Yes. The President-Elect was Gaming Us.

Yes. The President-Elect was Gaming Us. December 19, 2016
Photo Source: Flickr creative commons by Gage Skidmore,
Photo Source: Flickr creative commons by Gage Skidmore,

I wrote a post a while back in which I asked whether or not President Elect Trump was gaming the American populace with his manner of doing his cabinet appointments.

I focused specifically on the little set piece that he and Kellyanne Conway were playing with Governor Mitt Romney over the position of Secretary of State. I posited that President Elect Trump and Mrs Conway were using the position of secretary of state as a way of publicly humiliating Governor Romney and making him bow before the Trump.

I based this on the rather obvious observation that President Elect Trump is a cruel, petty and vengeful man who enjoys putting his foot on the back of people’s necks.

It turns out that the answer to the question I posed is that yes, the President Elect was gaming us, and Mrs Conway was helping him. The new Secretary of State is not Governor Romney. He is what Okies call an Oily. Given President Elect Trump’s cabinet appointments, I think the American people should go to school about oilies, and indeed what happens when this industry takes over a government. An excellent case study would be to look at little old Oklahoma.

But, more on that later. It’s enough for now to say that President Elect Trump and Mrs Conway were indeed gaming the press and the American people with a rank exhibition of the use of power to get a little bit of stunningly petty sadistic payback. This is the man who will soon have control of the Justice Department and the CIA.

Get ready.

For those who don’t remember, here’s the run-up from my previous post:

Are President Elect Trump and his erstwhile campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, gaming all of us?

I kinda think they are.

Here’s the dealio.

President Elect Trump is doing his run-up to the oath-taking in much the same way that he did his cruel little game show, The Apprentice. You know, he called in a bunch of people and waved a “job” in front of them, then made them jump through hoops while he sat there like a little lord of the universe and either “fired” or “hired” them.

It was a sadistic show with a sadistic premise. And millions of people grooved on its sadism.

Now, we’re getting a re-run of the same show, only this time the “jobs” in question are cabinet positions and high-level postings within our government and President Elect Trump’s upcoming administration. Just like in his television show, President Trump calls in lots of candidates and puts them through various hoops in a kind of elimination finals. He parades them in front of the press and gets a fix of having people grovel before him. Then, he moves on.

I was talking about this shoddy way of doing business with friends a week or so ago and one of them remarked that they thought the Donald was using these “meetings” as a way of polling each contender for government office with the public. They think that our President Elect runs potential candidates for positions in his administration up the media flagpole of media and then watches to see how the public reacts.

That’s an interesting idea, and it probably has a bit of truth to it. But there are other factors in everything our President Elect does which I think we’re going to have to consider when interpreting his behavior going forward.

Foremost among them is the simple and obvious fact that he’s a cruel man. And he’s a vengeful man. And he cannot abide any slight to himself.

I think the latest expression of his cruelty is the very public dog and pony show he’s been running concerning the position of Secretary of State. Given the dark shadow of nuclear weapons, this is a position of some importance to our continued survival as a species. It also will have a lot to say about whether or not President Trump ends up spilling our children’s blood in an unnecessary war.

But, once again, President Elect Trump has played it like another episode of his sick little television show. Only this time, he’s gone over the top with it in order to settle a grudge.

Do you remember how he behaved after he got the Republican nomination? Remember the nasty little game he played with House Speaker Paul Ryan about how he was “considering” whether or not to endorse him? That was payback for Speaker Ryan’s refusal to endorse candidate Trump earlier, when the nomination was still a bit undecided. It was candidate Trump, playing his nasty little pay-back game and showing himself to be what he is.

I didn’t keep up with the campaign early on because I was occupied with my own life. But evidently Governor Mitt Romney opposed candidate Trump’s bid for the presidency rather vigorously.

So, everyone was tres surprised when President Elect Trump trotted out Governor Romney for consideration for Secretary of State. But there they were, smiling for the cameras, with Governor Romney looking like a puppy dog, shaking and twittering in his eagerness to please, doing the public grovel before the man he’d critiqued a few months before.

Then, just to make things spicy, Kellyanne Conway took to Twitter and the airwaves, going on about how many tweets she’d gotten from Trump’s followers denouncing the idea of Secretary of State Romney.

Now Mrs Conway has, especially since the big win in November, said things about President Elect Trump that are basically fawning in their admiration and support. She’s toed the Trump line so hard that I’ve lost faith in her willingness to part company with him if he deep-sixes pro life behind closed doors — which I am pretty sure he’s going to do.

There was a time when I regarded Mrs Conway as the canary in the pro life mineshaft. I thought that if/when President Trump sold us out, she would go at him over it and thus let us know what had happened. But I’ve put that idea away.

I’ve watched her behavior since the election, and it’s verging more and more to the role of flattering court sycophant. Just for the record, that’s what I expect to see a lot of, going forward, because I think that’s what our new president elect demands.

