Kathleen Sebelius Announces that She’s Going to Announce Her Resignation. Or Something Like That.

Kathleen Sebelius Announces that She’s Going to Announce Her Resignation. Or Something Like That. April 10, 2014


Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius — or someone — has pre-announced that she’s going to announce her resignation from President Obama’s cabinet.

One story I read said that Secretary Sebelius asked the president if she could step down about a month ago. The speculation about her reasons for doing this are all about the bumpy start-up of Obamacare.

Did she ask the president if she could step down? Or did the president ask her?

We probably won’t know until the tell-all books come out.

In the meantime, from The Wall Street Journal:

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius will step down from her post, days after the formal end of the rollout of the Obama administration’s signature health law, a person familiar with the matter said.

She will be replaced by Sylvia Burwell, the director of the Office of Management and Budget, the person said.

Mrs. Sebelius’s departure came after months of speculation that she would resign over the rocky implementation of the law, which included a wave of technical problems plaguing the HealthCare.gov website.

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22 responses to “Kathleen Sebelius Announces that She’s Going to Announce Her Resignation. Or Something Like That.”

  1. So, since she hasn’t made her own announcement yet, can we assume that the deadline for her resignation has been extended?

  2. She did a horrible job. The striking detail in her tenure is that she only met with the president a few number of times. That’s not all her fault. That’s Obama’s fault and someday we will learn just how poor a manager and leader Barrack Obama will have been in office.

  3. A nightmarish job. Most partisan position in the cabinet. Did it seem she did a bad job? Doubt anyone could have done better. Endless abuse from an angry Republican base.

    The affordable care act is the best that can be done now. We need single payer insurance for all. It will come.

  4. Foundations management for Bill Gates means promoting abortion and population control.

  5. I noticed an editing error in your post. The word “doubt” somehow got in there. It should read, “Anyone could have done better.” 😉

  6. “Her resume includes working for Pres. Clinton, then a number of years in foundations management for Bill Gates and the Wal-Mart Foundation.”

    Given her resume, I think that answers the question. Solidly pro-abortion, that group.

  7. I have to wonder if he’s the Affirmative Action President. So much of his administration seems to be by Peter Principle management- the classic man promoted above his station for racist reasons.

  8. That is the thing about America. Tough choices had to be made. Didn’t like all of them obviously but someone had to make them. I think with what she had to work with Ms. Sebelius did a Great job. I know many people that now have health insurance and a little peace of mind. Yes…some of the provisions are horrible but compared to what these people had or were offered by Big Money and Big Insurance prior to ACA this has been a God Send. I know if it had not been for my employer (Uncle Sam) I would not have been able to obtain health insurance due to asthma. Big money would have just let me suffer and die. So before you judge Ms. Sebelius, take a look around you (maybe in the mirror) and ask while you pray…have we done the best for the least of us?

  9. Let’s leave race out of it Ted. President Obama was elected twice to the office of President of the United States by the American people. Whether you like his policies or dislike them, respect that.

  10. I’m no longer sure I respect that vote. In fact, I suspect a large number of those votes were cast for racist reasons- both for and against- both times.

    Though I should have said the more classic form of the Peter Principle “A man promoted above his competency level”- the only way race plays into it was as a reason to vote for him, which explains why so many of the responses to critics are charges of racism.

  11. Mr. Seeber, I can tell by your posts that you are passionate about the ACA provisions (at least the provisions you don’t like) and apparently have disdain for Bill Gates but I ask that you take a deep breath and try to bring some balance to the issue. Bill Gates has done a lot with his money to help mankind and the ACA makes health care available to people that did not have it before. Aren’t these good things? It is easy to be a hater and much harder to see the good in things we don’t agree with but unless we sit down or kneel down and dicuss the issues amicably, nothing will be achieved and all we end up doing is spreading the vitriol that the devil delights in. God Bless YOU sir. P.S. I am the product of a mixed race marriage and have lived 60 years on this planet, tolerating the racial abyss that divides this country. It is time to get over it. After all, God made each of us, in his own image. I will be glad when the day comes that my grandchildren don’t have to put up with the racial hatred that many are forced to endure. President Obama is not perfect but I do believe that like Ms. Sebelius he is doing the best he can considering the hate and bigotry he has faced since day one. The President, Ms. Sebelius, Bill Gates and you Mr. Seeber are in my prayers. PAX

  12. There must be a library of texts about such people, and not only Christian either. But I prefer the pregnant brevity of: By their fruits ye shall know them

  13. All I can say is he had almost no qualifications to be elected President. Two years as a Senator wasn’t much experience.

  14. Actually, it has NOT been a godsend for a good many people. WA state eliminated their Basic Health in favor of forcing people into an ObamaCare exchange. I have low-income (but working) friends on the East and West sides of the state who lost their BH insurance that covered them, and who make just enough to not qualify for help with the fees, whose penalties would be higher to opt out than to pay, but who now pay MORE than before while having FEWER benefits. This includes a family with 4 kids, two with severe medical issues. There’s been lots of hype about how REALLY it’s helping people, but I don’t know a single person whose lot in life has improved by being “gifted the opportunity” of going on O-care.

  15. Let me put it this way- the President and the rich are in my prayers as well. It is clear that the elite progressives in this country need Christ’s mercy more than just about anybody else. They’ve embraced genocide of the young, the old, the unwanted, and the criminal as a method of progress, and that never ends well for anybody.

    I’ll get over the racial divide if you do. 🙂 Race is just a way to divide and conquer and take the focus off the tyranny and death that is really going on. It’s a distraction from the fact we no longer have a democracy, only a plutocracy.

  16. There was a lot of doubt and fuss about Social Security and Medicare too. The fuss caused by the Republicans over this (and they are still at it, but now it is law, fortunately) will calm down as time passes. I can’t imagine being a person with a preexisting condition and being turned down for health insurance. Now they can’t be. That is, IMO, a good thing.

  17. Except in states like mine, where the state pays for somewhere close to 30% of abortions but not a single birth. And of course, that’s the real point of making abortion legal- so that the elites can convince women to get rid of inconvenient human lives. Our economy is based on it, the stock market depends on those million or so deaths a year.