First Lady: Bring Back Our Girls

First Lady: Bring Back Our Girls May 12, 2014

First Lady Michelle Obama made a public statement about the barbarous kidnapping of over 200 school girls by Boko Haram in Nigeria.

Mrs Obama broadened her discussion to talk about the war on girls, in particular the war on the education of girls, which is occurring in many parts of the world today. Cowardly men throw acid in little girl’s faces, maiming and disfiguring them for life are unfit to be called men.

A society in which bands of armed men abduct hundreds of girls from their school in order to use and sell them as sex slaves is unfit to cohabit with the civilized world.

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38 responses to “First Lady: Bring Back Our Girls”

  1. I saw her statement. Boko Haram, or, their official name, Congregation of the People of Tradition for Proselytism and Jihad, is an evil, horrible,terrorist organization. I am glad our government is finally realizing that, though why the First Lady feels the need to speak out about how sad she is, I do not know. I’m also perplexed as to why nobody else seemed to notice as they have murdered Christians, burned churches and, last month shot and burned 59 boys to death. Along with sympathies of the president and First Lady, I sincerely hope we are actually helping find these men and the rest of the pieces of AQIM. These people are dangerous to everyone. When will this government quit ignoring the power of this brand of Islam to inspire violence to retake the caliphate?
    Rebecca, if this is not appropriate, please delete.

  2. Their attacks are not just against girls–as recently as February, Boko Haram murdered 59 boys during an attack on a school, and there have been numerous earlier attacks on schools. Here is an article which appeared today: “Boko Haram Steps Up Its War on Kids.” “”. Boko Haram kidnaps girls, and murders boys (and teachers).

    The question is, what is the civilized world prepared to do about it? Do we have the vision and resolve (and staying-power) to combat this group, and others like it?

    • The civilized world is not going to even begin to get a handle on the problem until we, and the countries directly affected, work together to foster reasonably functional civic and political institutions and economies that work for the average person. Boko Haram and groups like it are as much a symptom of fatally ill societies as a driver. There will always be a need for a robust response by military, police and intelligence communities, but they will only be effective as a backstop, not in lieu of prevention.

  3. I know this is supposed to be a good feel message, but I’m offended by a few things. (1) “grown men attempting to snuff out the aspirations of young girls.” The whole thing is framed in a gender polarity. As if men do this routinely to girls. As if the boys that are killed because they are not muslim is not worth the same effort. Which leads to: (2) No where does she ever say the name of the terrorist group or that the problem is Islamism. Muslim women around the world, in fact in our very country, are belittled and second class citizens. The problem is Islam, not gender inequity. And (3) Obama better now be successful in freeing the girls, otherwise this will be another Syria “must not use weapons of mass destruction,” Iran must not get a nuclear bomb, Putin must not take over Crimea, or Ukraine must not be divided. Add this to the disaster of Lybia, the degenration of Egypt, the collapse of the middle east peace talks, the loss of the American base in Iraq, and the failure in Afghanistan, and you have possibly the most pathetic foreign policy president in the history of the United States. If all that comes out of this Nigeria issue is this hashtag semtimentalism then this president is a JOKE!

    • Manny, Boko Haram attacked a school in — I think — January, and murdered boys. They also burned down the school. I’ve written about this a couple of times, and yes, I do care. However, the girls are missing and being sold as sex slaves right now. Are you seriously suggesting that we not be concerned about them because of what happened to the boys?

      I’m having trouble not getting angry about this. Who is that is getting acid thrown in their faces for going to school? Who is that is being killed before and immediately after birth in such large numbers that the sexual ratios of whole countries are seriously out of sync? Who is used as beasts of burden in large parts of the world? Who is that can’t go to a party and drink whatever is served to them for fear of being drugged and gang raped by their hosts? Who is that can’t walk down a street at night for fear of being kidnapped and raped? Who is that is sexualized and sold as a commodity online? Who is it whose body is being farmed for eggs to make designer babies that are also sold online?

      Who is in the field, the lake, the shallow grave?

      “As if men routinely do this to girls.”

      Just because Michelle Obama says it doesn’t mean that it’s wrong. Somebody is indeed routinely doing this to girls Manny. Who do you think it is?

