Vatican: Place the Family at the Center of all Concerns

Vatican: Place the Family at the Center of all Concerns May 14, 2014


May 15 is the United Nation’s International Day of the Family.

Monsignor Vicenzo Paglia, the president of the Pontifical Council on the Family, will go to New York to address the United Nations for this event. He also had a few words to say in advance. He commented that people will say “forever” to a soccer team (or here in Oklahoma, to the Sooners) but to their own husband or wife, not so much.

The family has been sliced and diced almost out of existence by our modern culture. Now, it is being legally defined into meaninglessness. Without the family as a base, other forms of community fail alongside it.

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4 responses to “Vatican: Place the Family at the Center of all Concerns”

    • Yes, the less the members of the family operate and see themselves in any way as a unit, the more the hawkers of goods and policies can attempt to dominate the individuals–WHILE pretending that the goods/policies are in the best interests of “that” particular individual, and therefore “worth” selling out the other members for. Parents against children, children against parents, males against females, females against males, old vs. young, young vs. old. And then we compensate for the selfishness with entertainment to forget how much we have severed our ties to each other! 🙁

  1. Remember Murphy Brown? This was the “brave” TV show that showed us that women did not need men in their lives at all, neither did their children. This was the beginning of the ascendance of nonsensical ideas about the family. Now we are told that children do not need a mother and a father. And that all families are the same, no matter how arranged.
    We used to say that a kid came from a “broken home” which was so very accurate. We usually noted this in connection with bad behavior by the kid, which was happening precisely because the home had been broken.
    Now, no one dares say such things because so many homes are “broken” in some way of the other.
    And no one mentions this continuing degradation of the very fundamental structure of the family.

    • Single parent families are not new. My Grandfather and his siblings were raised by their mother after their father died not long after the youngest was born. She refused to marry again as she didn’t want any other man raising her children. My Grandfather was the oldest. I’m considered a senior citizen so my grandfather was alive a very long time ago. All of the family did fine in life. Murphy Brown could have had an abortion—which would probably have made many more folks upset. There are women who wish to be a mother but not a man they wish to marry. Mates are not always available for some, no matter what the myths say. Love is the important thing, but of course, in most cases 2 parents are best—-no matter what the combination, IMO. There are many cases of children from M/F families who have “bad behavior”. Some of the latest school shootings were caused by a child from a family who was considered “normal”.

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