It’s President Trump. What Does That Mean?

It’s President Trump. What Does That Mean? November 9, 2016

Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons, commercial use attribution license, by Gage Skidmore
Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons, commercial use attribution license, by Gage Skidmore

What a night. I sat up late, watching the election returns, along with a lot of other people all around the globe. At the end of the evening, it was clear that America’s president elect is Donald J Trump.

Mr Trump was the clear winner in the electoral college, but if this morning’s vote trend continues, Secretary Clinton may end up winning the popular vote. The margin is razor thin, signifying a sharply divided electorate.

Mr Trump signaled a hard turn in his behavior with his acceptance speech. He thanked his opponent in the general election, Secretary Hillary Clinton, for “her service” to our nation. That was a big change in tone compared to what I saw him do in a speech just the night before in which he ranted and raved about how Secretary Clinton belonged in jail. I assume that it’s part of his new “presidential” public personality.

Be that as it may, I am hopeful that he turns out to be a good president for this country. The future of everyone I love is riding on it.

As for me, if he just keeps his campaign promise and actually nominates justices to the Supreme Court who are pro life and who favor religious liberty, it will be enough. We have one vacancy on the court right now. At least one of the sitting justices is elderly and in frail health. What that means is that President Trump may have the opportunity to nominate the justices who will give us a pro life majority on the court. It is possible that Roe might be overturned.

If I could see that happen before I die, it would be a gift.

However, we’ve seen decades of failures of various “pro life” presidents to nominate candidates who actually made pro life rulings once they got on the court. Pro life presidents just can’t seem to do the job of nominating pro life justices whose pro life beliefs will stick. On the other hand, pro choice presidents have a 100% record of nominating people who ultimately support Roe from the court. I don’t know if President Elect Trump will do a better job of nominating than his predecessors, but I hope and pray that he does.

One of the best things about his election is the hope it brings that we may see an end to the legal attacks on Christian business owners and Christian health care workers who do not want to participate in activities such as abortion or same-sex weddings. It would also be a vast relief to see the repeal of the invidious HHS Mandate. Again, I have hope that these are promises that he will keep.

Will President Trump follow through on his promise to build a wall along the border between Mexico and the United States and to deport millions of illegal immigrants? Will he stop immigration into this country from the Middle East? Those promises were two of the reasons why he won this election. However, the first one is highly impracticable and both of them fly in the face of what the big corporations want.

The reason why the illegal immigration problem never changes, even after repeated political campaigns hyping it, is that corporate interests like things the way they are. They want cheap labor in this country and they want cheap labor in Mexico, both.

Congress is pretty much a corporate puppet organization. They seldom bestir themselves to do much of anything except grandstand, pass tax breaks for special interests and the wealthy, create more corporate welfare and enact “reforms” that are laws for and by the corporations and which were often written by corporate entities.

Will a corporate Congress lock up in defense of corporate interests concerning immigration? On the other hand, will President Trump pursue his campaign promises in these matters with the same enthusiasm that he promoted them on the campaign trail? We’ll have to watch and see how this all plays out.

A corporate Congress should make smooth sailing for the massive tax cut to the wealthiest interests which President Elect Trump has promised. I think that is one thing we can count on happening. I say that unhappily. I’ve witnessed here in Oklahoma what bleeding the middle class and working people to give tax cuts to the rich does to an economy.

I think such tax cuts will harm the economy, not help it, for the simple reason that we’ve already transferred an unfair share of paying the costs of our government onto working people. I don’t think they can carry a heavier load. This is ironic, since those are the very people who put President Trump in office, and one of the reasons they voted for him is because they are overburdened economically. Transferring even more of the national wealth to those who are already wealthy will only make things harder on them.

The repeal of Obamacare will probably happen, although I’m not going to hold my breath about seeing President Trump follow through on his promise to replace it with a better plan. I imagine that even the parts of Obamacare that most people agree were good such as making sure that people can get health insurance even if they have health problems will be deep-sixed in service to the insurance companies.

