Benham Brothers: “If Our Faith Cost Us the Show, So Be It.”

Benham Brothers: “If Our Faith Cost Us the Show, So Be It.” May 14, 2014


The Benham brothers have issued a statement concerning the cancellation of their show by HGTV.

HGTV has joined the line of corporations and other enterprises which is limiting employment according to the dictates of the politically correct police. There is a tendency to label the people on the two sides of this debate as either “liberal” or “conservative” or, sometimes, as “right-wing” or “left-wing.” But in truth, these liberals are no more liberals than today’s neo-cons are conservatives.

It would be far better to use correct language to talk about them. The extreme sides of the political divide are both totalitarian liars and bullies. They are both, each in their own way, the enemies of human freedom and human dignity. They have a lot more in common with one another than they do with the rest of us.

However, the Benham brothers, who were fired for holding political and social viewpoints that run afoul of the received wisdom of a group called “Right Wing Watch,” have reacted to the situation with courage, grace and a dignity of their own.

Here is their statement (emphasis mine):

“The first and last thought on our minds as we begin and end each day is; have we shined Christ’s light today? Our faith is the fundamental calling in our lives, and the centerpiece of who we are. As Christians we are called to love our fellow man. Anyone who suggests that we hate homosexuals or people of other faiths is either misinformed or lying. Over the last decade, we’ve sold thousands of homes with the guiding principle of producing value and breathing life into each family that has crossed our path, and we do not, nor will we ever discriminate against people who do not share our views.” 

“We were saddened to hear HGTV’s decision. With all of the grotesque things that can be seen and heard on television today you would think there would be room for two twin brothers who are faithful to our families, committed to biblical principles, and dedicated professionals. If our faith costs us a television show then so be it.”

I am heartened by the Benham brother’s reaction to the unjust way in which they lost their job. McCarthyism is back and we have a new blacklist. It looks like this thing is just gathering steam. Christians in all walks of life may end up being blacklisted by the politically correct cops as time rolls forward.

For myself, I’ve now had a week with no HGTV. That’s a change for me. I’ve spent a lot of time, watching HGTV. It’s an easy channel to flip on when I have a few minutes and need to unwind. Because of the nature of its programming, I can enjoy it without committing a large block of time to it.

And, I am interested in homey stuff like what color to paint a wall.

In fact, one of my sons is going to paint a room in my house as my Mother’s Day present. So, I’ve been perusing paint colors online in my spare moments. I started out looking at Sherwin Williams. But, alas, they have a (very nice) selection of colors from HGTV.

I may be a Christian, but my money is still green. And I’m not going to spend any of my green stuff in places that partner up with HGTV. I did before. It didn’t bother me a bit that they had openly gay people doing design work. I wasn’t turned away by shows with gay couples buying houses for themselves. I don’t agree with gay marriage, but that doesn’t mean I have a hate on for gay people.

However, when HGTV gets a hate on for people like me, who don’t agree with gay marriage, my money is going someplace else.

So, bye, bye, Sherwin Williams. Hello Benjamin Moore.

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29 responses to “Benham Brothers: “If Our Faith Cost Us the Show, So Be It.””

  1. Will have to see if there is any viewer fallout from the decision. I may not agree with HGTV’s decision, but I enjoy the programing so—I’m not going to stop watching. It is one of a few shows where no one gets “killed, raped, wounded” that is on the air.

  2. Deciding not to buy someone’s TV show is not “limiting their employment…”

    and it wasn’t their faith, it was their bigotry that turned off their prospective customers at HGTV.

  3. And this is exactly how things are supposed to play out under the American Free Enterprise system.

    The folks at HGTV have made a business decision based on their perception of how their customers will react to the proposed show. They believe that they will lose some customers either way and have made their decision accordingly.

    You and others who feel the same way will withhold your dollars and HGTV and other television production companies will be able to take a look at the results and make a best guess on how much that decision cost them vs what they predicted might happen.

    So when the next iteration with the next TV-related controversy happens, they and others will have more data on which to base that decision.

    Hoorah for market forces and hoorah for real-life data to analyze! The system is working!

  4. It was their overt political activism, if anything, that got them canned. To wit, the TV interview they did yesterday. Is there anyone else on HGTV that has a side business of extreme political activism the way these 2 do?

