Senate Vote to Defund Planned Parenthood Falls 7 Votes Short

Senate Vote to Defund Planned Parenthood Falls 7 Votes Short August 3, 2015
Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by kambodza
Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by kambodza

Today’s United States Senate vote on defunding Planned Parenthood fell 7 votes short.

Sixty votes were needed to pass cloture, which would have cut off a filibuster. The final vote on cloture was 53-46. Congressional Republicans vow to fight on throughout the rest of the session. One idea that is being floated is to attach an amendment to the budget bill. This action would most likely result in a shut-down of government.

The Senate has not posted the roll call on this vote yet. When they do, I’ll post it for you.

From The Washington Post:

Senate Democrats on Monday blocked a Republican-backed effort to strip federal funding from Planned Parenthood following the release of undercover videos raising questions about its practice of harvesting tissue for research from aborted fetuses.

The procedural vote on a bill that would immediately halt funding to the group fell short of the 60 needed to proceed. Democrats vowed to filibuster the bill, and Republicans were unable to peel off enough support to counter it. The final tally was 53-46.

But GOP leaders have made defunding Planned Parenthood a centerpiece of their agenda going into the summer congressional recess, and some Republicans have said they are willing to force a government shutdown in October if federal support to the group is not severed.

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17 responses to “Senate Vote to Defund Planned Parenthood Falls 7 Votes Short”

  1. I don’t think the GOP Senate can rally for a federal shutdown over Planned Parenthood funding nor do I think they really want one. I hope they manage it. It would be a disaster for them, politically. Blinders keep you on track but they are dangerous. Look around. Among Democrats and Independants PP, even still, enjoys a pretty good reputation as a humanitarian, non profit organization, even in states where they have been essentially shut down, like your’s.

    Illinois, Ohio, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Florida, Colorado, North Carolina, are all swing states, each is needed for the electoral college to swing a Republican President next year. They could get North Carolina on a good day. Florida is less likely, much more important but still possible, given their history of Republican voter suppression and fraud.

    Over the last 20 years. the GOP evangelical Christian political base, while becoming more polarized, determined and well funded, have been losing steam in actual popular support. Demographically they skew older, whiter and more male, with each election cycle. Even though they are as strong as ever in the Republican primary process, this is a function of smaller turnout as a whole and increasing turnout among themselves. It is not a recipe for success in November Presidential elections.

    I’m not saying the game is over for Republicans or that Evangelical voters within that party are not and will not continue to be a force to be reckoned with. I think it is not likely that the Republicans will lose control of either the House or the Senate. Whether they can maintain the same party cohesion that they have under the Obama administration is the question.

    • I think it’s too far out to forecast. We don’t even know who the nominees will be, or what will happen between now and then. One thing I’m sure of: Cecil the lion will be long forgotten by then an we’ll be on to some other sensation, which may or may not be a last-minute issue. 🙂

    • The problem is, they aren’t. PP does not deserve that reputation at all. For that matter, neither do liberals. Their support of contraception and abortion is significantly anti-human and eugenic.

  2. If a crime was committed then there should be a criminal investigation into PP. If their activities are legal but objectionable within their context, then the rules and regulations regarding fetal tissue donation should be revised, changed and implemented accordingly.

    But why let pesky things like truth and facts get in the way of riding the wave of manufactured public outrage as long and as far as possible?

    “We don’t like some activity related to abortion so lets defund Planned Parenthood, even though the money they receive from the government is neither for, nor can be used for providing abortion services”.

    That’s not a justification; that’s an excuse.

    But hey, we’re talking about abortion providers; they’re evil, so the end justifies the means, amirite?


    • Planned Parenthood received over $500 million taxpayer dollars last year.
      This isn’t a binary choice between charging criminal conduct or handing over $500 mm per year of taxpayer dollars to them. Its is perfectly reasonable to not fund organizations engaging in “objectionable in context” behavior.

      It is quite interesting how no democrats (who changed the filibuster rules when they had the majority of the senate) are criticizing the use of cloture now to prevent a bill with majority senate support from moving forward.

      • What I mean by “objectionable in context” is someone engaging in activities that might be deemed immoral by some, but are otherwise within the boundaries of the legal system.

        You can’t just say “here are the rules under which you must operate”, then turn around and attempt to punish them for abiding by those rules you set up.

        Many people would object to the existence of liquor stores, but you need a better justification than “they are selling alcohol”, to shut them down.

