Senate Punts on Obama Trade Deals. The people Lose Again.

Senate Punts on Obama Trade Deals. The people Lose Again. May 21, 2015
Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons. Official White House Photo.
Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons. Official White House Photo.

The United States Senate once again abrogated its responsibilities in favor of letting the Prez do it.

This, my friends, is how we got the imperial presidency. Congress accedes its responsibility because the vote is too “hot” or, as in this case, the corporatist interests want the deal that’s being done.

The Senate gave up the right to amend the Prez’ trade deals and just let him, you know, Rule.

Who’s the loser in all this? Why, you and me, of course. When the Rs and the Ds get together on their corporatism, we always end up in the dirt.

We might all stand on the West Coast and wave our jobs good-bye.

From the Huffington Post:

WASHINGTON — The Senate advanced President Barack Obama’s trade agenda Thursday, voting to end debate on bill that would grant the administration power to fast-track massive new pacts through Congress.

A number of senators objected to the process, complaining that they were unable to get votes on amendments they deemed essential to making sure that looming deals with 12 Pacific Rim nations and Europe live up to promises of helping U.S. workers.

But 62 of their colleagues disagreed and voted to halt debate anyway, setting up passage of the fast-track bill by the end of the week.

… Fast track, formally known as Trade Promotion Authority, would allow the president to cut trade agreements with other nations, then advance them through Congress with expedited procedures that allow no amendments, filibusters or delays, guaranteeing him simple majority votes.



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4 responses to “Senate Punts on Obama Trade Deals. The people Lose Again.”

  1. How did this happen? Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) — who is working with Obama — made a deal with the Democrats who were opposed to this USA-damaging trade bill. He offered Senator Maria Cantwell (D-WA) an “opportunity in June to offer her bipartisan amendment to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank” which many Republicans consider to be a corporate welfare bank. Suddenly the logjam was broken.

    McConnell is for this trade bill because he has publicly stated that he wants a Republican President to have this massive trade authority. His mistaken assumption is that, if Republicans allow this monstrosity to be fast-tracked, Republicans will be able to retain support from disgusted voters.

    Michael Wessel, an adviser to the President, has read the secret trade deal and has bluntly stated that “this trade deal will damage this nation.”

  2. Wait, this is the most Liberal president in our history. If you can’t trust him on looking out for workers, who can you trust? I have a different take. Free trade makes economic sense for all, and even a Liberal President has been persuaded.

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