Abortion Apologists Defend the Mother Ship

Abortion Apologists Defend the Mother Ship July 16, 2015

Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by mjtmail Tiggy https://www.flickr.com/photos/mjtmail/
Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by mjtmail Tiggy https://www.flickr.com/photos/mjtmail/

Planned Parenthood’s mega funding from the federal coffers might be — might be — in a bit of danger.

I don’t honestly think it’s in all that much danger. Planned Parenthood has weathered worse. Several times.

But the video of their medical director swilling wine, chomping on salad and discussing the sale of body parts from babies that she’s aborted is … ummmm … damaging to their claim of being all about women’s health and whatnot.

Abortion apologists — who, as luck would have it, usually turn out to also be euthanasia, egg harvesting, embryonic stem cell research apologists, as well — rolled up their sleeves, picked up their verbal brass knuckles, chains and clubs and went to work as soon as the video broke.

The “arguments” on Planned Parenthood’s behalf have been rolling in from all the usual places. Their virtual watering holes have chimed in with a story that is all lined up and squared like it came with instructions.

The Christian-bashing atheist bloggers, the sad little faux feminists who think that abortion is all there is to women’s rights, the nihilist web sites, and, of course, Planned Parenthood’s cable news networks have all repeated PP’s talking points like a chorus line dancing and twirling to the beat in a Broadway show.

The basic line of attack is the same the basic line of attack that Planned Parenthood has used with each of these revelations. They used it when their clinic personnel were shown arranging forced abortions for pimps and human traffickers. They used it when their clinic personnel were shown arranging sex-selected abortions to murder baby girls because the parents wanted a boy, instead. They used it again when their clinic personnel were shown instructing teens on how to practice sadistic sex.

Here, in case you’ve missed it, is the standard line.

1. It’s all lies!!!!

In the case of this video, the “lie” is that this exchange of $$ for baby body parts is the cold-blooded commerce it appears to be. The hearts, lungs, livers, arms and legs discussed in the video are “tissue” and the talk of $100/body part is really an at-cost “donation” of $100/per “tissue sample.” No money is being made here, you ignorant, woman-hating religious fanatics.

2. It’s entrapment!!!!

The video is edited, because, you see, the doc who said flat-out that the law banning partial birth abortion could be gotten around by just saying that she didn’t “intend” to do a partial birth abortion, but just, you know, happens — and happens it seems quite a lot — to do them, also said some touching things about her dedication to women. The lengthy video, however, was cleverly edited to focus on the baby-body-parts-selling. The complete and unedited video was also released, but that doesn’t matter. This is foul play, you ignorant, woman-hating religious fanatics.

3. It’s just the crazy Christians and their hatred of women!!!!

This is standard Christian-bashing boilerplate. It gets taped onto just about every debate or discussion that people of faith have an opinion about. It’s prejudiced, discriminatory, intolerant and unjust. But it’s working, so we’re going to keep on doing it.

4. It’s complicated, and the dimwits who are so outraged don’t understand complication!!!!

Medical procedures are messy and ugly. Discussions about medical procedures can be upsetting to small-brained, ignorant, woman-hating religious fanatics. We will ignore, as we always do, that this “medical procedure” is in fact a murder and what we are talking about is selling the body parts of the innocent murder victim at a profit, not cost, since the mother of the murder victim already paid for the “procedure,” and disposal of “tissue” is figured into that payment, and the United States government subsidizes us like we were the military. We won’t admit for a minute that what we are calling “messy” is, in fact, grotesque. Nope. This is “medicine” and it’s “messy.” Only ignorant dim-witted religious fanatics like our critics fail to understand that.

5. Anyway, without our political clout, where would you pro abortionists be? So line up and start attacking. Now!!!!

Planned Parenthood is the mother ship of the entire nihilistic super-culture that has taken over American institutions and thinking. It must be defended at all costs.

It depends somewhat on which personal axe the culture of death apologist in question has to grind whether they emphasize points 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5.

Professional Christian bashers, for instance, can’t write a blog post about how to plant a geranium without attacking Christians. So, you know they’ll lead with the crazy, women-hating Christians trope, with a big layer of it’s complicated and you dimwits don’t understand complication layered on top.

