Computer Problems

Computer Problems April 9, 2015

When I was not feeling well last week, I did a fuzzy-headed thing and wiped the main hard drive on my desk top. One thing led to the next (stay away from computers when you’re on narcotic cough meds) and … well … I ended up having to do all sorts of computer stuff, including full reformats of both desktop and laptops.

I also managed to lock myself out of Disqus for a while. 🙂

Long story short, I’ve been even more distracted than usual. If I’ve missed your comments, and you don’t see that I deleted them, then they’re probably lost in the ether. Either that, or … something.


(The good news is that I’m no longer taking that cough medicine.)

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3 responses to “Computer Problems”

  1. My new computer runs on Windows 8.1 and it is completely baffling. I wound up locking myself out of the computer a few weeks ago and the password no longer worked. Long story short, there is no way to enter a computer if you don’t know the password, and I was forced to wipe the computer clean and lose a whole bunch of documents. I was sooooooo mad.

    • It seems the more enclosed the system becomes, the harder it is to fix. That’s what I was dealing with with the Apple machine. The os was only downloadable. I ended up doing switching out drives (used an old one I’d replaced a couple of years ago with a flash drive) in order to hack a bootable disk of Yosemite on a flash usb drive and then back-ending everything. From now on, I hack a bootable drive for every upgrade of the os.

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