President Trump will be able to follow through on defunding Planned Parenthood, if he wants. But I don’t expect to see him fulfill his promise of paid maternity leave. A plethora of much-needed reforms such as student loan relief and lower higher education costs are now off the table.

I am worried about programs like funding for domestic violence shelters and rape crisis centers, and I imagine equal pay for equal work will never happen. I am honestly quite concerned about having a man who assaults, abuses, degrades and insults women for president. Congress is pretty much a boys’ club, so I don’t expect them to buttress women’s human rights in the face of an abusive president. I also don’t expect protests on behalf of women from our religious leaders.

I look at my granddaughter and I wonder what living in a country governed by a frank and open misogynist will mean to her as a person as she grows up. I also wonder how women who are victims of violence and rape will fare in this new world.

As for international interests, I pray that President Elect Trump revises what he says he is going to do there. I do not want a world dominated by Russia and China. I do not want this country to be dominated by them, either.

I hope with all my heart that President Trump is able to control his behavior and be a good president for us. I pray that I will see an end to abortion before I die. I also hope that he will not create a climate where the degradation of women is even more the cultural norm than it is already.

But whatever he does, he is the President Elect. I wish him and all of us the very best.

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  1. America has survived bad presidents before and probably will again. The Church has survived bad politicians since long before there was a United States of America, and definitely will again. If our hope is in Christ then we’ll come out the end of whatever the next four years have in store for us.

    May Christ our King, whose kingdom is not of this world, have mercy on us.

  2. This faulty perception of Obamacare has got to change. I am a 60 yr old MD. I live on an island in the SF Bay which has a population of about 75,000. We have a single hospital, which has been propped up with a parcel tax since 2002. It used to take all insurances, but this year, since the ACA, it decided it wasn’t getting paid enough by the private insurance companies, so it stopped accepting them. Now it only accepts Medicare & MediCal. All others must pay cash, or leave the island to use even their mandatory Obamacare insurance policy. So long as parcel taxes keep it open, the hospital has no incentive to change the way it manages its finances so it can serve our island community as it did before ACA. Tax cuts or ending Obamacare are the only ways I see to force this hospital to cut its bloated administrative work force & salaries. This is happening in small communities all over California. The concept that having health insurance equates to receiving health care has been totally discredited.

  3. “I pray that I will see an end to abortion before I die.” In other words you want to see women be forced to carry a rape seed, be forced to carry pregnancy where the fetus is severely deformed, you want to see women die from pregnancies, you want to see women have no right to control their financial and relationship situation in first trimester, etc

  4. We survived “W” in office, but he was not a Trump personality. I do not think Trump can control his outbursts for very long. The tiny bit I saw of his acceptance speech was very out of the norm we saw for the entire campaign. He was well coached and his speech writer(s) did well, but it was totally out of character. How long will that last? When will he go “off’ when he disagrees or is challenged on something? I think he will find that government doesn’t work like his businesses. He just can’t say this is what I want and get it. Even though the Congress is mostly GOP again, some of them do not like him. As for his attitude for those that are not WASPs? We will see—-do we really believe him when he said he represents ALL of us as Americans? He has to prove it—I’m not optimistic. I respect the office of President—-but at the moment I cannot respect the next occupant of that office.

  5. This is a fear of the known. Trump will cooperate with putin to our detriment and to that of others. he will allow financial entities to avoid taxation and regulation, he will allow the national parks to be ravaged and sold off, and the list goes on. making america great again refers to the memory of an america that was once capable of improvement.

  6. You put it very well. They are pro- birth, not pro-life. Once that child is born, then the child and family are on their own to deal with a lifetime of support, possible horrible medical complications, and everything associated with raising a child. Of course, of the mother dies because she needed to have the pregnancy terminated, too bad. She should have not gotten pregnant. Of course, they also are against birth control medications and practices. The same for victims of rape or incest. I find it ironic that 99% of the people who are “pro-life” when it comes to birth, are not pro-life regarding capitol punishment, which is government sanctioned murder, done on behalf of every citizen. The increasing number of men who have been exonerated after years on death row, (or posthumously) , by new technologies or information means that we have been killing innocent adult human beings for a long time. Abortion should be legal, safe, available, and hopefully, rare.

