Pope Accepts Resignation of Two US Bishops Who are Charged with Sex Abuse Cover-Up

Pope Accepts Resignation of Two US Bishops Who are Charged with Sex Abuse Cover-Up June 15, 2015
Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons. http://www.presidencia.gov.ar/
Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons. http://www.presidencia.gov.ar/

Pope Francis has accepted the resignations of two more American bishops because the bishops were charged with sex abuse cover-ups.

The pope accepted the resignation of Bishop Robert Finn in April after Bishop Finn was convicted of a charge of failure to report child abuse.

Now, he has accepted the resignations of Archbishop John Nienstadt and deputy bishop Lee Anthony Piche of St Paul Minnesota. Both bishops offered their resignations under canon law, which allows bishops to resign due to illness or other “grave” reasons.

From The Independent:

Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of two bishops in the US who face charges of failing to protect children from a paedophile priest.

Prosecutors in Minnesota had charged the Archdiocese of St Paul and Minneapolis over an alleged sex abuse cover-up, accusing them of “turning a blind eye” despite repeated allegations against a priest who was later convicted of molesting two boys.

The Archbishop of St Paul, John Nienstadt, and a deputy bishop, Lee Anthony Piche, offered the Pope their resignations under a code of canon law which lets them step down due to illness or a “grave” reason leaving them unfit for office.


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5 responses to “Pope Accepts Resignation of Two US Bishops Who are Charged with Sex Abuse Cover-Up”

  1. I agree with you. And I affirm what you say re: the vast majority of gay men.

    I wonder if the state will prosecute other categories of people with equal vigor?

  2. So if these charges are payback, why not fight them if one’s “conscience is clear” as the archbishop said in his resignation notice? I read from other sites that it was best for him to go as a “clean slate” would be best.

    The idea that the state is taking such bold steps is not at all surprising…only a matter of time before they really step up to the “judgement plate.”

    I read that here in California, the California legislature’s assisted suicide bill advances. Archbishop Gomez has written about it but I have yet to hear it preached from the pulpit encouraging the faithful to fight it.


    Please pray for us Californians to wake up! Why was it not put to the voters? Not that it would matter anyway since it would have been held up in the courts much like the marriage bill was years ago when Californians voted to keep the definition of marriage as between a man and a woman.
    Those opposed, sued, and the rest is history, albeit a sad one.

  3. Sorry for the delay, Gordis. My account got messed up.

    In my opinion, the law charges will go away now that the archdiocese has been adequately humiliated. But the moral fault remains. My comment above disappeared (don’t ask), but the weak legal case is different from a weak moral case.

    God bless you Californians. I couldn’t live in all the craziness.

  4. Shoulda/woulda/coulda no longer matters since who knows what really went down from the beginning, eh Ken-san?

    I mean somewhere, someone dropped the ball and then that ball got all tangled up in a nasty web of pride, deceit, sexual abuse of innocents, lies, whodunits and who knows what else.

    What a sad situation with so many conflicting reports/stories.