Misogyny 1, Girl Athletes 0. Where are the Feminists?

Misogyny 1, Girl Athletes 0. Where are the Feminists? November 4, 2015
Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons, Public Domain by Rob Royce https://www.flickr.com/photos/coopersvillebroncos/
Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons, Public Domain by Rob Royce https://www.flickr.com/photos/coopersvillebroncos/

Where have all the feminists gone?

It appears they’ve gone to political correctness, save for one.

I wrote a post for CatholicVote discussing the recent ruling by the Department of Education that girls who participate in sports in the Palatine, Il school district must pay for this privilege by showering with boys.

That’s a small simplification, but only a small one. The boys in question are young men who claim that they think they are women. These young men then demand that they be allowed to play on all-girl sports teams, and — get this — shower and change with the girls.

This is an abuse of the young women involved. It trashes the hard-fought gains that women’s sports have made. It subjects the girls to a forced sexual violation by requiring them to undress and shower in front of a male student.

Almost all “feminists” are either silent about this, or they are taking the side of the violators and abusers of these girls. There are exceptions, and I discuss this a bit in the post.

Here is an excerpt of what I wrote:

The United States Department of Education has given Palatine, Illinois School District 30 days to reach a “solution” that allows a “transgendered” boy who says he is a girl to shower with the girls. Failure to comply could result in the loss of federal Title IX funds.

The young man in question “identifies” as a girl. The school district has allowed him to play on the girls’ sports team. He is called “she” by school staff who refer to him by a female name. He says his “rights” are being violated because the school district asks him to change clothes behind a curtain rather than in front of the girls on the team, and to shower separately from them.

So. We have a teen-aged boy who says that he is a girl. He wants to play sports on a girl’s team and shower and change with the girls. If he is sincere, he’s mentally ill. If he’s not sincere, it’s possible that he’s found a trendy way to gain access to the girl’s locker room for the ultimate peep show.

I know this question is not politically correct, but do the actual girls have any rights in this?

– See more at: http://www.catholicvote.org/teen-girls-dont-need-this-new-form-of-mysogyny/#sthash.qk0o9XH4.dpuf


For more on this topic, check out my colleague Jennifer Fitz. 

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25 responses to “Misogyny 1, Girl Athletes 0. Where are the Feminists?”

  1. I would think that all involved, the transgender male, identifying as a girl, and the girls involved would be uncomfortable with this. Yes, the transgender person is in her mind, a girl, but right now she still has the body of a male. I have no reason right now to question the feelings, but her body, again right now, is still male. If in the future surgery etc. changes that, then she will be outwardly as well as mentally, female.

  2. I’m also wondering how this will impact the physicality of sports. If you think that there aren’t schools out there who will take advantage of this to fill their girls teams with larger, stronger male players I have a bridge to sell you.

  3. This is just absurd. Just when you think things can’t get more absurd, they do. I no longer know what to say. Where can I go to tune this absurdity out? Maybe the Benedict option is the only practical solution.

  4. Why is anyone encouraging this “transgender” personality disorder? You may not like or even feel like being what your DNA and genitalia are but what you are is already predetermined. I feel compassion for those in this position, but it is mental illness.
    This article is by one of the psychiatrists From Johns Hopkins, a pioneer in the whole reassignment stuff.
    Hopkins no longer does this surgical mutilation because they did studies that proved it was a disaster.
    Allowing this boy to use any of the girls’ facilities and play on girls’ teams is insane. Forcing these girls into that situation is putting sane people in an asylum.
    The whole idea that all people are homosexual/transgendered is delusional, but very common in certain radical circles. I am against any accommodation at all. It
    Is deeply disordered and destructive.
    Btw, that young guy looks like a guy with a wig, not like a high school girl.

  5. I’ve been thinking about this restroom/changing room issue for a while. Perhaps changing restroom signs to say something like, “Birth-assigned gender FEMALE or post operative transition to FEMALE” for the ones that formerly would say “Female” and “Birth-Assigned gender MALE or post-operative transitioned to MALE.” I’d be OK with that.

  6. Melinda Selmys, who blogs here at Patheos Catholic, is a fully orthodox writer who has some very interesting perspectives on transgender issue from her own experience and theological reflection. Her blog is Catholic Authenticity and well worth reading on that and other key issues. One of her major points is that intersex people exist–which challenges an absolute male-female distinction (I think they are about one percent of people) and that even when genitals are conventional brain chemistry and hormones may be responsible for trans feelings which could make them more acceptable by the church as part of creation/natural law. She is uniquely qualified to comment as a woman who apparently feels rather masculine much of the time but not when her hormones are flowing from pregnancy.

  7. I agree that allowing simple declaration of female identity as a qualification for women’s sports would be absurd, with the pre-transition Caitlyn Jenner as the most obvious example. However, this athlete is recognized as eligible for the girls’ team only because she dresses in a culturally feminine way, uses a legally changed name, and above all receives hormone therapy adding female hormones and blocking the testosterone which causes the greater muscle mass and strength normally associated with a Y chromosome. That makes it a more fair scenario–and I don’t think too many cisgender boys would agree to “take it for the team” to that extent!