  7. Clinton has won the popular vote. There are more of us that disagree with you than that agree. Tread carefully as your lying bully tries to impose your will over ours.

  8. Everyone should want whats best for America, the collective summation of individuality. Ironically whats best for the whole is also best for the part.
    Fear, has gripped far too many gullible and vulnerable people, having been the vehicle by which so many socialist laws leading to communist ends have been installed in America. Executive order upon executive order has been placed on American books waiting covertly for the opportunity to come to life.
    Trump is a family man with family values, which America once had not so long ago.
    When that is less preferred to a criminal cabal seeking to destroy America from within then those people of that country are undeserving of it’s afforded life and liberty.
    Respect for ALL life is essential to life itself as like begats like. The life you take of another, is unwittingly your own. That which you give or send out returns in kind according to universal immutable law.

  9. You want religious freedom? You HAVE religious freedom. What you really want to continue is your religious privilege.

  10. The “In other words” are just that, an others words, being >your< words, not his. Abortion's evil is in using it as a form of birth control or for convenience reasons.
    Rape etc…. has nothing whatsoever to do with that comment or that conversation at all.
    Everything and everyone has a right to life. Seeing ones own life more important than another's is however problematic to everyone's right to life.
    Hence war is nothing but that.

  11. Before unsubscribing from this site, I want you, Rebecca Hamilton, to know what I think of your sanctimonious prayers for Trump and little foetuses and your lack of any real compassion for women who have been raped or are too ill to give birth. You hypocrite, praying to your plaster Jesus isn’t going to improve Trump’s character or save the United States from destroying itself and possibly the rest of the world with it. So glad I live in Canada and don’t have people like you pushing their false, self-satisfied Christianity down my throat.

  12. Not really sure where you get your ‘facts’ about taxes, Rebecca. 45% of Americans pay no Federal income tax, state yes, but not National. They actually get money back due to deductions if they know what they are doing. Perhaps they don’t pay because they don’t make enough to pay with. That needs to change. Obama did nothing to help those folks. If Trump does what he boasts, that should change. I cannot stand the man but at least he is not another politician. Oh, and of the 55% left, the top 20% pay lots and lots. Like 87% lots.

  13. Rebecca apparently doesn’t know that abortions, especially dangerous ones, fall in proportion to the availability of reproductive education and healthcare.

  14. i think trump is going to destroy us with all his BS. He is only in for himself and I really don’t think he is going to help us at all.

  15. Can I write now? I don’t often read Patheos anymore, because the CPU and memory intensive advertising under Chrome makes it nearly impossible to scroll or comment with any reasonable fluidity over time.

    Having said that, while I understand the fear of misogyny under Trump (and certainly, some part of his electorate voted for him for the exact reason I voted against him- his divorces and infidelity) spreading, I don’t think there is a huge chance of that becoming true. Do not forget that real men have a drive to protect, not attack, women- and that includes attacking the men who attack our women.

  16. This is a side of the story I have not heard.

    Premiums have been going up, but payments to actual caregivers have been going down? Somebody is taking undue profit out of the system someplace. This is as bad as the story I heard in another market in the past week- that while in the grocery store you’re paying $6-$10/lb for steak and roast, the price for Montana ranchers has dropped to $1.30/lb when it costs $1.65/lb to raise the beef.

  17. I never saw anything from you during this election cycle. On more than one ocassion I had wondered who you were supporting. I could have seen you going for either one. Trump is also more in line with your trade positions. I reluctantly voted for Trump. I disliked him personally but where else was I to go. Hillary’s corruption kept letting me tolerate a lot of garbage from Trump.

    Amen to ending abortion.

