Small Groups Release Concluding Reports on Instrumentum Laboris

Small Groups Release Concluding Reports on Instrumentum Laboris October 22, 2015

Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by Aft4TheGlryOfGod
Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by Aft4TheGlryOfGod

The Synod on the Family moved closer to a conclusion with the release of small group reports. It appears that the English-speaking reports call for no change so far as the issue of communion for divorced and remarried couples is concerned.

Rather than try to summarize these reports, I’m going to link to them at the National Catholic Register, so you can read them yourselves. Remember, this link is only for the English-speaking reports. I’ve read the some of the reports that are written in other languages differ from them.

To read the reports, go here.


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12 responses to “Small Groups Release Concluding Reports on Instrumentum Laboris”

  1. This helps me, thanks. I don’t agree this is no change- I hear the Holy Spirit speaking in these documents. Additional formation to avoid divorce is a good thing

  2. more intense and serious marriage prep would help alot but the haters in the secular media will hate it but they don’t really see divorce as a serious problem anyway.

  3. Well, none of the English groups, who would be the usual suspects, went over the cliff. One group went to the edge and looked over, but thankfully went no further. I look forward to translations of the Germans.

  4. I am fascinated by the concern with chastity formation. It seems horribly out of touch with reality.

  5. Glad you’re fascinated. Maybe some of the teaching will make an impression. After all, human beings don’t act out of instinct like other, lower animals. That’s why proper formation is important.

  6. isn’t that sad. so many girls at even 8,9 years old think the most important thing in life is being attractive to boys! sad.

  7. Sex is not as sinful as some monks make it out to be. Chastity is contrary to human nature. One could say it is subnatural.

  8. Not really. Kids go through periods of adjustment. The sad part is when they go so boy crazy that their academics begin to suffer.

  9. it’s coming and they’ll reassure us that it’s only to “protect” kids so that at least we can monitor the situations whereas if it remains criminal victims will only go underground and be further exploited. in the name of “safety” everything will be permitted.

  10. Sexual relations outside of matrimony are sinful and damaging to the man, the woman, the family and society. Sex is not a recreational sport.
    I might buy your statement if human beings ran after cars, drank from puddles and ate each other’s and other animals’ scat. We do not do that, so, no.

  11. You don’t know what chastity means, do you.

    And I’ve known a few monks, none of whom thought sex was sinful.