Vatican: Boko Haram Releases New Video of Kidnapped Girls

Vatican: Boko Haram Releases New Video of Kidnapped Girls May 13, 2014


I’m a little disappointed in Public Catholic readers.

I posted a video yesterday of First Lady Michelle Obama talking about the girls who were kidnapped by Boko Haram. The first lady also discussed the attacks on girls in a more general fashion.

A number of Public Catholic readers responded with knee-jerk denunciations of the first lady that sounded very much like anything-she’s-against-I’m-for. The really ugly — and flat-out shameful — comments are now sleeping in the delete file.

If Michelle Obama finds a cure for cancer, are Public Catholic readers going to come out in favor of cancer?

It appears that if she speaks in support of hundreds of school girls who have been kidnapped, forced to convert to Islam and are being sold as slaves, then at least some Public Catholic readers will evince difficulty in supporting the girls alongside her. They will instead launch into divisive and rather ugly attacks on her and by doing that, come out, at least obliquely, in support of violence and atrocities against women.

Is there violence against men and boys, as well? Yes. But to suddenly start proclaiming that women and girls are not treated as second class citizens all over the globe and that they are not subjected to horrific violence is not only ridiculous, it is disgusting.

I’m going to put a video from the Vatican below in support of the kidnapped girls. Boko Haram has released another of their charming videos. It appears that they are now demanding some sort of prisoner exchange for the girls they haven’t already sold.

Pope Francis has spoken in favor of these girls and against their kidnapping. I realize that by posting a video from the Vatican, I will now have to start deleting the comments from people who hate Pope Francis as well as those who hate Michelle Obama.

Because, you see, there are those — all of whom feel they are not only faithful Catholics, but more more faithful in their Catholicism than the pope himself — who, if Pope Francis discovered a cure for cancer, would come out in favor of cancer.

This kind of thinking is not thinking at all. If someone you don’t like says something that is true, then they said something that is true. When you attack the truth, or in this case, the plain facts and reality itself, in order to discredit them, you don’t discredit them. You discredit yourself.

Do not be driven by your hatreds people. In fact, take a look at yourself and stop hating others because you disagree with them. Don’t let your ideologies drive out your capacity for compassion, fair play and common sense.

I’m too busy this week and for the next couple of weeks to write as much as I normally do. And I’m going to be tired, grumpy, irascible and mistake-prone. If I’ve said this too harshly, please remember that I respect and like Public Catholic’s readers. But don’t come on here and speak out, even obliquely, in support of the atrocities committed against women and girls because someone you disagree with politically said that these atrocities are wrong.

Stop knee-jerking. And think.

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18 responses to “Vatican: Boko Haram Releases New Video of Kidnapped Girls”

  1. This is where the poison of liberalism meets the poison of conservativism. I don’t remember if I was one of the commenters, but I do consider this outgrowth of violent Islam to be at least partly due to toleration of really bad theology. Which both the left and the right are also guilty of within Christianity.

    There is also the point that they wouldn’t have the market for sex slaves, if western feminists had not been ignoring eastern sex selective abortion for over a generation now.

    • You honestly think that selective abortions have caused a market for sex slaves? The girls are “female” so obviously were —born and raised. Not only that, their parents were allowing them to be educated. How do you come to your statement? Some of these girls will be or already have been sold as “wives”. The group feels that all females are born for is to serve males,(and all that implies) and have no business being able to read or write, much less have a job or better themselves. So I ask again—what has any influence of “western feminists” ignoring eastern sex selective abortions have to do with any of this? If those kidnapped girls had been aborted—there would have been no girls to kidnap. NO, I’m not saying they should never have been born—not at all. I simply do not understand your comment.

      • “You honestly think that selective abortions have caused a market for sex slaves?”

        Yes, I do. The imbalance of gender in Asia, where women are devalued by their parents, has, in a later generation, caused a surplus of heterosexual men wanting relief. As we all know, where there is demand, a supplier can make money.

        I would not be surprised to find that some of the Nigerian girls will end up married to men in India, China, or Indonesia, where the imbalance is becoming critical (something like one woman to every 10 men in some countries and age groupings).