  18. No we just don’t want to see an innocent human being who through no fault of her own was conceived, no matter what the circumstances. A second violent act doesn’t make it right.

  19. Yes, because she’s not bigoted against children for the crimes of their parents, she’s not bigoted against the disabled, she knows that no woman needs to die of a pregnancy as long as emergency cesarean is an option, and finally, she’s old enough to know that none of us have any ability to control our financial or relationship situations (only the young are able to imagine they have that sort of control, by 40 life beats that notion out of you)

  20. If Europeans had stayed in Europe in the first place rather than sailing the seven seas in search of new lands to plunder, the restriction of labor migration would be a moot issue.

  21. Rebecca, you surely must remember that it was Republicans who agreed to that landmark decision in Roe v Wade, 7-2. Of the seven, five were Republican. Then when President Reagan appointed two new justices, Sandra Day O’Conner and Anthony Kennedy, they too voted against amending or overturning the abortion law. I’m sick of the Democratic party being blamed for what the Republicans have put into law. And the fact that you believe this disgusting cur, Trump, will do anything but appoint justices to do what he says is beyond me. They will do the same as they have in the past. I am pro life and have 8 brothers and sisters and many nieces and nephews, great nieces and nephews and now one great, great niece. My mother, God rest her soul, marched in Washington from the very first Pro Life March until her early 80’s when she no longer could and then continued her participation by watching television coverage. Get it into your head that Donald Trump is a dishonest businessman who doesn’t pay his workers, brings workers in from other countries to work for him here and sends all of his merchandising to China, Bangladesh, and Mexico for manufacture. Just check a tag on one of his Make America Great ball caps. They are made in China. The same goes for his daughter, Ivanka. His demeaning of women, racial slurs, and banning Muslims has already become a problem since the moment he was announced as winner. There have been many reports of whites, especially males, physically and verbally abusing ethnic groups especially their women. Whose cue do you believe they are taking? They’re saying as soon as he is sworn in those people will be thrown out. They are just beginning to instill the fear in those citizens and immigrants. Aside from the native American Indians who are now being persecuted all of us are descended from “foreigners,” including Donald Trump who is an elitist and has opened the doors for bad behavior being okay. Another thing, Donald Trump accepted the nomination as the Republican candidate on a convention stage with children from three different women who are still alive. I can only imagine what Republicans and Democrats for that matter would have said if that were Barack Obama. To wish a 70 year old man will change his behavior–especially the demagogue Donald Trump–is outrageous. I could go on but

  22. The universal free health care being proposed by Trump is going to be the biggest disaster ever to our health care system. It will increase taxes on individuals exponentially and be far worse that Obama care. We are going from very bad to disastrous if Trump is successful.

  23. We had terrible choices Manny. To support either of them would have repudiated my faith. A lot of Christians fell into that trap.

  24. Note: I deleted a couple of comments that were otherwise really good because the author included curse words. I ALWAYS delete that kind of language.

  25. Obamacare currently excludes 29 million people and millions more can’t afford to use it due to high deductibles.

    What do you think Trump is proposing? Could it be worse?

  26. Is this Public Catholic? The level of hate in these comments is unprecedented here, in my experience.

    Here’s something I’ve been thinking on lately.

    “Don’t be so liberal or conservative, or Republican or Democrat, that you can’t say you love somebody — that the first thing they hear is your position and not that you love them first or that you care.”

    Former Police Chief David Brown says his retirement is going to be devoted to ‘love’:

  27. I was tired and didn’t really read them. Are they that bad? If so, apologies. I’ll try to be more careful.

  28. I shouldn’t have let this through Jay. It’s all right not to trust our President Elect. But please don’t call him or anyone else “scum.”

  29. If I had been paying attention. I wouldn’t have let this comment through because of the level of hatefulness in it. You are certainly free to unsubscribe from Public Catholic. If you decide you’d like to come back one day, just bring a willingness to discuss without being so rageful and you will be welcome here.

