Truth Sifting to the Top: Vatican Answers Rumors that Pope Francis is Sick

Truth Sifting to the Top: Vatican Answers Rumors that Pope Francis is Sick June 21, 2014


The truth about Pope Francis’ health is sifting itself to the top.

“There is no sickness whatsoever,” the Reverend Thomas Rosica, said in reply to a CNN question about the Holy Father’s health. “If there was, we would be open about that and ask people to pray for him.”

I suppose I could go on and on about the details, but it turns out that Pope Francis is just taking a mini vacation by following a lighter schedule during July. This is the same thing he did last year. It is, as I have said, more than his predecessors did. They took full vacations in the country during July at Castel Gandolfo.

Not only is Pope Francis not sick, he’s added a new trip to South Korea for Asian Youth Day. This will be August 13-18.

The pope’s regular workday runs from 7 am mass until around 8 pm. How many 77-year-olds can do that?

The moral of this story is simple: Don’t let the internet/media blather keep you in an emotional dither. Sometimes things really do happen. But most of what they try to get you worked up about is slow news day speculation. If you’re in an airplane and it crashes, you’ve gotta move and get out of that thing. But if you’re sitting home on your sofa watching talking-head speculation on tv, the best thing you can do is wait and see. Let the truth sift itself to the top. It will.

From the DailyNews:

Even Popes get pooped sometimes.

As rumors swirled about the Pope’s declining health, a Vatican spokesman soundly squashed reports that Francis had become ill.

“There is no sickness whatsoever,” the Rev. Thomas Rosica, a consultant to the Vatican press office, told CNN. “If there was, we would be open about that and asking people to pray for him.”

The speculations emerged after observers noticed that the pontiff had canceled his weekly general audiences in Saint Peter’s Square during the month of July. He is also not planning on inviting guests to his early morning Masses during both July and August.

Although it seems like a lighter schedule, the Pope’s summer calendar is similar to last year’s, the Catholic News Service reports. In fact, he’s adding on a trip to South Korea for Asian Youth Day from Aug. 13-18.

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4 responses to “Truth Sifting to the Top: Vatican Answers Rumors that Pope Francis is Sick”

  1. Rebecca I am sorry but just because the Holy See is denying this story does not mean it is not true. They just don’t want to scare people. Edward Pentin was the first to talk about this to NEWSMAX before the Holy Land Trip, and even Francis’s own Doctor is concerned. You know as well as I do he has breathing issues and has gained twenty pounds since his election. Other Bishops have repeatedly say how fatigued he is and he almost eighty. Please stop living in DENIAL. Francis is seriously sick possible with chronic Heart failure or COPD. Reality Check time.

  2. I love Pope Francis, but honestly I think they should pick a younger man, someone in his 60’s, next time. The demands of the Papacy nowadays are just brutal for someone that old.

  3. Katalina, to be harsh here, Pope Francis is an old man. He’s got one lung. He’s going at a pace that would knock out a 30-year-old.

    My father died of heart failure and my mother has COPD.

    If Pope Francis has either, it’s in the early stages. He wouldn’t be able to walk to the popemobile without panting if it was otherwise. That said, there is no reason I know of to think he has either one. Many people his age are starting to “get” things that signal the body wearing out. But others don’t run into this until later in their lives. The 70s are a tricky age that way. My mother at his age was riding around in helicopters and going out on glaciers, just to explore. At the same time, people who graduated from high school with her couldn’t walk to their own mailboxes.

    People age differently, and the Pope seems to me to be doing quite well for a guy his age. But his endurance is gong to be less than someone who is younger.

    As for NewsMax, what did I say about taking the popular media with a few pounds of salt?

    Wait and see. And don’t worry about it.