  8. The original article says that the athlete has entered the locker room a few times and that a few teammates and one parent objected–which sounds like the other ones were fine with it. In my own blogpost open letter to the athlete trying to balance respect for her and the others I suggested that a better solution would be privacy in both locker rooms via stalls, curtains, etc. My own teen daughter, like me, is trans-friendly but also very private (she changes in a bathroom stall if we go the pool) so said that would be her personal preference as well as a solution to allow the athlete in the girls’ locker room with respect and safety for all. I also suggest in my post that this could be a common ground solution for progressives wanting more acceptance of trans people and conservatives wanting to guard modesty for everyone. The Thomas More Society is also quoted as differentiating between restrooms with stalls and an open locker are so that implies they would support the compromise as well–as the best to be hoped for with current policy, perhaps, if not their ideal.

  9. I saw several interviews saying the girls do not want a boy sharing their locker room. Btw, these are Minors. Their parents have legal and moral authority to have a say.

  10. How does anyone think it is ok to encourage this kind of mental illness?
    It looks like a case of Shared Psychotic Disorder among a whole societal group.

  11. The athlete is only recognized as eligible because she dresses as a girl, has legally changed her name, and takes female hormones as well as androgen blockers which prevent the muscle mass and strength that normally go with a Y chromosome. So it seems fair to me and I doubt many boys would “take that for the team” insincerely.

  12. Laura, I don’t agree at all. The issue of what this is going to do to women’s sports, and girls’ athletics is a matter of equal rights for women. Athletics fought a similar fight a few decades ago when Soviet bloc countries used faux women to win unwarranted Olympic medals.

    I am sympathetic with people who suffer the delusion that they are the opposite sex of what they are, just as I have sympathy for those who suffer other delusions. This is a serious mental illness that is being used for political purposes.

    But that does not extend to the destruction of the little bit of hard-fought legitimacy women athletes have managed to gain. To put a male in to compete on women’s teams is a gross violation of the human and civil rights of the women. It does not matter if certain women agree to have their rights violated.

    The government has no business attacking the rights of half the citizens in this manner. This is a violation of my rights and yours and that of every other woman, including little girls who are too young for athletics and baby girls who aren’t born yet.

    Frankly, when this pseudo science of genderism begins to destroy women’s rights, I become out of patience with it in an absolute fashion.

  13. See my other reply Laura. This is a question of women’s civil and human rights. The government is violating those rights in an egregious fashion with this behavior. I didn’t say a moment ago, but I am not only out of patience with the genderism crowd for pushing this piece of the war on girls, I am absolutely irate with so-called feminists for standing around and letting it happen.

  14. Laura, there probably is a continuum and some crossover, but you are born either male or female. Many, many less than 1% of people are confused. Can you not see how encouraging people with confusion increases confusion?
    This behavior seems to be Shared Psychotic Disorder.
    There is a certain progressive school that says all humans are naturally homosexual. That viewpoint also encourages indiscriminate sexual behavior with anyone for any reason, including incest, pedophilia, group sex, whatever.
    What is the urgency to give one disturbed, young man rights over every other person in a class or on a team?
    Those girls have rights that should be protected as well.

  15. That’s what I was going to say! You show me the teenage boy who’s willing to live as a girl for eight or more hours of the school day, or an athlete who’ll take hormones which will decrease his muscle mass and strength, merely for a few minutes of access to the girls’ locker room, and I’ll… I’ll show you a boy who’s both very unusual and has a rather warped view of costs and benefits.

    The situation in high-level professional sports may be a bit different, and the rewards greater, but even there, most cases involved people with some degree of biological intersexuality.

  16. You are both missing the point. Or rather, the points. I don’t doubt that this is a mental illness and a severe one. That it point one. This will be the destruction of women’s sports, and is a civil and human rights violation of women’s rights as human beings. Women have fought long and hard for what recognition and respect that female athletes now have. This will destroy that. The government’s action in is misogyny, masquerading as whatever the heck this business of making it a legal requirement that the entire educational system play into the delusions of the mentally ill could be called.

  17. Why not reality? We are dealing with a mental illness by creating a legal requirement that the educational system treat the delusions of this mental illness as if they were reality, rather than symptoms.

  18. Laura’s and my comments were in response to Eugene Edward Yeo:

    If you think that there aren’t schools out there who will take advantage of this to fill their girls teams with larger, stronger male players I have a bridge to sell you.

    We find that scenario implausible. Extremely implausible if he means cisgender boys masquerading as girls, either for the sake of the team or for the sake of the view.

    It’s still implausible if he means that transgender girls are going to be lining up in droves at the door of every athletic department, begging to be allowed to take over the girls’ teams. For one think, the numbers just aren’t high enough. There are no really trustworthy estimates for the size of the trans population, but the figures one usually sees thrown around are all under 1%. Of that less-than-one-percent of the school population, not all of them will be interested in sports, and some of them will be transgender boys. (And no one seems to be having heartburn about the possibility of “girls in the boys’ bathroom,” for some reason.)

    There just aren’t enough trans girls to cause “the destruction of women’s sports.” (Even if we allow that trans women aren’t women.)

  19. Yes, intersex people exist, at the rate you indicated, but they are and developmental oddity. It’s unusual and the vast majority of humans physically fall into either male or female. That combined with neuro plasticity and the epi-genome lead me to believe that all of it can still be considered a disorder in normal development. Errors in the epi-genome and the environment of a person affecting their view of themselves. It’s still surely an illness and there is no shame in that.

  20. I think part of the psychological problem involved in transgenderism is that society often tries to tell people that only boys or only girls do certain things, and if you like to do things normally done by members of the opposite sex you must be in the wrong kind of body. Instead, we need to accept that both boys and girls often like to do things not normally associated with their gender, and that’s okay. It doesn’t mean the person is in the wrong kind of body; it means he or she is a unique person of the sex he or she was born with and needs to learn to live with that fact.