  30. Bless your heart. They weren’t obscene. I’m just not used to such vitriol here.

    You remain in my prayers.

  31. Oh good grief. I know a lot of people who voted for Mr Trump, and they are wonderful people. They’re just focused on trying to save the lives of unborn babies. I wasn’t able to support either of these candidates; Secretary Clinton because of abortion and religious freedom; President Elect Trump because of his racism, misogyny, debauched life, dishonesty and questionable bromance with President Putin. I also found and still find the fact that the Russians were behind hacking the Democratic web site an indicator of something very unlovely. However, I do not want him to crash and burn. I hope that he experiences a genuine conversion and changes into a good man.

  32. Presidents Bush43 and Obama are, I believe, sincere, good men. I disagreed with much both did and don’t count them as great presidents.

    People who know him point to evidence that Trump is not personally racist, although he played that card opportunistically. He, like his buddies Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein, fits the profile of a sexual predator. But he also has a history of promoting women in his organization.

    This was a terrible election. The choice I would have liked would pit John Kasich and Bernie Sanders. But that’s not what we got.

  33. You ain’t seen ugly until the folks who voted this cretin into office get what they chose. My post was not ugly, just truthful.

  34. If “we” can’t own slaves, we can raise low income workers. Didn’t Jesus promise that the world would never run out of poor people?

  35. As there is no theological agreement exactly when God creates a new soul for each union . . . does anyone think that God creates a soul for the abortions that He performs on more than half of all conceptions? Information that those who wrote the Bible did not have?

  36. Yes, but some believe that the best for America is as a sub-unit of the United Nations. Personally, I prefer rule by international corporations, not rule by international politicians such as the Clinton family.

  37. People keep trying to guess how I voted. So far, nobody’s come close. Hint: I don’t vote for pro abortion politicians and I don’t vote for traitorous, misogynist, racist lunatics. 🙂

    As for my health, I am feeling steadier. For a long time, I was up one day, down the next three days. But I’ve had a couple of weeks of not being sick. Say a prayer it holds for a while, Manny.

  38. I wonder what would come out about both former President Clinton and President Elect Trump (as well as a lot of other powerful men all over the world) if Jeffrey Epstein’s island was looked into.

  39. No problem, Hamiltonr,

    I’ll leave you with this from a mom about her daughter and how she feels about your President Trump ……

    ””’Thank you, “President Trump.” Thanks to your example and your words being made common rather than uncommon and shocking, my daughter was sexually harassed today…in broad daylight…with your words. While walking to Dunkin Donuts she passed a group of five young White men in their early to mid 20’s. Just in case you think it was her fault (you know some people think it’s our fault we are sexually harassed and/or assaulted), it’s cold in NY so she was wearing jeans, boots, a long sweater, a coat and hat. As she walked past, they all started yelling at her, “Grab her by the Pu*sy.” You know the saying…you made it famous. I could tell she was shaken by the experience and I can’t even be there with her! 🙁 She said guys say stuff all the time when they walk by. I Iistened as my homeschooled, sheltered daughter (now away at school) shared why it was much worse. Topaz said, “Mom, it’s not just the most vulgar thing anyone’s ever said to me, it’s that they were QUOTING our next President!” So, I will try to be available by phone now whenever she has to walk alone because I don’t know who she will encounter that feels empowered by you to publicly act out their most base thoughts and desires. My only hope is that the members of the electoral college will act to right this wrong, let the people of America speak, and let each vote count. This matters personally to me that this type of man might be our President. It matters specifically to the safety of our daughters. It hit home much harder this morning. #neverTrump””’

  40. You are free to believe whatever you wish and to express said beliefs. I am free to believe whatever I wish and to express said beliefs. And I will NEVER stop speaking up and speaking out. And people like you will NEVER EVER stop me from speaking out about this 100% unqualified cretin. YOU cannot censor US! #NotMyPresident.

