Maternity as a Masters

Maternity as a Masters December 15, 2014

Is motherhood equal to a master’s degree?

I think it’s much greater than that. Employers are missing a bet by punishing both mothers and fathers for putting their families first. Not only are they aiding in the destruction of our society, but they are cheating themselves out of employees who are the kind of people who can and do commit and go the distance.

Giving motherhood the respect it deserves is a much needed antidote for the the sins of this world. The video below describes a movement that began in Italy which seeks to do just that. This movement and those like it are an important step in the right direction.

The evil of abortion — and through it a plethora of life-destroying movements — found traction in the public imagination precisely because child bearing and motherhood had been used as a means to justify discrimination against women and to limit their lives.

Women don’t need the “right” to kill their own children. They need respect and support for motherhood. No woman should be forced to chose between a murdered child and a ruined life. I believe this so passionately that I’m currently writing a whole book about it.

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  1. I don’t know the layout of your book but I was surprised to learn recently the high percentage of parents who abort downs children and the ways they are pushed by some in the medical community to do so. My cousins have a beautiful downs daughter who is so cool, and although they were firm that they were going to have and raise their child no matter what from the start, they were pushed to terminate. Very troubling and in some cases the diagnosis was even wrong.

    • What is fascinating is that we can see a demographic winter coming, with all sorts of terrible societal effects. But the idea that contraception, which is causing this, can be criticized is anathema to the media. Therefore rather than tell us that we are not having enough babies, they phrase it as “an aging population”. The cause of that aging population is never revealed. it is just something that “happened”.

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