      • “Somebody”, Jihadis, acting in the name of Islam are killing, enslaving, mutilating and kidnapping girls. It is evil. What I do not like is a sentimental reaction as if that is going to have any effect on groups like Boko Haram, Al Shabab, Abu Sayaf, AQIM or people like Assad, Morsi or Khameini. Using social media is fine. Threats about everybody being really annoyed and disapproving are only going to empower the bad guys and reinforce their impression of the west in general and the US in particular, as weak.

      • She never mentioned Islam,the root of the problem, and her whole argument was framed in feminist gender inequality. She made this a feminist issue. Listen to her language. Yes, women are abused, but she blamed men in general. Her languages implied that men are the root of the problem.

        • Manny, I don’t have time to answer this. But I am flat out disgusted by the way that violence against women is being cast in this argument. One reason I don’t have time is because I don’t have time to control my anger and disgust enough to comment intelligently. I’ll read George Will when I have time, but if he supports this attitude, he’s not going to get agreement from me. This attitude is vile.

          • I don’t know if I’m not making myself clear or you are just as wrong as the first lady. Let me try one more time. Women are abused in the world, I fully acknowledge that. I’m against that. Call that Issue A. There is also another issue in the world, Islamist attacking and terrorizing non-Islamic people. Call that Issue B. This Boko Haram kidnapping is predominantly a Issue B issue. They have killed non Islamic men and women, boys and girls. The common denominator is not that they have attacked girls, but that they have attacked non muslims. The first lady framed the issue as Issue A, incorrectly and frankly cowardly. Because one presumes she did not want to offend Islam. Now I cant be any clearer than that.

            • Manny, given what’s going on in my life right now, it may be several weeks before I deal with this line of reasoning. But rest assured, I will get back to it.

            • Manny, I have some questions.

              Do you think all Islamic people condone what is happening here? Do you think people like this are perverting what Islam is really about?

              If an Islamic person doesn’t agree with what is happening here, are they cafeteria Islams?

              • Your comments hit the mark. Saying that all those that follow the Islamic faith are in agreement with the radicals is like saying that all Christians hate those of the Jewish faith or that all “white” folks think that people who have darker skin colors should leave the USA etc. Radicals of any group, demean the group in general, no matter what the group is.

              • Good questions. You have three questions, I’ll number my responses 1, 2, 3.

                (1) It has been estimated that 1/10th of Muslims are in agreement with Islamism, that is the belief that Islam should be spread across the world and be the dominant religion. Another 2/10ths have been estimated to be in sympathy with the Islamists, a sort of mushy middle who probably aren’t comfortable with the tactics. That leaves 2/3 of all muslims against the terrorists, a significant majority. However, 1/3 is over 300 million people and that is still a heck of a lot of people who support it.
                (2) As far as i see it, there is an internal struggle as to what the words in the koran actually mean. Clearly jihad and conversion is there and clearly Islam spread across the world through force. Clearly the terrorists use words right out of the koran to justify their fighting. The non terrorists seem to say that those words are metaphors and should not be taken literally. As I see it in my uneducated way, the terrorists are probably correct since force and jihad has been a regular method throughout Islam’s history.
                (3) That’s not for me to determine. Only muslims can make that distinction.

                • I have been reading the blog but didn’t realize I wasn’t logged into the Discus. I just saw this now. I read the article. The last days of school are very busy for me. Plus, we’re getting my oldest ready for college in the fall.

                  Our bible has a lot of nasty stuff in it just like the Koran does.

                  Thank you for thinking of me and linking the article. It is interesting.

                  • Our bible never commands people to kill others for conversion. If you’re talking about the killing of the Caanites in the Book of Joshua that was a specific time and place. It was not a command to do it forever. And I’m suspicious of that command in Joshua. It feels erroneous to me and it is never cited as a biblical virtue. It feels like a historical event that was justified afterwards by claiming God ordered them to do it.

    • This particular talk/message from Mrs. Obama was relating to those female children that were kidnapped. There is no lack of concern, IMO for those boys that were killed etc. or who will probably continue to be taken to make “child solders” out of them or just continue to kill them.

      • She never mentioned Islam,the root of the problem, and her whole argument was framed in feminist gender inequality. She made this a feminist argument.

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