests who are Jesuits and their teaching has helped me along my walk of faith so for them I am grateful to our Lord Jesus.

    Were all Jesuits like their father, St. Ignatius of Loyola, how wonderful it would be! We all know since Papa Francis is a fine example, we should never lose hope. ^^

  2. Which is why Jesuits have gotten kicked out of so many countries. Seriously, I know some really wonderful, serious holy Jesuits and Fr Martin is funny.