Dissing Matthew McConaughey’s Really Beautiful Oscar Acceptance Speech

Dissing Matthew McConaughey’s Really Beautiful Oscar Acceptance Speech March 3, 2014

There was a smattering of applause and the room went stunned silent when Matthew McConaughey thanked God in his Oscar acceptance speech.

Did he just use that name in a way that was not mocking, leering, or jibing?

Today, the blogosphere is kicking that speech around like a kid with a shiny new ball. Because, you see, we have reached the pass where the mention of the holy name of God in a respectful way in public, but especially at, of all things, the Oscars, is, well, My dear, it is just not done. 

One of the funniest and most inane of the inevitable disses about Mr McConaughey’s speech (at least that I’ve seen) comes from Time Entertainment. You know. The child of the same Time Warner that owns all those media venues that have been hard-selling gay marriage, abortion, euthanasia and now polygamy.

The article claims to find the speech “confounding,” and “semi-bizarre.”

Here’s a taste of the commentary:

What exactly did he mean by all that? After winning for his role as Ron Woodroof in Dallas Buyer’s Club, Matthew McConaughey launched into a semi-bizarre tale about his inner life.

And the confused writer goes on to try to disassemble the speech. My response to Time Entertainment is, what exactly do you mean by all that? Does the name of God really disturb you that much?

Go to the bottom of the article and click on McConaughey’s speech and decide for yourself. Then the next time you watch a show or read a column that comes from the Time Warner megalith, consider the source.

Go to the bottom of this link and watch a video of Mr MConaughey’s speech here.

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6 responses to “Dissing Matthew McConaughey’s Really Beautiful Oscar Acceptance Speech”

  1. Even in his wildest moments, I always believed that handsome and talented Matthew was and is a God loving/fearing man. I am proud of him for confirming just that and for giving our Lord God all the glory.

  2. I think it’s curious that the movie he won for with the problems caused by a gay lifestyle is not considered bizarre but thanking God is.

  3. I didn’t mind him thanking God but his speech seemed self aggrandizing and absorbed. More even than most actors usually do.

  4. He got some applause when he said it. Darlene Love upon winning for the doc on backup singers said, “Lord God I praise you” and then sang a gospel verse. She got a standing ovation, for the spontaneous singing. Someone else thanked God as well. I think Mathew meant the real thing in his bohemian way.

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