Those who don’t have a stomach for base prejudice, or who, say, make a lot of money from the $$$ of Christians, go for numbers 1 and 2, coupled with a more politely-worded version of the it’s complicated story.

Number 5 doesn’t get talked about in public. But it’s the reason for all the crazy attack-mode carrying-on. Every member of the culture of death inner world knows that this is circle-your-wagons time. In fact, these people pretty much keep their wagons circled, 24/7.

Planned Parenthood is the mother ship. They will defend her with everything they’ve got.

Don’t get upset by this, my friends. It’s expected.

Did you honestly think that Planned Parenthood was going to sit down and say, “You’re absolutely right. We did it?”

If I had asked you three days before this video broke to list who would be most likely to defend Planned Parenthood if another of their embarrassments surfaced, wouldn’t you have already had the names of who has been doing it on your list?

To put it even more directly, if I had asked you what they would say in defense, wouldn’t you have come up with points 1 through 4 without half a thought? These are, after all, their standard boilerplate attack-defend-mode thingies they say.

Don’t get upset when the guns start blasting from the other side. All that means is that they took a hit and they’re replying, as best they can.


For Planned Parenthood’s reply, go here.

For the Center for Medical Progress’ counter reply, go here.

For other reactions to this video, read Simcha FisherKatrina Fernandez, Fr Dwight Longenecker and the Anchoress.


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18 responses to “Abortion Apologists Defend the Mother Ship”

  1. Another slide down a slippery slope. None of the investigations will lead anywhere, it’s all just a good show so that politicians who have zero intention of ending the genocide can claim to be pro-life.

    I sure hope somebody proves me wrong this time, and that Planned Parenthood gets put out of business, but I’m not holding my breath.

  2. The professionals are to be expected, nauseating and horrifying, but completely without any moral foundation.
    What is most distressing to me is to see my cousin and a niece who see nothing wrong with killing these babies and selling their body parts.
    He is a retired engineer, now a patient care technician and she has a masters in biomedical engineering. Logic and moral arguments do not work. I’m convinced it will take a change of heart and conversion as it took me, as you’ve said and, as Pope Benedict said.

  3. Yes, we need to keep up the attack on PP for all their evil doings. The strategy of CFMP releasing videos one by one, not letting the story die is excellent. But underlying all of this latest evil, the massive elephant in the room everyone is ignoring, is the ‘good’ of tissue donation for medical research and treatments. I think it’s time people took another closer look at that. Did we all think that use of aborted babies stopped with the old fetal stem cell ‘ban’? I know I was lulled into complacency.

    It’s not just PP and StemExpress that deserve blame and shame. They
    couldn’t traffic in parts like this if it weren’t for the ‘researchers’
    at Stanford, UCLA, UMass, and Harvard, et. al. that are requesting the
    livers, thymus, skin, blood and brains of aborted babies. These people
    are ghouls in white coats laboring away in their labs, likely made
    possible by big fat grants from the government. Follow the money indeed.

    See the documents showing what and where the body parts are going at the
    Center for Medical Progress website. How many reading my comment are supporting these ‘fine’ institutions?

  4. The other line of defense I’ve heard from the abortion apologists is that the film has been “highly edited.” Well, I never heard what is incorrect or false in the film. There is no distortion. They make excuses but can’t rebutt the horror of what she said.

  5. Yep. And as much as the defenders like to puff out their chests about how Medical Research is Important and Life-Saving (and so they will justify anything in the name of SCIENCE!), to be completely blunt, a lot of it is anything but that. A lot of “research” is essentially academic wheel-spinning. Much of it is non-essential tinkering, at best. Very little of it has to do with creating vaccines or life-saving treatments or any sort.

    I mean yeah, working on an HIV vaccine is medical research. So is doing a study on if fetal liver cells can make lab rats have less saggy butts in old age. Not all “research” is created equal. People need to know that.

  6. From the pro-choice side (if you don’t want to publish this, that’s fine)

    If you want to explain why abortion is immoral, and possibly why it should be illegal, than stick to the reasons why you think so, and be prepared to debate them so as to convince people who don’t share your religious beliefs.

    What not to do:

    — don’t tell us that abortion is horrifying because it’s grisly. Any medical procedure can be made to sound completely repulsive and shocking, no matter what its intended benefits. Corollary: yes, sometimes professionals discuss professional matters over meals. Eating and drinking don’t become “chomping” and “swilling” because you dislike the subject under discussion.