  41. Never in my 69 years have I been fearful at the results of a presidential election. I am half-Jewish, former Methodist, former Catholic, and now and forevermore atheist. (I have had problems since “coming out” as a non-believer, but that’s a story for another day.) According to some supporters of the Orange Man, there are three strikes against me. I literally fear for my safety. I literally fear for the safety of my family due to the Jewish blood flowing through their veins. I literally fear for the safety of my family members who have Jewish and African-American blood flowing through their veins. I literally fear for the safety of my African-American extended family members. I literally fear for the safety of my gay family member. This is just the beginning of a laundry list of those whose safety I am concerned about.

    The hate groups supporting the Orange Man have been mainstreamed from the fringes where they belong. They are loud and proud and it will take decades before they can be penned up again. I know the campaign has stated that their support has been rejected, but has the Orange Man himself rejected the them? His words say otherwise.

    So, I will continue to speak up and speak out – even though you may tell me to make nice. I WILL NOT make nice. Go ahead and delete my post if you wish.

  42. The “someone’ is the insurance cos. All ACA guarantees is that everyone will pay the insurance premiums. There are no built in guarantees that money will flow from the insurance co. to the actual providers of medical services. And it isn’t.

  43. One thing, I think republicans use abortion as a wedge tool issue, I’m
    sorry, I don’t see a real true concern for our children and I’ve notice
    people who identify with conservative Christianity, aren’t so much
    bothered by horrible sins like racism, hate,
    misogyny, war, greed. Out of all the Christian groups, I believe white
    conservative evangelicals and Catholics hurt the bible message the most with
    those we are trying to reach.

    The Catholics with their allowance of rape lost a lot of people and
    white conservative evangelicals are constantly viewed as hypocrites.
    White conservative evangelicals have the biggest voice in mainstream.

    The world see them condemning homosexuality and saying little about
    divorce and remarriage. GOD said He hates divorce. We are supposed to let
    people know how much we love them before we start telling them what is
    wrong with their life. We did not come at the gay community with love,
    but with judgment.

    Christians want to make restricted laws for gays but not for people in
    ungodly unions like remarriage after divorce. The bible says if you
    marry another person while your first spouse is still alive, you and the
    person you marry are adulterers. Non-Christians see the judgment and
    doubled standards. They saw how Kim Davis denied marriage licenses to same-sex couple, but she was married four times and gave birth to twins out of wedlock.

    The bible says help the poor and needy, Non-Christians perceive
    conservative evangelicals as hating the poor, because these Christians
    celebrate when programs to help the poor are cut. For some reason they don’t care for the government doing much to help the poor. They want less Food stamps for poor people, why? This same group doesn’t seem to be bothered as much by Corporate greed. The bible says its a sin to work hard to become rich, and we should keep an eye on the rich, they’re the ones who use the courts to oppress you.

    The bible says war is evil, but Non-Christians perceive conservative evangelicals as loving war.

    The bible says greed is a sin, but Non-Christians perceive conservative
    evangelicals just as greedy as the corporation their Party protect and
    support. The bible says hate is a sin, but Non-Christians perceive many
    conservative evangelicals as racist because of the company they keep.
    Non-Christians see Christians say they could never support Bill Clinton
    because of what he did with Monica and the character of the president
    counts. These same conservative evangelicals now know some of Trump’s horrible history and attitude towards women, but now it’s different.

    Now Non-Christians see whites conservative evangelicals overwhelmingly support a person like Trump.

    Trump said he never repented and couldn’t quote one bible verse.
    Non-Christians suspect he is not a Christian, some see him as the
    opposite. Non-Christians perceive conservative evangelicals as
    abandoning biblical principles for their political ideology.

    I believe a lot of confusion and conflict of interest in the
    Christian community today is because a large number of Christian
    associate conservatism with Christianity. The bible is neither liberal
    nor conservative. Some liberal positions are biblical, but some aren’t.
    Some conservative ideas are biblical but many are totally non-biblical

    When G.W. Bush was president, I rarely if ever heard conservative
    evangelicals, TV, radio, church, web or in personal life criticize the
    president. The facts now show Bush started an unnecessary war that
    resulted in hundreds of thousands of innocents lives lost. There was the
    presidential administration outing of an intelligence official Valerie Plame in
    Afghanistan because her husband exposed the misinformation the
    administration was giving the world.

