Alton Nolen’s Imam: He’s as Far from Islam as He Could Be

Alton Nolen’s Imam: He’s as Far from Islam as He Could Be September 29, 2014


Jah-Keem Yisrael is the name he wanted to be known by. Everyone else calls him Alton Nolen.

“Like any American, any Oklahoman, my heart was broken.” This comment came from Imad Enchassi, Senior Imam at the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City. This is the same place of worship Mr Nolen is standing in front of in the photo above.

I don’t know Imam Enchassi, but I have talked to him. He was one of the signatories of the pledge to work for an end to violence against women. This pledge was signed by religious leaders who attended the two Days of Prayer for an End to Violence Against Women that I helped organize. Imam Enchassi was not able to attend the Day of Prayer, but he came to my office afterwards and signed the pledge.

I understand that Islamic groups around the country have condemned this barbarous murder. However, I’m only really interested in what Imam Enchassi had to say. He’s our Oklahoma Islamic religious leader. His comments are in the interview in this story. I’m glad he gave this interview and spoke so feelingly about his reaction as a religious leader to this crime.

I couldn’t find a copy of this interview so I could link to it directly. If it’s on YouTube, I didn’t see it. I hope you follow this link and watch it for yourselves.

In other Oklahoma news, a second Muslim, this time an immigrant from Kenya, threatened to behead a coworker in the nursing home where he was employed. He’s now in jail. It chills me to think that this man was working in a nursing home, of all places.

We are one week out from the black mass and counting.


Here are a few videos related to the crime. It’s a random roundup, including one link to a story with a video from MSNBC, pulling their pants down to reveal their politically correct inanity in the face of tragedy.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper talks about Alton Nolen’s previous attack on her.

Alton Nolen’s mother makes a comment.


I couldn’t find a direct link to this, but you need to see it. It’s MSNBC commenters being total, absolute ninnies; pushing their politically correct agenda onto events with no regard for anything, including basic decency. 

To put things in perspective, here is another comment (at an entirely different time and in another context) from the panel’s moderator, Melissa Harris.




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6 responses to “Alton Nolen’s Imam: He’s as Far from Islam as He Could Be”

  1. I’ve two words for Mellissa Harris. One begins with an “F”, the other begins with a “Y.” Like hell she’s going to indoctrinate my son.

  2. Yeah, but it says to kill people. That says it all. We should be grateful it doesn’t identify not to kill children? Actually its absence doesn’t mean you can’t kill children.

  3. Alton Nolen’s Imam: He’s as Far from Islam as He Could Be

    O, Kay…. Isn’t Imam a teacher? Perhaps there is something very wrong with the Islamic teaching.