        • Theodor, Islam has a long history of sex slavery, usually women, but also prepubescent boys. These girls will end up, if they haven’t already, in Cameroon or DCR as somebody’s house slave and sex slave. Btw the practice of having harems is still common. The Sultan of Brunei has a large, like double digits, harem, lots are western women in his harem. I have also heard lots of racist comments from Muslims I know well from North Africa and Asia, so I don’t think they’ll go there.

      • “NO, I’m not saying they should never have been born—not at all.”
        But, you did ask me if it would not have been better for the biological mother of that little Chinese girl, who was left on a trash heap, and whom you taught, “to either not have gotten pregnant or to have terminated it?” Remember?
        So, you kinda have a record of saying such things, ya’ know?

        • Since my response was to Theodore—I did ask you that question and it was answered previously on another post. The girls spoken about here WERE not aborted because their mother’s chose to have them, and fortunately believed in their education etc. I’m glad they are here (hopefully not dead now or sold to old dudes for sex).

  2. A terrorist from central casting literally kidnaps and sells women as slaves and videotapes himself taunting Christendom with “Islam will kill your men, steal, rape, and sell your women as slaves, and kill them if they practice or profess their Christian faith after being forcibly being converted to Islam. This is what Islam is and Nigeria is and it won’t stop until America brings the terror war to Africa in full force.”

    What is his agenda, or probably, the Agenda of those funding and supporting him? What does he apparently want to happen? Why? I don’t know the reasons and what’s behind it, but I know the names of some of the corporations that will profit with taxpayer support if this crazy psychopath’s propaganda succeeds.

  3. I pray for these girls several times a day and think about them constantly. These girls were targets because their parents loved them so much they wanted their girls educated. God bless and keep them in His hands.

  4. I am grieving for these girls, I am glad the pope has taken a leadership role in getting them back, and I believe Mrs. Obama is grateful for the opportunity to allign herself and her husband to a popular cause. But it’s true, she spoke the truth, the same way a broken clock proclaims the truth twice daily.

  5. Great post Rebecca. It’s very disheartening that people won’t listen to anything someone says because of the political beliefs involved. Both sides are equally guilty of this.

    I don’t know what to think about this situation. I can’t get past the thought of my girls. All thoughts after that are just horror filled.

    The Navy Seals got Osama Bin Laden. It seems like they could take these guys on. Granted, I don’t know how any of that works. It’s not our country so what right do we have to go in there? I just don’t know.

    Thank you for writing about this.

  6. Any outside support for release of these children, from world leaders and religious leaders such as the Pope may help in getting some of these girls released OR it just may tick off the “leader”of this insane group of men. Personally I don’t think Boko Haram cares what the world thinks—unfortunately. If they don’t get the current demand of release of prisoners, I suspect they will just continue to make money from the sale of the girls—or kill them. It appears that there are now air searches being conducted, One can hope that there will be some clue as to where they might be—but I have heard that there are also great hiding places too. News today said that about 50 girls had been identified from the picture. All we can do is wait—

  7. Knee jerk my foot, I thought it completely through. And I’m not the only one. Read some of the Conservative columnists. Read George Will on this. I’m sorry you’re disappointed. The first lady framed the issue as a male problem, not an islam problem. That’s why I’m so upset at her silly hashtag sentimentalism. Of course I grieve for the girls too. Of course women get abused around the world. But his is an Islam issue. And for her not to mention Islam or even Boko Haram (which are Arabic words) is politically correct to the point of cowardly.

  8. I think it takes more than a hashtag and a blurb to bring little girls home. This has been going on for years by this same organization while our First Lady concentrated on getting schools to throw out home-made lunches. She and her husband both fail to understand the nature of islam. Boko Haram is working according to the Koran. They are islam.

  9. The leader of Boko Haram apparently likes to see his face on screen because he’s just released a new video where he is back to his promises to sell the girls, and to sell President Obama and the president of Nigeria too, if he should catch them. He threatens the world powers who are hunting for Boko Haram and likens their “war” on “all Christians and infidels” to the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and elsewhere, and threatens the world powers who are trying to track him down. “The war we are fighting is against democracy, constitution, Christianity and Western Education.” It would be all be laughable if it weren’t so deadly serious.

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