  5. Oh! I have to buy paint to do our whole house this week. Guess I won’t be visiting Sherwin Williams either! Good idea!

  6. “Bigotry”, what a modernist says when he means “any moral opinion I disagree with but can’t argue with so I’m just going to hate.”

  7. Ideally, though, we run our businesses in a way that is principled and not blindly following market forces. Believe it or not, right and wrong are more important than how many viewers your TV network has.

  8. Their Faith did not cost them their jobs. It was the hatred of faith by the HGTV mob that did.

  9. “McCarthyism is back and we have a new blacklist.”
    Senator Joseph McCarthy was right about the communist infiltration into FDR’s & Truman’s administrations, Mrs. Hamilton. And, he had nothing to do with the Hollywood blacklist. Which was the work of the House Committee on Un-American Activities and the studio executives.
    Please, do not repeat the falsehoods promulgated against the late Sen. McCarthy by the far left. Pray for his soul, instead. God Bless!

  10. Ahermit,
    Would you please provide an example of this alleged “bigotry”?
    No one has been able, so far.

  11. You’re a former educator, right?
    Yes, I’m 46. I’m one of those rare members of my generation that actually knows a little about U.S. history prior to my birth.

  12. Must have gone to a school that still actually teaches American history. Good for them and good for you for remembering it.

  13. Most likely you know more than the people who lived at that time.
    There is no doubt that communism (Marxism) was taking root during those times. The Soviets had trained thousands of followers to infiltrate all important sections in the West. They exploited politics, education, media and entertainment industries. Their destructive policies are now destroying the West.

  14. Thanks, Mally El. I don’t claim to history expert.
    But, as Khrushchev infamously said, “Communism will dance on the grave of the capitalist and we will sell you the rope you use to hang yourself.”

  15. Nope. Wrong answer, teach.
    I’ve always been a student of history, since I brought home a book on WWII, when I was seven. That, and my parents were JFK assassination/conspiracy buffs. I was hooked.

    Actually, I found my American history classes, in 8th and 10th grades, fairly boring. Except for half of my 10th grade year, when I switched history teachers, and got a former hippie-type who didn’t give grades, he gave out play money instead. You had to have a certain amount to pass each semester. Plus, there was a lot of extra-credit.
    He first told me about Karen Silkwood, before the Streep movie, when I asked him something about the movie The China Syndrome. He even had literature to hand out.
    Luckily, none of his hippy/lefty propaganda stuck.
    I kept reading through my twenties, then became a C-SPAN junkie, and then had the internet at my fingertips.
    Do they even teach history in schools anymore? I know that most universities don’t.

  16. So, the fact that HGTV decided not to give someone a lot of money is bad. But the fact that you decide not give someone some money is good. Hurrah!

  17. Good for you. Yes, they still teach history, how well? I don’t know. Been out of things for many years now. As for universities? Have no idea. When I was in college, they still offered history classes. In fact, in order to get my elementary ed. degree I had to take the history of the state of Alabama, as I attended and graduated from a state university.

  18. What bigotry? So standing for true marriage (standing for reality) is hateful?

  19. April, I removed the link in your comment. I don’t normally allow promotional links in comments. If you want me to remove the whole comment (I hope you don’t, btw) rather than just edit, I will.

    You are very welcome to comment here at Public Catholic. I hope you will continue to do so.

  20. Wow. You managed to miss the point and show your intolerance all in one comment. Congrats. I’m sure you’d be singing a different tune had hgtv fired a homosexual designer because some group disagrees with their lifestyle….but then those of us who are informed are well aware that all “special rights” are only for leftist points of view. If I disagree with your PC opinion then I’m a bigot and intolerant however the same does not apply to you. Who is actually the least tolerant among us?

  21. I was relying on my faulty memory, I think.
    I heard Victor Davis Hansen, a few years ago, make the claim that most major universities in this country don’t even offer courses in military history, anymore.
    Whether, or not, they require American history credits, I’m not sure. Sorry, for the error.

  22. No. I wouldn’t. For instance, I have no problem with the fact that Catholic TV channels do not commission shows from atheists, or from Protestants. I am not sure what “rights” are involved here. I am not convinced there is any such thing as a right to have a TV show.
    And I notice you didn’t actually address my point: What is the moral difference between refusing to buy something from a particular store because of their actions, and the refusal of a TV channel to buy something from these men for their actions?

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