Taliban Attacks Pakistani School. Guns Down 132 People, Most of Them Children.

Taliban Attacks Pakistani School. Guns Down 132 People, Most of Them Children. December 16, 2014


In an inexplicable bit of terrorist logic, the Taliban attacked a school in Northwest Pakistan yesterday.

Mohammed Khurrassani, a Taliban spokesman, said the murders of these children were in retaliation for Pakistani Army operations which they claim have killed hundreds of Pakistani tribesman.

The Taliban attackers murdered an estimated 132 people, most of them children, and wounded another 122. They made students watch as they burned a teacher alive. It is reported that they beheaded some of the children.

The thinking that goes into specifically attacking a school and slaughtering children as a political statement is beyond me. This sort of thing seems to be happening more and more. In 2004, Islamic militants attacked a school in Beslan Russia and killed 385 people, most of them children.

Boko Haram has made something of a career out of attacking schools and churches. On February 25 of this year, they attacked a Christian boys’ boarding school, killing 29 students. Later in the year, they attacked a girls’ school, kidnapping 200 girls. These girls were forcibly converted to Islam and, according to Boko Haram, then “married,” which I believe means used to concubines, by their fighters. A truce in which the girls were supposed to be returned never happened. In July, they attacked another school, killing 42 people, most of whom were students. Then, on November 10, Boko Haram attacked yet another school, killing 47 and wounding 79.

We’ve been hearing for years about the big, brave men who throw acid in school girl’s faces. And now it seems the world is going to be treated to an increasing number of attacks on schools and school children.

This is organized barbarity. It is also cowardice. I don’t know what they teach people in the Taliban, ISIS and Boko Haram, but real men don’t murder, kidnap, rape school children.

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9 responses to “Taliban Attacks Pakistani School. Guns Down 132 People, Most of Them Children.”

  1. Dialogue 🙂 will stop all this and removing the roots of fundamentalism…poverty….by opening an Apple assembly plant and a Thomasville furniture assembly plant amidst the poppy fields. The killers should be ” stopped….I do not say bomb”. And we can’t give them life sentences because those are a hidden execution. I love Pope Francis as the man who hugs the deformed and chooses cheap cars….as thinker on violence questions, he is wrong and will convert some but prevent other conversions to Catholicism of people who actually know the Bible whose actual post Resurrection God killed Herod in Acts 12 and left his body for worms to eat; killed Ananias and Sapphira in Acts 5 and gave them no chance for dialogue; and gave Romans 13:4 which Fr. Raymond Brown’s example ( PBC under JPII and Ratzinger ) could well have influenced these last three Popes to delete Rom.13:4 in actual Church practice and which went unmentioned in Evangelium Vitae just as the sheerly wifely obedience passages went unmentioned by JPII both in TOB and Dignity of Women….and wifely obedience is no where in the catechism but 6 times in the NT. Fr. Raymond Brown disbelieved that there was a slaughter of the innocents at Christ’s nativity; disbelieved that there was a flight into Egypt or that Mary really said the Magnificat ( Birth of the Messiah). Rather than recent Popes warning about him, he was on the Pontifical Biblical Commission under two of them. Dialogue ? will convert Islam…..though God gave no such option to Ananias and Sapphira and Christ left dialoguing with Nazareth where He could do few miracles because of their unbelief. He left. We want Christian families to stay in Nazareth ( read Iraq) so they can continue to convert…who…how many….while their children are killed as Bishops meet in Rome safe by the hearth and debating first world issues.

  2. With ipad 2 and disque combined, if you edit a post here of a misspelling…the post goes back into moderation which is weird.

  3. This is yet another tragic event in a long list of tragedies. It blows my mind that those folks believe it benefits their cause by killing children! Those babies didn’t deserve to die—-they were just beginning their lives.

    • This is the way it is going to be until the end of civilization. Winners on one end of the spectrum and losers on the other end and all of us in between. I think that the winners believe in one kind of god and the losers believe in another. I don’t believe in either but I know which believers I want on my side.

  4. “In an inexplicable bit of terrorist logic, the Taliban attacked a school in Northwest Pakistan”.

    That is exactly what it is: “terrorist logic”. They somehow think their cause will have a better chance of winning if they instill fear in peace-loving, law-abiding, education-oriented society. They cannot win. People are braver than they think because they can’t understand true courage. They only have the courage that comes from idiotic Islamic religious fanaticism. I now see why the Church saw the need for the Crusades. I used to see that as a black eye on its history but not any more.

  5. As a German philosopher taught, “Whatever exists is reasonable”; by which he meant, reason can understand, the tools of reason can understand, whatever exists. That did not mean that it is “reasonable” in the other sense – commonsensical, peaceable, rule-bound. Now, in this sense, the Taliban assault on Peshawar Military High School is not at all hard to understand; it is just that its logic is monstrous, the result of hte accumulation of two evils – caste and jihad. Pakistan being fundamentally still a part of India, there is a strong caste and tribal subtext here. The school attacked was very much a school for the children of the military, and the military are the largely hereditary group that basically rule Pakistan – the dominant caste, in Indian terms. The Pakistani Taliban, on the other hand – supposedly a separate entity from the Afghani ones – are tribals from the border mountains, pretty much alien to mainstream Pakistani society. The teen-agers interviewed by the BBC after the massacre all spoke good English, a clear class sign – English in Pakistan in general is rather worse than in India. And that, to me, partly explained the sheer ferocity with which teachers and children were targeted. Even Boko Haram and ISIS come to make slaves, but the Taliban just came to kill. It was a statement of total opposition to Pakistan’s military caste, saying in effect: “You are guilty as a caste, and you are guilty from birth.” That is actually a totally un-Islamic concept, but it is typical of the Hindu notion of caste, where birth is determined by the weight of karma in previous lives. Anyone’s weight of karma from past lives may accurately be determined by the caste of birth.

    • Fabio, thank you for the insight as to the possible reason for this tragic event. It is horrible that the children had to be the victims just because they were born to a certain group of people.

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