ISIS Burns Jordanian Pilot Alive. Jordan Vows Revenge.

ISIS Burns Jordanian Pilot Alive. Jordan Vows Revenge. February 4, 2015
Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by Klaus Nahr
Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by Klaus Nahr

In their race to the bottom of the human pile, ISIS murdered a captive Jordanian pilot by putting him in a cage and setting him on fire.

I’ve decided to link to the video, primarily because I think that we need to know what ISIS is, and why they must be defeated absolutely. Anyone who joins ISIS or helps them should be hunted down and put in prison, even if it takes decades to get all of them.

You can see the video here.

The people of Jordan reacted explosively to the video. You can see a bit of their reaction in the video below. Jordan has already begun carrying out its promised reprisals.

I understand the emotion. I’ve been feeling the same emotions about ISIS for quite some time. Muslims who oppose this barbarism are our brothers and sisters in this fight.

We need to end ISIS. Hunt down the perpetrators and build a civilized and lasting peace. I pray that this war will not become an on-going blood feud that ultimately destroys civilization in that part of the world. In order for that to happen, ISIS must be laid to ground absolutely. But then, people must turn their backs on the bloodshed and move forward into civilization building.

This business of carrying on hates for generations (which seems to be the way they do things in the Middle East) will, if it is not checked, cripple and destroy that part of the world so that it never pulls itself out of the abyss of war.

I don’t know how you change people whose cultural trajectory is built on never forgetting and generational blood feud. But I do know that it is a necessity if that region of the world is ever going to move forward to provide stable and good lives for the people who live there.
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24 responses to “ISIS Burns Jordanian Pilot Alive. Jordan Vows Revenge.”

  1. You change the people the same way there as anywhere else. Prayer and radical love for our enemies. It’s an easy prescription but the loving of enemies part is where the challenge really lies.

    • And that is where I find myself…struggling to love them and to pray for them. I will keep trying though but with the help of the Lord ’cause I already know, I cannot do it on my own.

      • There is no way I can do any kind of love or praying for those who have decided torture/murder/rape is a way to make folks “convert”. They have made a hell on earth for millions.

  2. The absolute savages. We need the American Army there or they will not be defeated. This is a threat to civilization itself. I was totally appalled when I saw this yesterday. My prayers to that poor young man and his family.

    • With the current administration in charge and the way things have gone so far, doubt they will commit any further unless ISIS lands one on U.S. soil.

      I got to thinking more about this recent show of ISIS inhumanity though. While it is incomprehensible to me the length of how far humanity can go with regards to cruelty, I am thinking that what awaits these same cruel folks, should they die without repenting, will be beyond their evil imagination in comparison to being burned alive while still on earth.

      So many thoughts ran through my head…the burning of this Jordanian officer, while still alive, (I hope he passed out before the flames overtook him) was but a moment in time while if one is cast into hell…one burns forever…over and over and over again for all eternity and all while being fully conscious too.

      I would not wish that on anyone ever…not even ISIS.

      • When I saw some of the pictures of that poor young man, and the written details of how he died (he did not pass out) it brought me to tears. Heaven and hell is for God to decide. I just want to make this a better world, and their existence in it is not conducive to that.

  3. ISIL continues to horrify the world with their unbridled cruelty. I didn’t watch the video as I can imagine it without actually watching it.

  4. I do not even know where to begin after yet, more brutality from these minions of satan. What to call them? I am lacking much charity in the aftermath of the way that officer was murdered. I know I have to pray but I found myself asking God why? Why? Why? Why the silence? Why is this being allowed? Why are not the same who call themselves Muslims, why do they not take a true stand rather than more feeble talk?

    If so many “indignant at CH Muslims” can rampage on innocent Christians and their places of worship, why do these same “enraged” folks not stampede the ISIS checkpoints or their so-called strongholds? Why do they allow them to persist?

    One cannot have it both ways…too many innocent will continue to die until they, “the upright” decide enough is enough.

    The barbarity is not yet over…and to think, the worst is yet to come.

  5. Modern technological advances are already being used to destroy civilization. I am afraid the gate of hell has been opened.
    I pray daily for the conversion of Muslims and have been for a while. That is the only solution.
    But, we are at war. Make no mistake. These people do not belong in any prison. If they continue their evil the only fitting place for them is the ground where God will judge and justice will be done.
    We do have a responsibility to defend the defenseless, btw.

  6. So now they burn their captives alive instead of beheading them? That is suppose to bring in followers? Both are horrendous. Wish the folks in that part of the world would assist more in getting rid of those inhuman beings.

      • Not only that but did you read what our most august POTUS actually had the nerve to say and to say it as if he’s correct?

        He is quoted as comparing ISIS to the Crusades. More can be read over at Kathy Schiffer’s blog.

        One more reason to shut the boob tube off when he makes an appearance.

  7. There is nothing Islamic in using an execution method banned by The Prophet himself. ISIL has now proven themselves to be as barbaric as the Mecca tribes that Mohammed went to war against.

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