Pope Francis is 80 Today!

Pope Francis is 80 Today! December 17, 2016

Photo Source: Flickr Craative Commons by Arghya Banik
Photo Source: Flickr Craative Commons by Arghya Banik

Our Papa is 80 years old today.

If you would like to wish him a happy birthday, you can do so by making a comment in his Twitter account, @Pontifex, his Instagram account, or use one of the seven email accounts the Vatican created for this purpose.

I hope you take the time to wish our Holy Father a happy birthday. I also hope that those of you have fallen in to the trap of attacking the Pope will call a time out for the day and join the rest of us in sending him your good wishes.

We are blessed to have this good man as our shepherd in these times. It is foolishness not to know it.


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5 responses to “Pope Francis is 80 Today!”

  1. I hope he had a different day and was able to “celebrate”, but wonder what a Pope does to celebrate? 🙂

  2. Apparently this Pope has the homeless of St Peter’s square brought in for dinner. I may disagree with his loose jesuit theology, but I did something similar for my 40th.

  3. The Catholic press said he invited 8 homeless people, 6 men and 2 women, to breakfast and Mass. Don’t know what else he did.