Steven Sotloff: Observant Jew. Grandson of Holocaust Survivors.

Steven Sotloff: Observant Jew. Grandson of Holocaust Survivors. September 5, 2014


ISIS recently released another video of their British Muslim terrorist, beheading an American journalist.

The journalist was Steven Sotloff, an American Jew with dual Israeli citizenship. According to reports, Mr Sotloff followed his religion, even in the extreme circumstances of captivity by ISIS.

He did not, understandably, tell his captors he was Jewish. He kept up his prayers and fasted on Holy Days by claiming that he was sick and couldn’t eat. The deep irony in all this is that Steven Sotloff is the grandson of holocaust survivors.

Think about that.

Mr Sotloff’s grandparents survived a genocide of Jewish people. Decades later in another part of the world, he was abducted and murdered as part of an attempt to force America to pay a ransom. The ransom would have been used to finance an Islamic killing machine which is bent on the genocide of Christians and other non-Muslim faiths.

The difference between Mr Sotloff and his captors is more than just the difference of the relative power of the murderer vs the murdered. It is, indeed, one of faith.

Steven Sotloff, James Foley and the man who murdered them each claimed to be men of faith. The difference is what their faiths inspired them to do.

James Foley, who prayed the Rosary while in captivity, and Steven Sotfloff, who fasted on Jewish Holy Days by pretending to be ill, were both capable of something that the members of ISIS are not: Compassion.

Their faiths inspired them to bring the stories of the helpless victims of war to the larger world view. They were the voices of the voiceless. They gave the whole world facts and information to help us view what is happening in the dark places of current history with at least some accuracy. Their work was a vital part of the empowerment of ordinary people, both in the Middle East and in the West.

ISIS, by contrast, is a destroyer. It does not build. It does not redeem. ISIS murders and rapes, tortures and lies. The videos it has put out showing the beheadings of these two brave men are themselves lies. These men were not murdered for some bizarre idea of retribution against American power. Their murders were acts of extortion in an attempt to get American dollars.

ISIS is not, as it styles itself, a great religious army. It is a band of pirates. There is no honor in ISIS. It is a disgrace to humanity.

Steven Sotloff’s faith, and that of James Foley, is evident in the good they did. We see what kind of men they were by the lives they lived. We see the life-giving power of true faith in the real God in these men’s goodness.

By the same token, we see what kind of men the adherents of ISIS are by the lives they live. When they stand before God, they will answer for their genocide, rapes, thefts, terrors, lies and destruction of whole societies.

God is real. And He is just.

I have no doubt that Steven Sotloff and James Foley took comfort in that as they knelt in the desert awaiting the knife. If their murderer has any knowledge of God at all, he will fear it.

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7 responses to “Steven Sotloff: Observant Jew. Grandson of Holocaust Survivors.”

  1. Unfortunately I suspect the murderer has no fear of any punishment when he dies. Those 2 journalists were wonderful examples of conviction in a job even when it means losing one’s life.

  2. It doesn’t matter if he fears it or not. As I said, God is real, and He is just, and we will all stand before Him. The only defense against God’s justice is the blood of Jesus Christ. Agreement doesn’t enter into it.

  3. Since he comes from or went to a religion that grants him a bunch of virgins when he dies because he is doing his god’s work, then he probably believes that when it is his time to die, they will be waiting for him. You and he have a different belief of what happens when a person dies. Personally I don’t know exactly what happens when a person dies. My thoughts on that are too complicated to go into right now. IF there is a hell, that fellow should be there.

  4. Well put Rebecca. Our comfort lies in knowing that as much as we may hate usury and injustice, God hates it more. The apostle Paul encouraged the church at Rome during a time of great suffering and hardship with these words: “Do not take revenge, my friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written, ‘It is mine to avenge; I will repay,’ says the Lord.”

  5. God , please bless the souls of these men with eternal peace and joy. Ease their families sorrow.
    Thank you for your beautiful tribute to them, I think they would have loved it.

  6. Yes, if the translation is incorrect and means “raisin” then there is certainly going to be a ton of disappointed Islamic dudes! Serves them right. Wouldn’t count on the guy repenting anything.