Don’t Go to Battle for Christ Before You Go to Spiritual Boot Camp

Don’t Go to Battle for Christ Before You Go to Spiritual Boot Camp July 24, 2015

Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by Waiting for the Word
Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by Waiting for the Word

Make no mistake about it: The culture wars are going to get hot and hotter.

The recent revelations about Planned Parenthood dialed up the heat. The president’s response (which I’m going to write about next week) tossed dynamite onto the burner. This is going to get ugly.

Another shooting adds a new line to the column of proof that our society is deconstructing. Wishy washy responses about the gay marriage decision from some of our religious leaders leaves those of us in the pews wondering just how authentic they are, and agitation from the atheist-backed satanists lets us know that old scratch is getting less and less afraid of showing his face.

We are the soldiers in a war, my friends. We are the Lord’s army.

How does a Christian get ready for battle?

I took a few moments from my conventioneering this week to write a prescription for would-be pro life warriors for the National Catholic Register.  Here’s a taste of what I said. Go here to read the rest.

May the meditations of my heart
and the words of my mouth
be pleasing in Your sight,
oh Lord, my God and my Redeemer.
—King David 

I was all set to write a post that would get right down to the nitty and the gritty of hardball, pro-life politics. I’m still going to do that. But not today.

I try to pray the prayer above, which is an old, old prayer from the Psalms, before every speech I make, and before I put my fingers on the keyboard to begin writing. Sometimes, I get caught up in the moment and just start writing without praying. Those are the times when I have to go back and say, I’m sorry, I was wrong, I apologize.

Because, you see, without God putting a brake on my inner jerk, I give vent to that inner jerk. Me without the Holy Spirit, is a real mess.

Which leads me to today’s post. I prayed before I sat down to write this, and when I prayed, I was reminded that the real nitty and gritty of pro-life politics begins before the tactics and the ways to fight the fight in a technical sense.

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5 responses to “Don’t Go to Battle for Christ Before You Go to Spiritual Boot Camp”

  1. There were quite a number of people who got hot under the collar over the surreptitious video of Nucatola. Some folks are still steaming. Keeping a level head is important in any debate. Flying off the handle will not lead to winning arguments.

  2. Definitely. And even from some historians’ predictions given past similar cycling or ups and fown’s in society it’s going to teach a boiling point and some harder times may be ahead but afterwards, a new ‘renaissance’, gaining some wisdom, changing past ‘barbaric’ conductors (as they would say thinking of the medieval ancestors THE Renaissance and I have my belief in God’s plan coming together though we are only seeing the bits and they confuse us. (I sound like I’m about to launch some major protest and form my own army….) bah, I just think ir’s all picking up momentum and something WILL have to give and I do not believe our position is the weakest one …

    forgive any incoherence: I’m half asleep almost, keep having microsleeps and then opening eyes, still sitting and 5-10 mins passed.b ad sleep issues? understatement.