Breaking: Federal Court Forces Notre Dame to Follow HHS Mandate

Breaking: Federal Court Forces Notre Dame to Follow HHS Mandate May 21, 2015
Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by Scott Gulbransen
Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by Scott Gulbransen

The 7th US Circuit Court of Appeals rejected the University of Notre Dame’s appeal against the HHS Mandate today.

In a brazen disregard for the First Amendment, the Court argued that the “burden” on the government to re-write the HHS Mandate to allow the Catholic University of Notre Dame to follow the dictates of its faith was too high. The court also said that the “burden” on Notre Dame of being forced to violate its faith and abandon the free exercise of religion which is the guarantee of every American was just not all that important.

They didn’t put it in those words, and I am deliberately writing it in purple prose. But that is the essential meaning.

The court ruled that an agency rule written by a back-room committee of abortion industry insiders trumps the First Amendment guarantee of the free exercise of religion. It based this ruling on the bizarre opinion that abiding by the Constitution of the United States placed an undue burden on the government of the United States.

Here is what they said, without my interpretation and in their own little words:

“The very word ‘accommodation’ implies a balance of competing interests,” the court noted.

“And when we compare the burden on the government or third parties of having to establish some entirely new method of providing contraceptive coverage with the burden on Notre Dame of simply notifying the government that the ball is now in the government’s court, we cannot conclude that Notre Dame has yet established its right to the injunctive relief that it is seeking before trial,” the court said.


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9 responses to “Breaking: Federal Court Forces Notre Dame to Follow HHS Mandate”

  1. Let me get this straight: ND sues over a new law that should never have been made as it violates the First Amendment, and the court rules that they have to follow it because rewriting THE LAW IN QUESTION is a burden to the government????

  2. what happened? did case precident not even come into play? I say appeal this to a higher court!

  3. A burden on the all-powerful, all encompassing, all-mighty, all ruling government??? Such a government is just what our Founding Fathers most feared -not a Church trying to live the First Amendment in the face of court tyranny.

  4. Welcome to the new Amerika, where judges have become legislators and executives all in one, and if you burden the government too much by actually having children, you have no rights.

  5. This is God’s justice in action. Remember when Notre Dame spat in the face of Catholics across the world – including their own bishop, whom the priests among them should have obeyed without question – for the pleasure of flattering Obama? Remember when that ghastly man Jenkins had the campus police beat up peaceful protesters and jail an elderly priest? Remember when they made him an honoris causa Doctor of Law? Well, now it is Obama’s law and Obama’s judges who are forcing the worldlings at Notre Dame to act like followers of Jesus whenther they want to or not. And to get all the bitter and none of the sweet.

  6. If there were no accomodation that simply requires a statement that the institution will not pay for contraceptive coverage, then I could sympathize with them. But there is one.