    • Are people still using that stupidity about “the money they receive can’t be used for abortion services.”? OK, let’s say a guy has $100 in your pocket and he’d really like to use it to buy beer because he’s an alcoholic. However, the trouble is, he also needs to buy food. Now his mom comes around and says, here, I’ll give you $100 as long as you don’t use it on alcohol. The guy is elated! He can use THAT $100 on food and now he is free to use the original $100 on alcohol.

      The point is….money is money. It doesn’t really matter if a certain $100 is for alcohol and another certain $100 is for food. What matters is the total budget, and any extra money received allows “other” money to be diverted to more nefarious purposes. If Planned Parenthood does abortions, they should not receive public funding, period.

    • Money is fungible. Besides which, PP provides no services not available under Obamacare, regular insurance, or public health services. Half a billion dollars can be better spent on them.

      As to “manufactured outrage”, what is there to say? The facts are what they are, and well-documented at this point. The barbaric commodification of humanity rightfully elicits outrage.

  3. Just sad. Think of all the babies that could have been saved if it had gone the other way. Western civilization died with the sexual revolution of the 1960s.

  4. Many states have started investigations of Planned Parenthood, so that’s happening. In the meantime I think we should pick 5 Senators who voted wrong, since McConnell only voted wrong because if you say you want to bring the issue up again because you want to change your vote, you can. Otherwise, it’s over. And Graham was on the campaign trail and didn’t return for the vote, which tells you where his priorities lie.

    So, Rebecca, if you could choose 5 Senators for us to pray and fast for, I would certainly apply myself in their direction. Must say I did that for Donnelly and Manchin yesterday. God bless.

  5. I’m a portrait artist. When I’m commissioned to portray a subject, the process I usually follow is to set up a meeting with the client. Often the client wants a portrait of a loved one who has passed from this phase of life to the next.
    This presents some problems. I often have to work from photographs of the subject that I didn’t take.
    I’ve rendered portraits of deceased parents, spouses and children. One of them was of a stillborn child.
    The parents wanted a picture of the girl who was a member of their family for only a few months. The photograph I had to work from looked like a newborn sound asleep.
    When I presented the finished painting to the parents they cried. This isn’t always a good sign. 🙂
    They wanted their living children to remember the little sister who died.

    Humanizing the pre-born is the best way to stop their slaughter.

    Keep in mind that every human person is created in the image of God. Even those with whom we disagree. Thank you.

  6. I want to ask your “professional opinion” on the specific tactics to use in this case to do the most actual good (not just empty gestures like this). I take if for granted that we need to make it harder and harder for PP to present itself as a societal good, and to make more and better alternatives actually available to poor women. So, what is your opinion about these ideas:

    1) Draft a law saying that clinics which receive federal funding for family planning/contraception must also offer prenatal, obstetric, and neonatal care as well. (You know, give medical services to women who, um, planned parenthood?)

    2) Tighten the requirements for “tissue donation” to close these obvious loopholes, and require publically-funded research on human fetal tissue to publically disclose the source of the tissue and the amount paid. Make violations of the guidelines punishable by stonking huge fines, if not actually criminal penalties. (I don’t think banning it by law will actually pass Congress; but shining some sunlight on the practice will cause at least some researchers to think twice.)

    These look like something which would be VERY hard for politicians to vote against to me… but you’re the expert. Do you think these would a) be “passable” with the current crowd in office, and b) actually work to at least minimize the number of kids killed and start the work of untangling PP from the public funds? Is there any other approach to take?

    • Those are interesting ways to approach it. The first law would basically shunt this funding to hospitals. The second would get into egg harvesting and designer babies.

      I think the best way to attack the major Planned Parenthood funding is to ban all federal funds, including pass through monies to any entity that either refers for or does abortions. Then, add codicils to take care of interlocking boards and commingled monies, etc. The easy thing to do with the monies that go to services PP provides that we want to keep is to move them to the current health departments. Again, this would have to contain some strong language about commingling funds to keep them from using it for other purposes.

      The bill the Senate voted on Monday was an inadequate piece of legislation. Kind of like the so-called “ban” on partial birth abortion. That bill was never a “ban” and the politicians knew it.

      After dealing with this, we still need to get into the block grants in Obamacare, the Title X monies and the Title IX (yes, I said Title IX ) monies. Also medicaid monies. Much of this is outside the $500 mil most people talk about.

      There are other funds, but that’s a start.

      • It would also help of all funds taken from PP were doubled as they were re-directed. Take half a billion from PP, send a billion out to organizations that actually help women.

        Then we would see who cares about women’s health, and who is just pro-abortion .

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