Can Bruce Jenner Be a Christian? Of Course He Can.

Can Bruce Jenner Be a Christian? Of Course He Can. June 9, 2015

Flickr Creative Commons by  Mike Mozart
Flickr Creative Commons by Mike Mozart

I hadn’t intended to discuss Bruce Jenner, the person.

I don’t mind discussing what I sincerely believe is the medical quackery of “gender reassignment surgery.” This barbarism is being used as  “treatment” for people who experience gender dysphoria. This mutilating surgery is just another of the many quackeries and cruelties practiced on mentally ill people.

Gender reassignment surgery is today’s pre-frontal lobotomy. One day, people will look back on it and wonder how anyone could be so cruel to do this to another person.

Bruce Jenner is a victim of this medical quackery. He also evidently suffers from a terribly painful mental illness. He has all my sympathy. I will never write a word condemning him or what he, personally, has done in this situation. My condemnation is for those who push this barbaric surgery on people for political reasons.

The only reason I discuss Mr Jenner today is because I’ve read a smattering of nonsense out there on the internet challenging Mr Jenner’s Christian faith.

I don’t know anything about Mr Jenner’s personal life or his personal beliefs. I’ve never paid attention to the bizarre cult of personality that surrounds Mr Jenner and his family and I don’t know anything about what he believes.

I have recently read articles saying that Mr Jenner has publicly proclaimed his faith in Jesus Christ. I’ve also read absurd blog posts and combox rants claiming that, because he has come forward about his illness, he cannot be a Christian.


First of all, whatever emotional/mental problems he has, they are not his fault. Does anyone seriously believe that he would undergo this mutilation and subject himself to high doses of hormones, whose side effects are bound to be long-lasting and damaging, unless he was suffering and desperate?

People who are afflicted with this mental illness are being sold harrowing self-mutilation and damaging hormone therapy as a way out of their misery. This is unconscionable on the part of the people doing the selling. But those who subject themselves to this barbarism are its victims.

Mr Jenner is in no way committing a sin by suffering from a mental illness. He is in no way culpable for the horrendous medical advice he has been given or for the cruel, sicko society in which he lives.

Even if he was fully, totally, and absolutely culpable — and I say again that he is not — that would not in any way mean that he is not a Christian.

I’ve seen it on bumper stickers, and, even though it’s a bit cliche, it’s true: Christians aren’t perfect. They are forgiven.

Transexual people attend mass at my parish. We make them welcome. I do not question their faith.  I have never heard a single word from anyone else in that parish questioning their faith. In fact, I’ve very seldom heard any discussion about them at all.

We are all wounded people. The miracle is that God loves us, heals us and welcomes us to His table without exception. All we have to do is go to Him, warts and all, and place our lives in His loving hands.

Can Bruce Jenner be a Christian? Of course he can.

Is Bruce Jenner a Christian? He says he is.

Jesus loves Bruce Jenner. That I know. Bruce Jenner is God’s beloved child.

Don’t close the doors to the Kingdom on people who sin. We all stand in sinful equality at the foot of the cross. Our righteousness is as filthy rags before God.

We enter the Kingdom by virtue of the enormous price that Jesus paid to ransom us from our sins. There are no exceptions to this. Before you condemn Bruce Jenner and claim that he is not a Christian, go look in the mirror. What you see there will be the reflection of a sinner just like Mr Jenner.

Neither one of you is fit to untie the laces of Jesus’ sandals. None of us — none of us — is without sin. Be careful about condemning specific people in this way. You do not have the authority to make such judgements. That authority belongs to God alone.

Pray for Mr Jenner. He is a suffering fellow human being who is being used by a heartless political movement and medical practitioners bent on quackery. He deserves our compassion, not our condemnation.


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6 responses to “Can Bruce Jenner Be a Christian? Of Course He Can.”

  1. Can a sinner be a Christian? I sure hope so. If not, I’m sunk. Thank God, He promises us He will forgive us.
    I have no idea if there are transgendered people at my parish.
    Only thing I don’t know about is if Bruce Jenner chose this life or not.
    I wish the whole thing would die away. It is not very common and I really feel sorry for those with this mental illness.

  2. Beautifully stated. Thank you.
    All I can think when I see the tabloid photos is, “That was someone’s little boy once upon a time….what wounded him so?”

  3. I am a pastor’s daughter and for years I assume that I was a Christian just because I went to church and my Dad was a minister. After a number of life threatening events, I wanted to get a closer relationship with God.
    I started reading the Bible and had an eye opening revelation. God love everyone and He sent His son to die for eveveryone.
    Now, once we believe that. ..Our responsibility according to God’s Word. us being
    transform into being like CHRIST. Our Helper is The HOLY SPIRIT. That process takes a lifetime. We also have an enemy. ..Satan and his demons.
    His JOB IS TO CONFUSE US and he is very effective! !!! He uses everything in his
    arsenal. ..which are many things.
    As a Christian if we are looking like CHRIST ‘s representative …we know JESUS didn’t DIE IN VAIN.
    One of the best things about our relationship with God. …when we don’t get it right. ..
    we repent. ..God is faithful and just to forgive us.
    The only way we know how we are to be as Christians. the Bible.

    Everything is in there…. for every..situation. that human beings experience.

  4. your reasoning is right and wrong at the same time. it is true The Lord will meet anyone anywhere they are and take them into his arms. but these people must understand that the Lord Loves them too much to leave them where they are. we all sinned and the Lord meet us in our pits but he also told us we must come out of our sin. if you accept the sexually immoral person and don’t warn them that they must walk away from this sin the Lord will hold you responsible for their lives, 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 Ephesians 5:5 they will end up losing their live and you will have taken part in their death. accept all for the Lord wishes for no one to die but be careful what you teach them because your life is on the chop line also.