Former President George H W Bush Celebrates His 90th Birthday by Jumping Out of a Plane

Former President George H W Bush Celebrates His 90th Birthday by Jumping Out of a Plane June 12, 2014

He was a much better president than we knew at the time.

He was a genuine war hero, the president who fought in World War II, an oil man and a former member of Congress/head of the CIA/Vice President.

He was President George H W Bush, and today’s he’s 90 years young.

Former President Bush (or Bush I, as we call him around our house) celebrated his birthday by jumping out of an airplane. Literally.

That ground can get awful hard when it’s coming up at you from a few thousand feet. I don’t know many 90-year-olds who could take the lick involved in a jump like this. But I also know from my elderly relatives that those who live long are tough in way that us wimps can’t fathom. They all have a get-on-with-it, it is what is toughness that allows them to cycle through the infirmities and limitations of advancing age without being vanquished by them.

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That toughness gets put on display every time one of former President Bush’s birthdays rolls around. He’s been celebrating the passing years by jumping out of planes for quite some time now. Former First Lady Barbara Bush is pretty tough herself, to let him do it.

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Former President George H W Bush is rescued after his plane was shot down in combat. 

I would expect no less from the man who survived the getting shot down in combat, losing a child to leukemia and decades of America’s political wars. You’ve got to be made out of cast iron to do all that.

Happy Birthday former President Bush. I hope you have many more.

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7 responses to “Former President George H W Bush Celebrates His 90th Birthday by Jumping Out of a Plane”

  1. We have a fellow at church also turning 90 in a few weeks. He was one of the boys (and they were boys back then!) who entered Dachau when the allies got there. He has long since out-lived the wife of his youth and gone on to see their great-great-grandchildren, marveling that he IS this old, since it doesn’t seem he could be (in spite of what the mirror says). For as long as the Lord sees fit to let us have them still with us, such folks are a treasure. 🙂

  2. Yes, President HW Bush. Never regretted voting for him. Happy Birthday to a great man! (Always liked the Mrs. too. )

  3. That’s crazy. I wouldn’t jump out of a plane at half his age. Or any age. God bless him and his wife. I admired him so as President.The other Conservatives always knocked him because he didn’t measure up to Reagan. I saw how good a president he was at the time. I have a signed letter from him I’ve framed and have up in my study. He sacrificed his personal popularity for what was right for the country, even that tax increase i didn’t like.

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