Christians are Suffering and Dying for Christ. We Must Stand Witness.

Christians are Suffering and Dying for Christ. We Must Stand Witness. September 24, 2014

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The first genocide of the 20th Century, the “forgotten genocide,” was the genocide of Armenian Christians.
We must not “forget” again. 


Nobody knows. 

Nobody sees.

Nobody knows but me.

That is the lament of victims of discrimination and violence throughout time.

They are trapped in the unimaginable alone experienced by people who fall into the hands of human monsters. It is impossible to describe the depth of terror, horror, pain and absolute, total and complete isolation that is part of the shock of being helpless in the hands of satan’s disciples on this earth.

The survivors can’t tell of it, not really. Because if they try, there are no words. Because if they try, they find that they are speaking to blank walls of incomprehension and denial.

The rest of us don’t want to hear these stories because they remind us of our own deep helplessness. People who have never looked into the pitiless eyes of satan in another person’s face and known that they were his to do with as he chose, do not want to consider that the only thing separating them from a similar fate is geography or chance.

There is nothing special about American Christians that we have not been subjected to the violence that attacks other Christians around the world. We are not more faithful. We are not more holy. Quite the opposite.

The difference between them and us is a matter of government. It is not innate in ourselves. The tightening noose of social discrimination that Christians face here either is a harbinger of worse to come or not, and that, whether we want to accept it or not, does depend on us.

We can choose to fight back and not go there. We can boycott the products of media outlets that defame us. We can speak out about our faith and defend ourselves.

They can’t.

Christians who live in places where killing Christians is always a question and not an anathema, live their lives under a genocidal Sword of Damocles.

We can not turn our backs on them and their stories of great suffering because it upsets us to be reminded that satan walks the earth in human form. We must not avoid them for fear that satan will come at us through the rage we feel over their suffering, that standing witness for them can open a doorway to satan in our own hearts.

People are suffering and dying for Christ, and it is our vocation in these times to stand witness.

Christians in the Middle East and in much of Africa are suffering their own Shoah. They are being annihilated and driven from their homes. They are being kidnapped, raped and sold into slavery.

The satanic barbarity of ISIS, Boko Haram, the Islamic Brotherhood and al-Qaeda are a testament to what giving your heart to satan and following him can turn people into. These men who do these things are fallen, fallen, fallen. They are satan’s disciples.

They are fallen, but the Christians they murder are lifted up. They are martyrs to Our Lord in the same way that Christians have been martyred for Jesus throughout our history. They are His saints. Every Christian that ISIS and Boko Haram murders goes to heaven. And each one of their murderers — unless they face the horrible reality of what they have done and repent from the heart — is destined for the flames of eternal hell. They will burn there alongside Hitler, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Stalin, Osama bin Laden and all their followers.

No matter how they lie to themselves, these things they do are not of God. They are from the pit.

Our job, dear brothers and sisters, is to stand witness to our fallen brothers and sisters in Christ. We must tell their stories. We must lift them and their sacrifice up because they are being lifted up in the exact way that Our Lord was and for the same reason, so that the world can see them and be healed by turning to Him.

We need healing desperately in this world, and that healing we need can only come from one place: The Cross.

When we witness the violent persecution of Christians, we are seeing a re-enactment of Calvary in our world right in front of our eyes, today. Every Christian who suffers and dies at the hands of these satanic human monsters is Christ crucified again in real time in front of our eyes.

Can you wait with me one hour? Jesus asked Peter, James and John.

Will you run away from me again? He asks us. Will you shout crucify Him! as they did? Or, will you just walk away and hide your faces because bearing witness hurts too much?

We must stand witness to these our brothers and sisters in Christ who are suffering and dying for Him. We must. It is our charge, our call and duty. It is our vocation before God.

We must write about them and develop a literature for them as the Jews did for those who died in the Holocaust. Because this is another holocaust. It is the holocaust of Christians in an entire region of the world.

Satan’s lessor disciples; the ones who make fun of Christian persecution and who try to bully into silence those of us who must bear witness, are our small cross. Their carping bits of nastiness should be meaningless to us. Offer up whatever pangs you feel for those who have died and pray for those who do this, then keep on keeping on bearing witness to the truth of this martyrdom of a whole people for their faith in Christ.

It is painful and exhausting to stand witness to atrocity. But we must do it, and we must do it in the Lord.

Any lessor action would be running away from Him all over again.

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13 responses to “Christians are Suffering and Dying for Christ. We Must Stand Witness.”

  1. Yes, we must bear witness, but we must speak out as to who is committing these atrocitities. You failed to say who killed those Armenian Christians. It was Turkish Muslims, and in almost all cases around the world Islam is at the heart of the atrocities. Look at all the worlld hot spots. Islam is the problem.

  2. I wasn’t avoiding saying it Manny. I thought everyone knew it. Thanks for adding the info, because you’re probably right that they don’t. That’s sad, in itself.

  3. I was pretty sure you weren’t avoiding it, and that it was an over sight. I did not know they actually crucified people. In the 20th century no less. I can quite tell but those look like women on the crosses. Dispicable shame and the turkish government refuses to still acknowledge their responsibility.

  4. And yet just yesterday I had one quote Aquinas trying to get me to see good in ISIS. Evil has no existance, he told me. But I look at those who take Quran Sura 8 as a training manual and I see no good left in them at all.

  5. Yes but it concerns me that islam is catching up in terms of murders and will overtake communism in body count if nothing is done.Our western governments are aiding and abetting them so I doubt they will bother themselves to protect Christians in these places. They won’t protect us either so I’m confused- does God want us to defend ourselves or sacrifice ourselves? What about our children? Frightening times!

  6. Yes, I agree, as you put it so well: “When we witness the violent persecution of Christians, we are seeing a re-enactment of Calvary in our world right in front of our eyes, today.” God have mercy on us who are in denial or fear speaking out or don’t pray fervently for God’s mercy on these martyrs and on those of us who turn our eyes away.

  7. Believe or not, this also took place in Catholic Mexico under the Regime of an atheist president. The movie “For greater glory” tells the story of one of the saints that resulted from that horrid war. Where my family lives, another martyr rose; Father Pedro Maldonado. I am posting this to remind everyone that it can happen anywhere under different ideologies.

  8. I just wanted to make a couple of historical points, that will change nothing of what anyone here says, and quite right. But it is only the appalling and calculated enormity of Hitler’s onslaught on Jews that prevents us from seeing him as one of the great persecutors of Christians. Between four and six thousand pastors and clergymen and tens of thousands of laymen were murdered purely for their faith. What is more, the slaughter of the Jews was intended as the premise of the slaughter of the Christians, just as the slaughter of the disabled and mentally ill had been the premise of the slaughter of the Jews. Hitler made it clear, in his recorded table talk and elsewhere, that once he had won the war, he intended to set about the Churches good and proper. Including those disgusting wretches who had been licking his boots, and who would have paid for their idolatry in the death camps.

  9. ((( The satanic barbarity of ISIS, Boko Haram, the Islamic Brotherhood and al-Qaeda are a testament to what giving your heart to satan and following him can turn people into. These men who do these things are fallen, fallen, fallen. They are satan’s disciples. )))

    Great post Rebecca Hamilton and I’m not going to spoil what you said by bringing in a little satanic politic of how it seems to be getting worst in America these days especially when the Ayatollah Khomeini is of the picture.
    I hear YA, satan does work in mysterious ways Victor…Right?
    God Bless Peace

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