To get back to Governor Romney, for some reason Mrs Conway jumped off the Trump ship and began berating the Governor publicly. It appeared for all the world that she was going against President Elect Trump.

Now, I’m not stupid. I knew that wasn’t the deal. I mean, just think about her “reason” for opposing Governor Romney for Secretary of State. It had nothing — and I mean absolutely nothing — to do with what is good for this country. Nope. She said that Governor Romney had “hurt” President Elect Trump during the campaign. That was her reason.

The ridiculous reason Mrs Conway gave for opposing Governor Romney’s nomination was straight out of the Henry VIII Court Sycophant’s Playbook. None of this added up.

Meanwhile, the dummies in the press were going all agog about the “fight” inside Trump transition headquarters, the breakdown among his team over Governor Romney. As if.

Here’s what I think is happening. I think that President Elect Trump wanted big time payback against Governor Romney for his behavior during the campaign. One thing I’m sure of about our president elect is that he’s into petty score-settling.

I think the consideration of Governor Romney is phony. I think President Elect Trump gets off on making people who opposed him come groveling.

I also think that the dealio Mrs Conway is doing with the press is a deliberate thing, a planned act, to, you know, turn the knife a bit. I think they’re gaming us.

I also think it’s not the first time we’ve been gamed and it certainly will not be the last.

Our President Elect is a cruel man.

Sexual assault is cruelty. Going into the dressing rooms at a Miss Teen America pageant and oogling and humiliating the underage girls as they stand there without clothes is cruel. Grabbing people and ramming your hands up inside them against their will, or as he put it, “grabbing their p——“ is cruel.

Terrifying millions of people with the threat of breaking up their families is cruel. Racism is cruel. His television show was cruel.

He is cruel.

And the way he’s auditioning people for his administration is just another act in the crude, trashy way that he uses power to practice his cruelty. (To read the rest, go here.)


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33 responses to “Yes. The President-Elect was Gaming Us.”

  1. If Trump was gaming Romney, then Romney was dull enough to fall for it.

    Not just once, but at least twice.
    “I based this on the rather obvious observation that President Elect Trump is a cruel, petty and vengeful man who enjoys putting his foot on the back of people’s necks.”

    Not rather obvious to me.
    “I think they’re gaming us.”

    Maybe, but they sure gamed Democrats right out of office.
    I think it’s going to be a great eight years. I’m enjoying immensely
    every single day since November 8th.
    It actually keeps getting even better!

    “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.” – Barack Hussein Obama

    “”If Latinos sit out the election instead of saying, ‘WE’RE
    GONNA PUNISH OUR ENEMIES, and we’re gonna reward our friends who stand with us on issues that are important to us’ — if they don’t see that kind of upsurge
    in voting in this election — then I think it’s going to be harder. And that’s
    why I think it’s so important that people focus on voting on November
    2nd.” – Barack Hussein Obama

  2. It’s concerning to see his choice for Secretary of State to have such a vested interest in Russia. It’s never been clear why Trump is so infatuated with Putin. Perhaps if we would have seen his tax forms we could see if he has substantial investments there but his praise for Putin worries me. He was supposed to “drain the swamp” and bring in people that have no interest other than “making America great again” but his choice of Secretary of State is the opposite of that. He picked a person with personal and financial ties that could effect their decision making in important affairs that have global ramifications.

    • Ken, you might consider that Russian hacking was the biggest single reason that Mr Trump won the election. The question I ask myself — and I am as serious about this as I can be — is whether or not this man is a flat-out traitor to this country.

      • the biggest single reason is the private server scandal (including comey’s letter) which russia had nothing to do with. yes wikileaks added to it however they had nothing to do with the fact that the fbi was investigating HC for months, and found that she lied about not using it for classified information. and she barely admitted she did anything wrong. both the clinton’s have been plagued with scandal and that just added to their notoriety among swing voters.

        the detente is a good thing, and if HC had encouraged it 18 months ago the op-ed’s would be calling for her to receive the nobel peace prize today

        • I’m just curious. You obviously support and defend President Elect Trump, and I’ve also seen comments from you criticizing the Pope. I am not attempting to attack you. I am just curious. Am I correct that you hold both these positions? I’ve noticed that quite a few people seem to.

            • I’ve been called a fascist, communist, right-winger, left-winger, liberal, feminist, woman-hater … you name it. It all depends on which of the little g gods of our time I happen to be at odds with at the moment. In truth, if you are following either the right or left wing, you are not following Christ. Jesus Himself said it clearly when He said, you cannot serve two masters. I try my best to follow Jesus. That always — and I mean always — puts me at odds with people who define their loyalty to Christ by their politics rather than the other way around.

      • Yes, he’s actually so obvious about it that it makes me wonder why he’s putting our country and the world’s stability at risk. The real horror of it is that Putin is guilty of all sort of horrible human rights violations in his own country and supports some of the worst tyrants on the planet. It’s scary. Trump seems to be very critical of every country in the world except Russia. I would like him to be asked about his motivation on this but in order to get that answer he would have to do a press conference or at least get interviewed by someone else other than FOX news.

