They’re Targeting the People of the Cross

They’re Targeting the People of the Cross February 16, 2015
Italy and Libya. Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons
Italy and Libya. Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons

ISIS released its first video of mass beheadings last Saturday.

The victims of this murder were 21 Christian Egyptian men who ISIS marched onto a beach in Libya and then beheaded en masse. A CBS senior news analyst commented “They are targeting the people of the cross,” the Copts, which is an ancient Christian communion located mostly in Egypt. This isn’t much of an analytical leap, considering that ISIS named the video “A Message to the Nation of the Cross.”

France and Egypt have called for a meeting of the United Nations Security Council to deal with the “spiraling crisis of ISIS.” Meanwhile, Italy has closed its embassy in Lybia and also appealed to the United Nations as it attempts to deal with a huge influx of refugees who are fleeing Libya.

“This risk is imminent, we cannot wait any longer. Italy has national defense needs and cannot have a caliphate ruling across the shores from us,” Italian Defense Minister Roberta Pinotti told Il Messaggero newspaper. She added that the risks of Jihadists entering Italy along with the refugees “could not be ruled out.”

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, said, “We have told Europe and the international community that we have to stop sleeping. The problems cannot all be left to us because we are the first, the closest.”

Egypt’s government has responded to the video with bombings of ISIS locations inside Lybia. Egypt has also asked for American assistance in this war.


For more information read The Anchoress  and Tom Zampino. 

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14 responses to “They’re Targeting the People of the Cross”

  1. ISIS is targeting just about everyone. It seems like they have pretty much declared war on the entire world. What is sad is that they have declared war on the entire world and they still freaking exist. I think we might need to look for more military commitment to defeating them from just about everyone right now. Because a group like this should not be able to last against the combined might of all of the world’s military forces.

    • I think — don’t know; think — this whole thing is at root a Sunni Shia conflict. I’m guessing that ISIS is targeting Shias when it targets Muslims. I’m also guessing that a large part of their outside funding which got them going — and the amount and type of funding they obviously had has always made me think it was government funding — comes from the Sunni Shia conflict.

      However, the thread of violent persecution of Christians runs through both sides of these conflicts. The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt was and is horrible in the murder/rape/abduction/slavery they subject Christians to.

    • I went to bed recalling the historical events of the battle of Lepanto. I remembered the great faith of the people who rose up to pray the Rosary while the battle took place, I remembered Moses as he prayed before the Lord as his brethren held up his arms during a battle to defend themselves.

      Then it occurred to me, we must pray, we must defend ourselves, we must get out of this slumber in which too many of us are currently trapped.

      I lay there thinking how easy it is for me to just roll over, close my eyes and my ears and not care at all as long as I am “safe, comfortable, well fed, have some money in the bank…”

      I thought of those men, paraded along the beach, I hoped their hearts were with Jesus, their eyes on the promised land. I hoped they were not in despair and if in fear, that they were clinging to Christ Crucified.

      May their example be ours in the coming days.

      Mary, Queen of Peace, pray for us!

  2. The Pope’s statement brought me to tears when I read it this morning – Pope Francis’ finest hour in my opinion – and the weasal words by Obama (not even mentioning that they were Christians) brought me to an outrage.
    This calls for agressive action to defeat these savages. And I don’t think this imbecile in the white house is up to the task. This may sound extreme but I think impeachment is in order if we want to save civilization. I’ve had it with obama.

  3. Yet more horror and unspeakable actions. It seems that nothing is off limits when it comes to their actions. They are insidious. What is even more frightening is that there are people in this country (USA) who think it would be exciting to join that group!

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