Meriam Ibrahim: My Baby is Physically Disabled Because I Gave Birth in Chains

Meriam Ibrahim: My Baby is Physically Disabled Because I Gave Birth in Chains July 3, 2014


Maya Ibrahim

Meriam Ibrahim was sentenced to death when she was eight months pregnant for refusing to recant her Christian faith.

She is still unable to leave Sudan, due to what I consider to be trumped up charges by local officials.

She gave birth to her baby girl, who she named Maya, while she was in prison. Her captors forced her to give birth in chains.

Hopefully, Mrs Ibrahim and her family will be allowed to come to the United States soon and we can provide Maya — and Mrs Ibrahim as well — with the medical care needed to repair the injuries that were inflicted on them by this barbaric government.

From The Telegraph:

“I gave birth chained,” she said, in her first description of the May 27 birth.

“Not cuffs – but chains on my legs. I couldn’t open my legs so the women had to lift me off the table. I wasn’t lying on the table.”

When asked whether she was frightened that giving birth in such conditions could harm her baby, she said: “Something has happened to the baby.”

She explained that her daughter had been left physically disabled – but the extent of the disability would not be clear until she was older.

“I don’t know in the future whether she’ll need support to walk or not,” she said.


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4 responses to “Meriam Ibrahim: My Baby is Physically Disabled Because I Gave Birth in Chains”

  1. So now, due to the cruelty of her captors, this little one may be unable to walk or stand. I suppose this revelation shouldn’t be a surprise. I just wish she and her family could finally get out of that horrible country—ASAP. Hopefully, care in the USA may be able to help a possible handicap from occurring.

  2. “I couldn’t open my legs”

    What’s these folks? First, they pry open young women’s legs to rape or disfigure via “female circumcision” now, they do the opposite? Was it their intention to delay the baby’s birth by keeping the legs closed in chains? Maybe they hoped the child would get stuck in the birth canal and suffocate?

    God was there and helped faithful Meriam give birth to her child. I am glad the women knew what to do by lifting her up. Lord, bless those women for having helped.

    Stir the hearts of those who can help the family Ibrahim to leave such an oppressive country and have mercy on those who cannot.

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