So … What Did Cecile Richards’ Statement Do for Planned Parenthood?

So … What Did Cecile Richards’ Statement Do for Planned Parenthood? July 18, 2015
Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by David Shankbone
Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by David Shankbone

So … what did the president of Planned Parenthood accomplish with her statement a few days ago?

It appears that her house is collapsing. But appearances in politics are not only deceiving, they are meant to deceive. In the world of hard ball politics where “bans” on partial birth abortion are nothing of the kind and tax-payer monies vanish underground like a kind of dark matter coinage, big houses like Planned Parenthood very seldom collapse.

They get kicked around and called a lot of names, but their tentacles in government and funding are like a web of roots that spread and intertwine throughout the subsoil. Their alliances and beneficiaries reach out to the most powerful back room lords of political creation, and that’s on both sides of the partisan divide.

So … I ask again, what did the president of Planned Parenthood accomplish with her statement?

I explain a bit of the politics of it in the National Catholic Register.

From the National Catholic Register:

… Cecile Richards most emphatically was not speaking to “our” side of the political divide in her statement yesterday. She was speaking directly to those who regard the nefarious “religious right” and “woman hating anti-abortion zealots” as the devil. This was an easy pitch for her to make. It’s so well established in this war by both sides that the other side is the devil that all she had to do was use certain code phrases to evoke the full freight load of message in her listeners on both sides of the debate.

Her statement was not designed in any way to persuade pro-life people to back down or to get them to support Planned Parenthood. It was not an attempt at conversion.

Her statement was intended to rally and hold her troops on the ground, to soothe Planned Parenthood’s followers out there in the hustings who might be feeling a little shaky because of the sheer grisly disgustingness of the video in question. Her message was designed to bolster courage among her own and keep them from running scared. Planned Parenthood’s operatives in the media and the blogosphere hit the ground running almost as soon as the video surfaced. They had their talking points, and they talked them, loud and clear.

Ms. Richards didn’t need to make a statement  to accomplish that. But she is, in a very real sense, a general in a war of ideas and attitudes. She is a leader, and, I would add a most effective one. Any leader knows that at critical points when their followers are scared and heading toward demoralization, it is incumbent on them to stand before their followers and give them a shot of courage.

Ms. Richards’ statement was a spine injection into her followers,

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For a dose of pro life outrage, check out the Catholic Patheosi mama bear, aka, The Anchoress. 

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14 responses to “So … What Did Cecile Richards’ Statement Do for Planned Parenthood?”

  1. Planned Parenthood presented a pamphlet called “Exclaim” to the United Nations in 2011 for the year of “Rights of Children”. Thank goodness the UN rejected it.
    Please check it out: Google exclaim and planned parenthood. I believe if this became public, it just might turn the tide against Planned Parenthood.

  2. I greatly admire Cecile, as I did her mother, Ann. She could have a big future as Texas turns blue in the next decade. It would be a mistake to think that PP staff are wavering. Most community outreach clinics that make PP abortion referrals are local, charitable based and most staff volunteer or receive token pay and no benefits. The main work is contraception and STD testing and treatment. Those served are young, indigent, sex workers, immigrants, addicts. Often these facilities are the only place they can go for the help they need. The people that work for PP get constant positive, on the job, feedback, from a population in need that returns again and again.

  3. I positively revel in the idea that PP execs are panicking behind the scenes wondering what the additional videos from CMP and perhaps documents as well are going to reveal. Hopefully CMP have planned their releases strategically to get PP to go on record denying something that the next video will expose as a lie.

    You’re right that the PP tentacles go very deep throughout the political world. I don’t know what can be done when there are no viable candidates to vote for. Civil disobedience I guess. And never letting up on the public naming and shaming, including the ivory towers of so-called legitimate medical research that create and sustain the demand for aborted babies to use as their raw materials.

  4. I am not surprised they engage in this abomination. They will reap what they sow all in good time. Difficult to pray for these people but I will do my best to ask the Lord to let his mercy open their minds and hearts to the ugly reality of what they are doing.

    I remember crying when I read something that was written long ago.

    “Why is it not called murder to abort a baby one day before it is born yet called murder one day after it is born?” I have shared this quote with friends and family who were unaware that the “law of the land” allows abortion up until one day before the baby is to be born. They were shocked as was I when I first learned of this.

    I still think of those little ones who were aborted and then tossed into a bucket as if they were trash. That picture spoke volumes about the throw away culture in which we now live.

  5. It’s remarkable how changing a few words could turn that piece on abortion into a piece on same-sex ‘marriage’. The explanation of psychological marketing and statistical manipulation is all the same. When voters were allowed to decide these things, the voters were clearly at odds with what the media and special interest groups were saying.

  6. Richards did a good job of pointing out the deceptive nature of the attack on her organization and the positive aspects of the basic services that Planned Parenthood provides. I doubt that her “house” will collapse.

  7. Abortion tortures, kills and often dismembers a living, unborn human being. People actually volunteer to help facilitate that evil, even indirectly? Then call it “charity” to kill another living person?

  8. I feel so grossed out and compromised right now. I have high risk pregnancies and the only doctors qualified to provide care that will save my babies’ lives (high risk OBs attached to high volume and academic hospitals) are the same ones mixed up in nefarious PP-related “research.” I literally do not understand how these people–who mostly come across as kind, caring, concerned, and serious about their mission when it comes to achieving good outcomes in my complicated pregnancies–can also be tied up in something so wicked. It hurts my heart and confuses me.

  9. Wally, those are the same old, tired talking points PP has been spreading for years. We know they are untrue. PP is losing business because of education and very bad publicity due to bad practice.
    Did you know that 58% of people are against abortion according to a CNN poll?

  10. An undercover cop who discovers a drug dealer or a pimp is “deceptive” too, but that doesn’t make what they discover any less true.

  11. Pope Francis engaged in deception to get two Jesuits out of Argentina to safety. St. John XXIII falsified paperwork to get Jews out of eastern Euorope.

    There’s a Catholic blogger with his nose in the air about these deceptive videos, but that’s just a classic case if being more Catholic than the pope. 2 popes in this case

  12. This is no use trying to defend the killing of the unborn, in the end all the supporters of killing the unborn will march into hell led by Richards