    — don’t tell us that abortion is terrible because abortion providers charge money for it. I don’t know of any medical procedure that’s available free to all comers.

    — don’t exaggerate the extent of government participation. “The United States government funds [Planned Parenthood] like the military” — not even. PP gets about a third of its funding from various government contracts, somewhere around 200 – 500 million dollars depending on the year, and by law that funding can’t be used to provide abortions. By contrast the U. S. military is entirely funded by the government, to the tune of nearly seven hundred billion dollars per year. You don’t like your tax dollars going to fund any kind of reproductive health services? I don’t like my tax dollars going to some of the things the military is tasked with. It’s the price of living in a democracy, isn’t it?

    — don’t tell us that women who have abortions are the poor ignorant deluded dupes of Stan’s avatar on earth. Women aren’t stupid. You may disapprove of their choices; you may even disapprove of their right to make this choice. But don’t imply that they’re not making a choice, and what they think is the best choice available at that particular moment. Corollary: yes, sometimes abortions are coerced; pro-choice people are against that kind of coercion too. You want to stop abortions from happening? Work on improving the circumstances that make some women think they’re necessary (although, the human body being what it is, we’re a long way from being able to completely eliminate the possiblitly of adverse outcomes).

    — relatedly, don’t tell us that women go through four or five months of pregnancy and then decide to terminate on a frivolous whim. Late-term abortions are in almost all cases done because of serious problems with a pregnancy; the stories are heartbreaking. Or, they’re done, possibly, because enough roadblocks were thrown into the woman’s way during the first trimester that an early abortion turned into a late abortion.

    — don’t talk as if feminists think that the point of getting pregnant is to enjoy the pleasure of an abortion, or think that all pregnancies should end in abortion, or that abortion should be some kind of default reaction to a pregnancy. The word we keep stressing is “choice.” Corollary: it’s not that feminists think that abortion rights, or contraception rights for that matter, are the be-all and end-all of women’s issues. But those are the issues that are under public attack. Few people are willing to come out publicly in favor of most kinds of overt discrimination by gender any more, but the right of a woman to control her own body is apparently still up for debate.

  7. I’m going to allow this and see if others can handle the arguments. They’re pretty easy, for the most part.

    The one thing I will chime in on is the numbers for Planned Parenthood, since I have a lot in knowledge about this. Planned Parenthood’s funding is actually a LOT more than you understand. The direct, over the table funding from the feds comes to around 500 mill. The indirect funding through federal grants is even more gi-normous. It comes through Title X monies, and several other titles. Then, there are the block grants for “education” which are built into Obamacare. I believe that this was designed by and for Planned Parenthood from the get-go. Local and state governments get the money that comes under the various titles, then appropriate it as “pass-through” monies. This is why it doesn’t show in PP’s direct appropriations. It can be massive. The various grants, including block grants, are pretty well hidden in that they go out under so many channels that they are hard to trace from the source.

    In short, your figures are wwwaaaaayyyyyyyy off.

    Also, the law that says these monies cannot be used of direct funding for abortions needs some serious looking at. These monies should to go to anyone who performs abortions. Any other wording is a ruse.

    Now, let’s see how Public Catholic readers handle the other points. (BTW, you can’t tell people what they should say. That’s a bizarre contention, right at the get-go.)

  8. Sorry, that was awkwardly phrased. Of course people can say whatever they want.

    It was just meant in response to your “standard attack lines that we don’t take seriously.” These are standard anti-choice attack lines. If abortion is always wrong, it’s not more wrong for being discussed over salad or because it’s unpleasant to discuss at all.

    On my way out, so shall have to pick through the detail of PPs funding structure later.

  9. Embryology tells us that a human person exists from conception.


    To deliberately kill an innocent human person is murder. Civilized people don’t justify that. It’s arguable that civilized people shouldn’t even be discussing it.

    But let’s talk about civilized. Compare America with Sweden. Abortion is freely available up to 12 weeks. After that, a panel of doctors must approve and the procedure must be performed in a hospital. This actually may be France, not sure. At any rate, such an arrangement in the U.S. elicits howls of “theocracy” followed by lawsuits. Texas is embroiled in this right now and we just went for 20 weeks (the German standard, I believe).