    Not saying Bush was all bad, but
    there were some obvious things to criticize him about, but rarely from
    conservative evangelicals.

    When Obama was elected, I wanted to see if conservatives evangelicals
    would be fair and treat Obama the same, I was very disappointed, for 8
    years I rarely heard Obama given any credit by conservative evangelicals.
    Any time conservative evangelicals spoke of our President, it was

    There is a guy name Jay Sekulow that has a show on Christian radio and television that reach many. When Bush was in Office, there was very little criticism, when Obama came in to Office, nothing but criticism. He paints a negative picture of President every time he speaks of him to his to his Christian audience or Fox news.

    I want to see if conservative evangelicals will support the president again now he is a Republican.

    I truly believe the problem is mostly white evangelicals Christian
    associate conservatism with Christianity. I was hoping the Christian community was a place where go can go to hear straight unbiased truth, but many times the Christian evangelical community is more bias and political than the secular outlets.

    I’m hoping we can try to stay more biblical than progressive or conservative.

  44. I know this is a big jump from other blogs, but please don’t call President Elect Trump names. Otherwise, and even though I’m far from an atheist, I share you emotions. I, too, am fearful of what this man will do with the powers of government, including the IRS, FBI, CIA and the whole Justice Department.

  45. Please Cheryl, don’t call anyone names when you comment on this blog. That includes President Elect Trump.

  46. I’m not looking at whatever you are replying to, but are you seriously saying that I support sexual assault? If you care about sexual assault and rape, you will find no stronger champion than me.

  47. Did you support him? Did you campaign for him? Do you support all the hateful, misogynistic, anti-everyone-who-is-not-WASP rhetoric he spewed during his campaign? Did you support his goading of people at his rallies to violence? If so, you are just as bad, if not worse, than he is. And, I will call him whatever I wish – and will call YOU whatever I wish.

  48. Cheryl, I did not support either candidate, and I was rather vigorous about taking that position. You can go back through this blog and read a couple of things where I did not support candidate Trump. Also, I wrote other posts on different outlets saying that I did not support him during the primaries.

    You may certainly call him whatever you wish. But you will not call anyone names on this blog. That said, you are welcome to comment here, just do it with civility.

  49. If you did not and do not support him, then speak out, woman! Hold his feet to the fire! Do not let his administration abolish the rights we cherish. DO NOT REMAIN SILENT!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. No, I’m not accusing you of supporting sexual assault. You were upset that I referred to Trump as scum, so, I thought I’d share this story with you. The man is a disgusting human being. Is that better for you?

  51. Only marginally. Can you say that he has ideas and policies that are disgusting? That’s actually what we know.

  52. Marginally??? …. He wants to depart millions of Mexicans …. that’s just one ….. to be continued, stay tuned

  53. Cheryl, you might want to look at who has done actual, literal violence to people. It has not been the Trumpkins or the right. It has been a bunch of left, far left, and Marxist groups. You don’t have anything to worry about. You belong to several preferred groups.
    It was a 61 yo white guy who got beaten up in Chicago for being white, btw.

  54. This is soooo long. Can you try for just a one or two points in your next comment? More people will read it and respond to it that.

  55. On what constitutional basis could Roe. V Wade and Whole Women’s Health be overturned? And if abortion was made illegal, tomorrow, then what? How would that be monitored? What support systems would need to be created?
    Wouldn’t a repeal of Roe be “legislating from the bench”?

  56. I know, the Nazis, and Fascists were frame by leftists. The communist NAACP staged fake lynchings as well.

  57. I usually just refer to “him” with same names I used when he first became a loathsome, self-aggrandizing public figure in the 1980’s. I won’t repeat those names here, but those with IBS are familiar.