We Can Defund Planned Parenthood if We Want To. Here’s How.

We Can Defund Planned Parenthood if We Want To. Here’s How. July 31, 2015
Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by Ron Cogswell Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by
Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by Ron Cogswell Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by

If our elected officials truly want to defund Planned Parenthood — as opposed to using it for a campaign issue — they can.

First we have to defund the half billion or so of over the counter money that goes to PP. Part of this involves transferring these monies to other entities. I am totally opposed to creating another form of “privatized” health care funding, which is what PP is. All we need to do is transfer the monies to the various city, county and state health departments with strong language about how it must be used and penalties for mis-use.

These are already existing facilities who do a lot of this same kind of work now.

The real trick is to pry the $$ loose from PP in the first place. I offer a plan for doing this, as well as an explanation for why the move the United States Senate is making now is a no-go, in a post I wrote for the National Catholic Register.

I want to emphasize that I am not saying that we can’t get this done. I am saying that we can’t get it done by the methods that the Senate is currently using.

Too many so-called pro-life Senators say things like “I’d like to defund Planned Parenthood, but, we need to do this or that corporatist thing first because pro life is really, you know, a distraction from the serious business of government.” You can take it to the bank that this guy or gal ain’t never gonna do anything but vote pro life out in public when they are forced to and that they will cut pro life concerns off at the knees in the back rooms where none of us can see.

It’s up to us, the pro life people of America, to pressure them to stop playing politics with this, and get serious about making it happen. We are the babies’ only voice.

From the National Catholic Register:

Without this bill, we face a long slog through other amendments on less important bills or a standalone bill, all of which are unlikely to make it to law. It appears that what Majority Leader McConnell has set up is a vote or votes that are doomed to fail so far as lawmaking goes, but that will make nice fodder for the upcoming campaign. —Rebecca Hamilton

I quoted myself at the top of this post. It’s not often that I get to be a prophet … and in a 24-hour turnaround, no less.

Senator Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) announced Wednesday that she had filed a bill that would (drum roll) “defund Planned Parenthood!!!!” Her first co-author is none less than (trumpet fanfare) Majority Leader Mitch McConnell!!!!

Then, Majority Leader McConnell (bring out the sparklers) said that the Senate will “vote” on the bill as early as next week!!!!



We got ‘em! Planned Parenthood is doomed, I say — dooooomed.

Just out of curiosity: Is anybody out there actually believing this? Because if you are, I’ve got some land in Florida and a bridge in Brooklyn that we need to talk about.

Remember when I wrote about tactics, strategy and all that stuff? Well, what we are seeing here is a short course in Political Tactics 101. The trouble is, these tactics are being used against us, not for us.

There isn’t going to be a straight-up, standalone statute go into law defunding Planned Parenthood. Will. Not. Happen.


Let me count the ways.


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13 responses to “We Can Defund Planned Parenthood if We Want To. Here’s How.”

  1. Planned Parenthood is a hostage in an ideological culture war, pure and simple. An icon to the left. A hated perpetrator of atrocity to the right. In reality, it is an empty shell. It has no assets, produces no profits and has no real strategic or tactical value, in and of itself. Get rid of PP and another agency would be in its place in days, someone very like Cecile Richards at it’s helm, with very little disruption to the actual process. The reason PP is still here is that nobody but the suicide bombers on both sides really want it gone. It is the right that loses the most if it goes. A martyr will have been created. A martyr only dies once but remains to die anew every day in the minds and hearts of the outraged combatants left behind.

    • I disagree completely. If the funds Planned Parenthood have are given to community health centers which already exist, there won’t be any need for a new organization to come along. And if Deleiden is right and people from Stem Express acknowledge getting bodies of what would appear to have been born alive babies on the film they don’t want anyone to see, I suspect they won’t go out as martyrs, either.

      • I agree and sure hope you are right. The money could easily go to actual health care which PP does not do.
        The PP propaganda machine is working but I think they are losing ground.
        There will be some abortion providers who do not have as easy a time financing and profiting from their vile business.

  2. You people are nuts is you really think that PP does not give REAL healthcare to millions of poor and undeserved women. And when all you folks start supporting REAL contraceptive care, I will vote on your side, BUT not until then.

    • These are all opinions. Treat them as such when you discuss things here. You’ll find that it’s possible to convince people if you deal with them with respect.

    • What services do they provide that aren’t covered under Obamacare, at other community clinics, or through the local public health service. My public health care system has a free-standing women’s health center, plus services at the various area clinics. These facilities provide services to which PP only refers.

      What support would you like for contraceptives? The pill is $9 to $15, Plan B is otc, and condoms are cheap at Walgreens. I’m not sure what you want.

      • Well, the church has been fighting to prevent access to the Affordable Health Care Act and contraceptives. And that defeats the purpose of reducing abortions, doesn’t it? Besides, the birth control pill requires a doctor’s prescription. Condoms have a higher failure rate than hormonal contraceptives as well. Every woman’s body is different.

        • You didn’t respond to my points.

          The Church is not trying to ban contraceptives. In fact, bishops support the AHA apart from the HHS mandates. The question is forcing people who object to contraceptives to pay for them. And, of course, 4 of the 20 contraceptives induce an abortion.

    • Anne, to what “real contraceptive care” are you referring? What is available from PP that is not available, in a more comprehensive way elsewhere?
      For example, they refer anybody who has a real health problem, say high blood pressure or high blood sugar to a clinic or private care because they only deal with contraceptives and abortion. Btw, they do not provide any services for free.

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