    There is something going on deeper than abortion in this country to engender such pro-abortion fanaticism.

  10. As a pro-choicer, don’t you tell us
    It’s not a baby. When did you ever hear a new mother-to-be announce to her husband “Honey, we’re having a fetus”? The baby’s humanity and right to life does not depend on whether it’s mother wants it or not. The evidence of trafficking in identifiable human fetal organs shows clearly that abortionists and mothers are killing human beings, not blobs of tissue.

    That being pro-choice doesn’t mean you have no responsibility for the other choice you made which was to have sex when you weren’t ready to have a baby. The number of abortions performed for reasons of deformity or rape or medical health of the mother are miniscule compared to the number that are done for convenience and back-up birth control. Women are killing their children because the only choice they really want to exercise is the one to abort instead of the one to be responsible about their sexual activity.

  11. I spent a great deal of time refuting/answering your questions/opinions, Amaryllis. Finally, I decided that the only premise that needs to be answered is the first. I think abortion is immoral because it intentionally ends the life of a human creature. I don’t know how that can possibly be moral.

  12. Amaryllis,
    I’ve done total joint replacements, brain tumors, colon rejections, removed lungs, even enucleated a few eyes, as well as abortions. Nothing is as horrific as chopping a human being into pieces and still recognizing little arms and a head
    PP gets $540 million this year. That makes it possible for them to do more abortions. Don’t tell me it’s not. I’m not that dumb.
    Women have abortions because they think they have no choice and PP sells a product. 58% of women regret their abortion.
    Late term abortions are done for social reasons, rarely medical ones. If there was a problem they would not be at PP.
    Many pro-abortion people believe that should be the first choice. They believe children, e real, first purpose of sexual relations, are a nuisance.
    We have a difference of opinion, but your arguments lack substance.

  13. And that’s the core of the argument, isn’t it.

    I could argue that a zygote is not a human being, while a 36-week-old fetus is, and that somewhere in between is where abortion becomes murder. Some would draw that line right at the beginning, at the famous “moment of conception” however that’s defined. Others would say that the rights of a potential human being don’t outweigh the rights of an actual living breathing human being, and leave the line right up to the moment of birth when one body becomes two.

    I don’t know how to reconcile those two viewpoints. But at least neither of them is based on the ick factor or the idea that women are stupid.

  14. Many pro-abortion people believe that should be the first choice.

    I can only say that I’ve never met anyone like that, and I know a lot of pro-choice people. Lots of them have children, even.

    They believe children, the real, first purpose of sexual relations, are a nuisance.

    To acknowledge that there are physical, financial and social costs to bearing and raising a child, is NOT the same thing as saying that children are a nuisance. And maybe if the culture as a whole was more supportive of parents and children, those costs would be lower.

    “the real, first purpose” is not the only purpose, even to the Church.

    Late term abortions are done for social reasons, rarely medical ones. Citation?

    If there was a problem they would not be at PP.
    Not sure what you mean by that. Why wouldn’t they?

  15. Sorry for the double post, but I also meant to say-

    58% of women regret their abortion.

    That’s just a game of battling surveys. A simple google for “what percent of women regret abortion” will give you results about equally split between “80% regret!” and “95% don’t regret!”

    That’s the kind of survey where the results depend on who’s asking, who’s being asked, how the questions are phrased– I take all of them with large helpings of salt.

    It does seem that there’s no definitive evidence that women who’ve had abortions are at higher risk for depression or anxiety or other adverse health consequences– but even that’s a difficult thing to look at in isolation.

  16. No one with a life threatening or serious pregnancy related complication would ever be sent to PP for anything. They go to a hospital, most frequently one with a high risk pregnancy center.

    I know medical people, academics and politicians who advocate abortion as a perpetual option.
    Nancy Pelosi says it should always be an option.

    You do not refute the historic, scientific, sociological basis for marriage, which is children. Other things, even in the ancient world, like dynasty, etc, were secondary.

    My facts are correct. I’m tired of posting citations and you wiggling your fingers to make them go away. I posted a survey and you will just wiggle your fingers if it disagrees with you no matter what it says or how well done the survey.

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