House Passed 20 Week Abortion Ban. See How Your Rep Voted.

House Passed 20 Week Abortion Ban. See How Your Rep Voted. May 14, 2015

They did it.

The United States House of Representatives passed the 20-week abortion ban.

To see how your rep voted, go here.


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11 responses to “House Passed 20 Week Abortion Ban. See How Your Rep Voted.”

  1. My congressman, Dan Donavan, just newly elected in a special election, voted yes! He was just sworn in. That must be his very first vote.

  2. But will Obama sign it?

    Still, I think the Susan B Anthony List had the right idea: there is no chance of this actually becoming law, BUT, by requiring a vote, this lets the average voter know exactly where politicians stand on the torture of innocent children who have not taken a breath of air yet.

    Zero surprises for Oregon District 1 representative Bonamichi, I’ve never met a more bloodthirsty feminist cult member in my life.

    • Unless he has a “Saul on the road to Damascus” moment between now and then, he won’t sign. That puts a pall on it, but at least we have votes on the record. I will be 22 weeks pregnant tomorrow, so this bill is really hitting home for me.

      • Congratulations & Blessings, Rebecca, I really want this bill passed in to law. But, if President Obama vetoes it, he has had to put his name in a decision. He notoriously likes to escape responsibility for anything, preferring to blame someone else whenever he can. So, up or down, pass the bill. Then, we can reintroduce, if necessary.

        • Thank you. 🙂
          He seems to be so proud of his horrid stance on abortion, as do so many national figures who support it. It’s like having the fewest restrictions is a badge of honor for them.

  3. Renee Elmers was a sponsor. I gave them an earful when they pulled the bill. I hope it passes, one way or another. I hope they make Obama either sign it or reject it.

    • Good for you Anne. We need to hold the people we elect responsible and that is what you did. Good job.

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