Home Movies from Papa’s Trip

Home Movies from Papa’s Trip January 17, 2015

Photo Source; Flickr Commons, jojo nicdao, https://www.flickr.com/photos/jonicdao/
Photo Source; Flickr Commons, jojo nicdao, https://www.flickr.com/photos/jonicdao/

Pope Francis’ Flying Zucchetto


Hurricane Haiyan: When I saw from Rome that catastrophe, I decided I have to be hear. Jesus is Lord, and He never lets us down. Many of you have asked the Lord, Why Lord, and Christ responds from His heart, on the cross. Let us look to Christ. He is the Lord. He understands us, he understands us because he underwent all the trials that we — you — have experienced.


Pope to Filipino Authorities: Protect the Inalienable Right to Life, Beginning with the Unborn and Extending to the Frail and Elderly


The Church in the Philippines is called to acknowledge and combat the causes of the deeply rooted inequality and injustice which mar the face of Filipino society, plainly contradicting the teaching of Christ … see things in a new light and and thus respond with honestly and integrity to the challenge of proclaiming the radicalism of the Gospel in a society which has grown comfortable with social exclusion, polarization and scandalous inequality … Be present to young people who may be confused and despondent … be present to those who living in a society burdened by poverty and corruption are tempted to give up.


As a family we have to be very clear, prepared and strong to these attempts to the ideological colonization that wants to destroy the family.


Pope Francis breaks away from official itinerary to meet with street kids of Manila.

Pope Francis in Sri Lanka


Pope Francis’ Best Quotes in Sri Lanka


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7 responses to “Home Movies from Papa’s Trip”

  1. Good morning, Rebecca! I have watched lots of Papa’s movies as he traveled about. I have enjoyed each and every one of them. They serve to encourage me in my walk of faith and to remember what matters in this grand world of ours. They also remind me of how vibrant the faith is in other parts of the world and that the Church does not revolve around us Americanos. ;p

    Not sure if you know, but Papa’s zucchetto blew off twice in the Philippines. ^^ Sweet to watch his reaction and delightful to hear the crowds cheer him on. Lucky the one who had the wonderful task of retrieving Papa’s zucchetto.

    I’d like to think our good Lord was having Himself some fun and playfully tossed that precious zucchetto about.

  2. What joy to have one’s prayers answered. God is so good to us! Not only did our Papa affirm Christ’s love for his little ones but he built them up in the faith with his own personal witness.
    May this gift to all who were present confirm, transform, heal, and forever unite them to Christ and His Church.
    I pray for that very grace too.

  3. Meeting him would be too emotional for me. I would probably burst into tears and just want a hug. I remember reading about two Dominican Sisters from Ann Arbor, Michigan who met Papa Francis while in Rome. They mentioned how gracious and warm he is. They mentioned his handshake as being firm and his eyes, intense and bright.

    A man fully alive, on fire for Christ. ^^

  4. It is obvious that the people were all for Pope Francis as shown by the millions that came out—but the weather certainly wasn’t in his favor. He handled the weather well. I do like this man and feel he is only going to make the Catholic Church a more welcoming place.

  5. FW Ken, I want to start off by thanking Rebecca for this post, it was especially needed because like “Jesus” our “Loving Old Redeeming Dad” “I” mean our “LORD” said in so many words that the last will be first, “I” mean we will see things in a new late and…………………………………….and…………………………..and…

    BE NICE NOW sinner vic!…lol

    Long story short, I’ll close by saying that your video literally brought tears to my eyes seeing that boy holding on to His Holiness Papa Francis’ hand and arm and would not let go even though some guy was trying to pry him loose… Yes! me, myself and i really needed this good news. 😉

    God Bless Peace