      • Rebecca,

        Pardon me for butting in, but we had this conversation before. Pres. El. Trump made a comment that Putin was a stronger leader within his system – that the president elect said he abhors – than Pres. Obama is in ours. He also said he doesn’t know Putin, except then he says they were in a room together once. Who knows. Trump also made a crack to the effect that maybe Putin could find those missing Clinton emails. This has been spun into Trump calling for Putin to hack us. Talk about fake news! Finally, when Paul Manafort was found to have ties to the Kremlin, he was fired. John Podesta, who also has business ties, was not fired.

        Am I a “Trump supporter”? No. He will be my president and I hope he does well. In ’09, I was appalled by those who said they hoped Pres. Obama failed. I don’t think he’s been a good president, but he’s not a Muslim (he’s a textbook liberal protestant), and the birther thing is silly. In exactly the same manner, I object to the implication – or claim – that Pres. El. Trump is, or might be, a traitor. He could be, but so could you or I. The election is over, and whatever is true will come to light.

        • Oh it’s a bit more than that Ken. All the major counterintelligence agencies in this country are unanimous that the Russians were behind the hacks of the DNC, and thus Wikileaks. The beneficiary of this was Donald Trump, who — Surprise !!! — denies that it ever happened.

          Candidate Trump and now President Elect Trump has talked (and now taken the first steps) toward re-shaping American foreign policy in ways that explicitly go along with what President Putin has been wanting.

          Candidate Trump and now President Elect Trump has never backed up about defaming anybody except President Putin, who he assiduously flatters. The Russians themselves have said that they were in contact with the Trump campaign during the election. Many of Mr Trump’s appointees and campaign operatives were and are highly sympathetic to Russian interests.

          There are a few others things, but I’m not quite certain what they mean, so I’ll pass on them for now. This does not constitute proof that Mr Trump is a traitor to this country, but it raises the question in a manner that is suffiicient to warrant both the question and, given the gravity of what we are talking about, an investigation.

          His denials mean nothing. In fact, given his propensity for constant lying and confabulation, mean that not much of anything he says actually matters. But, in this case, well, of course he’s going to say he’s not in league with Putin. Does anyone expect him to say otherwise?

          We have a president elect who is a constant liar, a crook in his business dealings and a moral libertine. He’s a demagogue, a race-baiter an adulterer, a serial sexual predator and a woman-hater. He’s hinted constantly about wanting to have sex with his own daughter and put his own wife in a porn photo shoot with girl on girl sex. That’s our president elect.

          Is he also a traitor? Did he sell this country out to get those Wikileaks?

          I don’t know. But this deal smells like three day old fish. Some people in this country like having a lying/race-baiting/adulerer/misogynist/serial sexual predator/business cheat/who hints at incest with his daughter for president. They groove on it.

          Others just didn’t want Hillary Clinton for president so much that they would have voted for anyone who ran opposite her.

          Neither group wants to look at this guy for what he is. I think one group doesn’t want to face the shame of having voted for him, and the other group doesn’t want to come out and admit that they know what he is, and they like it.

          The question of his loyalty to this country is a real one. It’s based on an unprecedented set of circumstances, and a president elect of no character and no morals who has a history of cheating, bullying, and attacking people, and who, as anyone who’s been keeping up at all can plainly see, lies constantly about everything.

          I should add that I’m not hoping that President Trump will fail, if failure means harming this country or the American people. I care deeply about this country. I love it. That’s why I am not letting go of the possibility that he’s a traitor until and unless I have a bit more than the self-serving denials of a man who lies as easily as he breathes. If there is any possibility of that … well … I have no words.

          I hope that I’m wrong and he’s not the bad man that I believe he is. But I’m not going to give him a clean slate and try to unknow what I know about him, either. He’s got a lot of walking back to do before I change my opinion of him. He could start with telling the truth once in a while.

          I don’t have to give him a chance. He’s got a chance. He’s the president elect.

    • it’s not an infatuation, it’s respect for a popular, strong leader which trump has shown to other people before, including mitt in 2012. the reason it’s an issue now is because obama’s foreign policy has led us into a 2nd cold war and trump thinks that’s foolish, and if you look back on his tweets about ISIL and Syria over the past few years you’d see why.

  3. There has never been any doubt in my mind that he is “gaming us”. I am so not a happy camper about the person entering the Oval on January 20,2017. Right now I still think things are OK, because President Obama IS still President until the 2017 date—-then we will have a reality TV star(?), egotistical business man, womanizer (to put it mildly), unethical man in the Oval. I have a feeling that IF I have to refer to Trump after the day he is sworn in, it will be a small “p” in front of his title—because he has done nothing to earn the title with a capital “P”.

  4. MERRY CHRISTMAS, Rebecca, to you and yours. May it be a day filled with joy and love. It will be even more special with that little Baby Girl as part of the day’s celebrations. And so I don’t forget: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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